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Published at 17th of April 2020 07:32:02 AM

Chapter 56

In Ping State, there are four ranks of marquises, namely the Divine Marquis, the Jade Marquis, the Local Marquis, and the Township Marquis . Wang Zixing, as a local marquis, controls multiple towns and cities including Qingyun City . Although a local marquis is ranked at a lower level than a jade marquis, it holds such substantial clout and influence that cannot be underestimated .

Hearing the servant, Murong Jiaojiao hesitates for a second before saying, “Bring him in . ”

“Wang Yang is notorious fiend . Many are bound to suffer from his trip to Qingyun City this time,” Murong Jiaojiao worries as she hears an unbridled laugh from outside .

With that brazen laugh, there steps in a tall man dressed in a multicolored brocade robe completed with a jade-decorated hat . The man, who has thick eyebrows, wide eyes, a round face and a slightly tanned complexion, looks no more than twenty-two years old .

“Long time no see, Jiaojiao . You are even more gorgeous!” The moment Wang Yang comes in, he is enthralled by the princess as he looks at her up and down .

Murong Jiaojiao gives a tepid warning, “Do you want to get beaten up again?”

Her words immediately instill fear in Wang Yang who quickly averts his lascivious eyes . Apparently, he used to be thrashed around by Murong Jiaojiao .

The moment Wang Yang walks in, Li Xing can feel this well-known demon of a man has reached the level of breath power in that there is an aura of faintly discernible breath essence around him, suggesting that he reached the first level of breath power not long ago and is still unable to properly control his breath essence .

After an awkward laugh, Wang Yang starts to notice Li Xing, so he points at him asking, “Jiaojiao, who is this? Why is this nobody sitting here next to you?”

Murong Jiaojiao responds, “He is a friend . ”

Wang Yang chortles disrespectfully and takes a seat across from Li Xing and Murong Jiaojiao in a bold-faced manner . The he pulls out a brocade scroll from his chest and spreads it, saying with lewd grin, “This is a portrait of beauties Qingyun City Ruler Zhu Jin presented to me . As you can see, it includes all the six beauties from the city . ”

Murong Jiaojiao frowns with aversion, “You already have three hundred beautiful women in your home . Isn’t that enough?”

Wang Yang brags without shame, “I plan on collecting ten thousand beauties! Who said I would stop at just three hundred?” Seeing Murong Jiaojiao’s scornful look, he questions, “You don’t think I can pull it off?”

The princess turns her face to another side, too disgusted to respond .

Unable to get the girl to talk, Wang Yang then turns to Li Xing and asks, “Do you think I can pull it off, kid?”

The man’s overall demeanor makes Li Xing feel he is horribly revolting with behaviors even beneath animals . Being forced to respond, he sighs and says, “No, I’m afraid not”

Enraged by his answer, Wang Yang pounds the table and jumps out of his seat, “What did you just say?” He walks towards Li Xing with a threatening look .

Li Xing is fearless while Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin standing behind him immediately heighten their vigilance, ready to defend their master .

Li Xing goes on saying unruffled, “If you get one beautiful woman every day, you will need thirty years to get ten thousand of them . During the span of thirty long years, how many wars do you think are going to break out in Ping State? How many marquises will disappear? And how many people will die?”

His words strike Wang Yang like a thunderbolt, making him halt and realize that even his position as a prince is not as secure as he thinks .

Murong Jiaojiao follows with a snide comment, “Wang Zixing will not necessarily be able to keep his position for another ten years . Wang Yang, you had better enjoy your life while you still have it . ”

Raising his eyebrows in defiance, Wang Yang says, “That’s not necessarily true! But you are right on one thing . That a person should enjoy the pleasures in his life here and now . I’m off to find beauties now . Hahaha…” Then he strides out .

The man takes off just as suddenly as he showed up .

After Wang Yang is gone, Murong Jiaojiao asks Li Xing, “Did you have the chance to see the women’s faces on that painting?”

Li Xing shakes his head and says, “No, I didn’t . It was a bad angle . ”

Murong Jiaojiao says with a smile, “Among the six beauties on that painting, two are from Three Chivalries Garden . ”

Li Xing is startled and quickly asks, “Who are they?”

“They are Chen Xue and Chen Shuang,” Murong Jiaojiao answers, “And I don’t think Chen Jinsong will say no to Wang Yang . ”

All of a sudden, Li Xing is stricken by a bad feeling . Chen Xue and Chen Shuang are both fair, charming girls with strong wills and self-awareness . Will they follow their father’s order? If they refuse, what will happen to them?

Seeing Li Xing rattled, Murong Jiaojiao asks inquisitively, “What? You’ve taken a fancy to those two sisters?”

With an idea coming to mind, Li Xing promptly stands up and makes another request, “Could you please do me another favor, Princess?”

Murong Jiaojiao asks with a knowing smile, “You want me to stop Wang Yang from touching Chen Xue and Chen Shuang . Is that it?”

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Murong Jiaojiao turns around and continues indifferently, “I just agreed to help you find new identities for these two men, because that is a pretty easy favor for me . But it is not that easy to stop Wang Yang, even though I’m the daughter of a jade marquis . There will be certain prices to pay if I agree to help you on this . And how are you going to repay me, Mr . Li?

Li Xing calmly makes an offer, “One hundred fantasy crystals!”

Even Murong Jiaojiao is surprised to hear that, considering fantasy crystals are extremely rare and crucial for spirit power practicers . Therefore, one hundred fantasy crystals is too big an offer to decline, even for the princess .

After a moment of thinking, Murong Jiaojiao poses a question, “I’ve always wondered why you are so confident . Is it because of the immensely large wealth you possess?”

Li Xing doesn’t respond and ask instead, “Can I take that as a yes, Princess?”

Murong Jiaojiao chuckles and says, “If I can get as many as one hundred fantasy crystals and hand them to my father, he will be very pleased . Fine, I will help you . But I can only try and stop Wang Yang . I won’t be responsible for whatever happens next . ”

Li Xing frowns, asking, “Is something going to happen?”

Murong Jiaojiao responds with another question, “If you were Chen Jinsong, would you dare to say no to Wang Yang?”

Li Xing replies, “No . ” Realizing the key to the problem, he sighs and asks again, “Are you saying that if Wang Yang asked, Chen Jinsong would definitely hand Chen Xue and Chen Shuang to that man instead of risking offending him?”

Murong Jiaojiao nods, “Exactly . If Chen Jinsong is willing to present his own daughters to Wang Yang, there’ll be little I can go . ”

Li Xing thinks for a while before making a decision, “I see! All you need to do is try and stop Wang Yang . I will handle what comes next . One hundred fantasy crystals will be delivered in ten days . ” After saying that, he takes his leave to the princess, leaving Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin behind, knowing that those two men will move freely with their brand new identities very soon .

On his way back, Li Xing keeps thinking about what he will do to stop Chen Jinsong from sacrificing Chen Xue and Chen Shuang .

It isn’t until the moment he gets back to Three Chivalries Garden that an idea suddenly comes across his mind, halting his steps and making him waver over one thought, “If I do that, what am I going to deal with the huge risks?”

In that moment, what happened right before he died in his previous life starting to flash back, including the scene of his girlfriend being dragged to the vehicle by the gangsters, the terrified and helpless look in her eyes, and the scene of him saving his girlfriend by huddling all the gangsters and jumping off the cliff along with them .

“Chen Xue can never be given away!” All of a sudden, the last moment of his previous life reignites his rage and fills him with fierce determination . Then he strides through the gate into the Garden .

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After changing into the face of Zhao Yun, Li Xing returns to the room provided by Chen Shuang . Instead of doing anything else rashly, he focuses all his attention on blood practicing .

One day passes, with nothing unusual taking place .

Chen Xue hasn’t quite been herself in the past few days since she has had trouble getting Li Xing out of her mind, and she has kept going back to that day when Li Xing risked his own life to save hers by confronting the two men with level seven blood power .

She has also kept recalling what happened on the spider net about how Li Xing treated her wounds in that embarrassing way . The thought of that would always make her blush since never in her life had she been touched by a man like that .

For days on end, Chen Xue has done nothing but staring into the air, until one day a girl servant comes reporting, “Miss, Elder Master is asking to see you . ”

Without hesitation, Chen Xue takes off directly to her father .

Just a moment earlier, Wang Yang arrived at Three Chivalries Garden, prompting all the heads of family, including Li Ying, to come out and greet him . Wang Yang is the first son of Wang Zixing who controls Qingyun City and many others . Therefore, Three Chivalries Garden wanted to make sure that Wang Yang’s visit wouldn’t be taken lightly .

Upon his arrival, Wang Yang chuckles and asks directly, “Where are Chen Xue and Chen Shuang?”

Everyone is surprised including Chen Jinsong who hurries forward and bows to the man while cupping his hands in the front, “Prince, did my daughters do anything to offend you? Are you here to punish them?”

Wang yang laughs wildly and says, “Nothing like that . They didn’t do anything . The fact is I really fancy your two beautiful daughters, so I plan on taking them as my concubines . ”

For a second, Chen Jinsong is left speechless, but soon he is all smiles again, “This is totally unexpected, Prince! I wish you had made that request sooner . I consider it a huge honor and a blessing for my daughters if they will be fortunate enough to be looked after by you . ” The he issues a loud order to a servant, “Go get the two misses!”

Wang Yang takes the center seat in the front without thinking and a moment later, Chen Xue and Chen Shuang arrive at the hall, surprised to see a stranger and all the three heads of family there .

Chen Jinsong tells both in a lowered voice, “This is Prince Wang . Come and show your respects . ”

The sound of “Prince Wang” immediately makes the two girls freeze, because both have long heard about the infamous prince . Standing there, the girls are suddenly seized by a foreboding feeling .

Since the two sisters showed up, Wang Yang has been leering at both of them . He slowly stands up and walks toward them, while Chen Xue and Chen Shuang are already ashen-faced, having realized what is going on .

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Just when Wang Yang is about to reach the girls, a servant walks in and reports loudly, “Masters, Princess Murong is here . ”

Li Ying and the other two heads of family are all confused, wounding what has brought Murong Jiaojiao to Three Chivalries Garden . But since Murong Jiaojiao is the daughter of a jade marquis, they must go and welcome her with appropriate respect . So they immediately apologize to Wang Yang and hurry outside to greet the princess .

Hearing Murong Jiaojiao is here, Wang Yang stops and frowns .

Soon, Murong Jiaojiao walks into the hall smilingly, followed by the three heads of family .

Upon seeing the prince, Murong Jiaojiao warns him half sincerely, half in jest, “Wang Yang, Chen Xue and Chen Shuang are my sisters, so you better not touch them . ”

Wang Yang was afraid something would go wrong, and after hearing what Murong Jiaojiao said, he is immediately blue with anger, barking at her, “Murong Jiaojiao, do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

Murong Jiaoajiao keeps smiling, “Like it or not, I won’t let you force Chen Xue and Chen Shuang to go with you . Even if we have to bring this up to your father, I will not easily back down . ”

Wang Yang keeps trembling with rage . Had it been someone else, he would have come forward and killed whoever that got in his way . But the person who is interfering is Princess Murong who is more powerful than him in strength, leaving him with no other choice but to bite the dust .

Feeling the tension between the two, Chen Jinsong gets a little anxious as he thinks, “The entire Qingyun City is under the control of Wang Zixing, and that means the last thing to do is cross Wang Yang!” Intending to defuse the tension, he laughs and steps forward, saying, “Princess, Prince, no need to be angry . As a saying goes, ‘A girl of age should be married . ’ As the father of those two, I have the right to decide which family my daughters should marry into . ”

Murong Jiaojiao looks around the hall but sees no sign of Li Xing, so she says, “This is a business of Three Chivalries Garden . I supposed it’s not place to get involved . ”

Delighted inside, Chen Jinsong turns to Chen Xue and Chen Shuang, telling them, “Xiaoxue, Xiaoshuang, leave with the prince today . It’s an honor for Three Chivalries Garden to have its daughters marry into the Wang family . ”

Hearing their father’s words, Chen Xue and Chen Shuang are both stricken numb with desperation and left speechless, as if they had been cast into an abyss with two empty their souls sucked out of their bodies . In that instant, a man’s face comes into each of their minds, with Chen Xue thinking of Li Xing – the man she was engaged with before she was born, while Chen Shuang thinking of Zhao Yun – the man who once saved her life .

The same thought strikes the two sisters, with both thinking, “If he were here, would he dare to come forward and rescue me?”

Somehow, with no explanation, the same illusion gives the two sisters a glimmer of hope .

“I object!”

Suddenly, a thunderous protest is heard as then strides in Li Xing dressed in a white robe, with his body straightened, his hands crossed behind his back, his face grave and the look in his eyes cold and determined .

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