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Published at 13th of November 2019 12:20:12 PM

Chapter 8

Learning from memory, Li Xing becomes aware that postnatal meridians are interwoven in the human body and consist six layers . The first layer is the dermal meridians that crisscross under the surface of one’s body . Once the dermal meridians are broken through, the cultivator will be able to move his blood essence all over the surface of his body, by doing which he will be able to enhance his body’s sensibility and become more resistible in defense . For most ordinary people, it would take two to three years to break through the dermal meridians, but for someone endowed with high aptitude, it would only take a few months or even days to accomplish .

At this moment, Li Xing concentrates on steering his blood essence to the surface of his right arm, all the while trying to locate the dermal meridians . It is a monotonous and energy-consuming process that requires one’s full and undivided attention .

One day passes, then two days, Li Xing’s efforts are still fruitless, but he makes his mind to not give up .

After the successful cultivation of blood listening the other day, he knows that he is no longer the lost cause unable to practice blood like he used to be, he now has the talent for blood practicing .

“I was nobody in my previous life, but in this life I have a chance to do something extraordinary . How could I give up so easily? I will stick to it regardless of the difficulties!”

Three days pass, then four days . Days of intensive concentration really wear Li Xing out . Having failed to steer his blood essence to locate the dermal meridians, all he can feel is the stabbing pain in his arm .

But Li Xing is a man of perseverance who does not quit once he sets his mind on something, just like the man he was in his previous life . So he decides to bear the pain and keep on looking for the dermal meridians .

Before going through the meridians, the blood essence in Li Xing’s body stays in his abdomen . The meridians are like the pathways for blood essence in the human body, and if there are no pathways, one’s blood essence will be left moving around aimlessly, which can only harm the body, or even worse .

But now Li Xing realizes it’s really not easy to find the meridians .

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“Where exactly is the entry point to the meridians, and why can’t I find it?” A week passes and nothing is gained . The constant concentration of blood essence leaves the skin on Li Xing’s right arm swollen . A mere touch causes great pain like a knife cutting through his skin .

Li Xing has no choice but to suspend his cultivation . It now occurs to him that practicing blood comes with difficulties, and memory tells him he had never made it before .

“Now my only option is to seek help from Li Ziran, the master cultivator of breath power . He must know how to locate the meridians . ” After realizing this, Li Xing steps out the stone cottage for the first time in seven days .

The Purple Bamboo Forest seems to have become quieter and more lifeless after Zhang Zhong’s death .

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In the depth of the forest stands the storied bamboo building where lives Li Ziran, Li Xing’s father .

After hesitating for a moment, Li Xing steps on the slanting bamboo stairs and walks up to the building . Following each step, a squeaky, piercing sound replaces the calm and quietness .

As aman of action he is, Li Xing pushes open the bamboo drapes and strides toward the front hall .

There lies a bamboo chair which one is hard to miss . To Li Xing, it reminds him of the rocking chair from his previous life that can be used for taking a nap . Next to the chair is a bamboo table on which sits a gourd-shaped liquor bottle .

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In the chair slouches a middle-aged man . Through his moustache-covered chin one can only vaguely see the handsome and elegant man in his former days . The cyan robe on his back is already worn out and covered with wine stains . Motionless and with his eyes only half open, he seems to have fallen asleep .

The master cultivator of breath power and prodigy of Three Cavalries Garden is now reduced to a drunkard .

Li Xing stares at the man and wrath starts to fill his chest . Whenever suffering setback, one should always face reality head on, even if he fails in the end . How could he just stay such a defeated and worthless coward?

Li Xing stands in front of Li Ziran, with his fists clenched and back straightened . After a long time, he mumbles, "Father, Zhang Zhong died . "

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