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Published at 25th of January 2019 03:02:24 PM

Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The brilliance of your smile

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Browsing through the files on the screen, Xicheng was puzzled . His flash drive clearly contained the audio file he has recorded . It was only a single sample recording which he composed last night . How did it become turn into this?!

He opened the first folder at his fingertips .

<First Phase of Dialogue with God> Case Plan…

Without reading the content carefully, he quickly scrolled down a few pages, sliding the document all the way to teh end, until he saw the written date and the name “Ning Xiaofei . ”

Sure enough . As he has expected, that girl must have stuffed the wrong USB flash drive into her bag .

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“That idiot!”

With a sigh of relief, he grabbed his phone on the desk and dialed his assistant’s phone number again .

“Dialogue with God, Ning Xiaofei!”

“What did you say?”

On the other end, the assistant still hasn’t grasped what he meant .

“Idiot!” Xicheng angrily explained . “I didn’t I ask you just now to find someone? Dialogue with God is the name of the column and her name is Ning Xiaofei, got it?”

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“I understand, I’ll check it for you right away . ”

“- a bunch of idiots!”

Xicheng threw the phone back to the table, turned off the files on the computer and got up . He walked towards the piano and pressed some keys with his fingers but he couldn’t concentrate .

In order to maintain confidentiality, Dishi has a special anti-leakage rule . After copying a recorded sample to his U disk, it will immediately delete the backup file in the device to prevent any leakage from happening . At the moment, the only single file he has worked so hard to record for two nights to achieve perfect satisfaction, if that dead girl loses or breaks it… .

At the thought of this possibility, he would have like to arrest Ning Xiaofei and tear her into pieces .

Standing up from the bench, he returned to the computer and then browsed through the files on the screen again . When he saw his name, his brows snapped together and opened the folder .

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<Dialogue with God?>

what a sensationalist, it’s always this famous God, that famous God .

This was a title he finds the most annoying . He was just a singer, what God?

When he opened the document, there were all kinds of information about him that Ning Xiaofei has compiled .

From his profile to every single album he had published, each song, including soundtracks he was responsible for, was listed orderly . Generally speaking, his fans value his songs more . For Ning Xiaofei to have found all these soundtracks, she must have spent a considerable effort .

Seeing these, Xicheng snorted proudly .

“At least you have a little insight!”

After that was his detailed information, it was Ning Xiaofei’s thoughts on the information she had collected and her understanding of Xicheng .

At first, Xicheng was still very disapproving . But after reading a few lines, the expression on his face gradually became serious .

It’s not like any other general interviews that pry on privacy, such as anecdotes, scandals and so on . Although her issues were relatively superficial and childish, some of them moved Xicheng .

“In the song ‘Ray’, you wrote, ‘I am burning at the end of the world, indulging in the brilliance of your smile . ’ Many believed that this pertained to a sentimental elder brother, but when I was listening to this song, it sounded very lonely . The sun warms us every day, but no one could get close to him . Does this also imply that Mr . Xicheng yourself, even if you are at the height of your career, you also feel lonely? In this technological era, we can talk to the world without leaving home . But when you turn your computer off, put down your mobile phone, and found that your the only one in the whole world, has Mr . Xicheng ever had such feelings?”

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