Fantasy Falls - Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

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Two long strands intertwined with each other, slowly spiraling. Particles of light left the strands and changed position, then going back into the strands, dissolving into it in a mysterious pattern.

The DNA chains are changing at a microscopic level.

Lin Xii closed his eyes, his spiritual senses telling him that his DNA finally stabilized and a new ability is born.

The skin below his shoulders on his back suddenly cracked open, erupting a red mist.

The scarlet red mist did not dispersed after it sprayed out, instead it's attached to his back, shimmering and burning like a flame. It looks like 2 wings made from blood sprouted out from his back.

In the anime 'Tokyo Ghoul', kagune was splitted into 4 types. Ukaku, below the shoulder; Koukaku, below the shoulder blades; Rinkaku, on the back of the waist; and Bikaku, at the tail-bone area.

Ukaku: The lightest kagune, not a solid. When it sprays out it will be like a jetpack, increasing speed, agility and mobility.

Koukaku: The hardest kagune, strong and tough. It is able to shape into an armor and protect your body.

Rinkaku: Special tentacles-like limbs that is able to support in battle. Defense is slightly lowered but the regenerative powers of it is very strong, the main protagonist in the anime owns this type of kagune.

Bikaku: Able to increase the lower half strength, high offensive type. Most of them form swords, knives and spear shape.

Each of the kagune have its strong and weak points. Lin Xii have the skills 'Burst' and 'Hot Blood', what he wanted most was the tentacle shaped and supportive type Rinkaku. It was akin to have extra arms to attack, at the same time the strong regenerative powers of the Rinkaku would stack up with the Progenitor Virus, making it even stronger!

His 2nd choice was Koukaku, which is able to increase defense and form into an armor. Or even Bikaku which is able to highly increase his offensive capabilities.

Never did he expect Ukaku.

The speed, agility and mobility provided by the Ukaku can't be compared to the high speed provided by 'Burst' which the movement speed was impossible to keep up with the naked eye.

"Oh well."

Another thing Lin Xii felt that it was a pity is he did not got the most important ability of a ghoul: impenetrable skin. If he had this ability adding it to his regenerative powers, he would be like a broken tank+dps+high speed+heal character in games!

Of course, even though it was a pity that he did not get it, the evolution he undergo this time definitely had its perks. Huge ones too.

The Ukaku was disappointing and the consumption of using the Ukaku was the largest out of the kagunes, but it's still using less Bioenergy compared to 'Burst'.

What is Bioenergy?

Everyone has Bioenergy, it's the energy in the cells of a person. For example when you run and release heat, it is actually the Bioenergy in your cells that is converted into kinetic and heat energy.

The cells that's infected by the Progenitor Virus is something call a 'Supercell', comparing to a normal human cell.

The Bioenergy contained in a 'Supercell' is at a totally different level to a normal cell.

After absorbing the ghoul's genes, the 'Supercell' is now able to fabricate RC cells by using its Bioenergy. Lin Xii's able to maintain Ukaku for about an hour continuously, much longer than the ghouls in the anime.

Also, Lin Xii speculate that by increasing the output of the RC cells and propelling force, he would be able to fly into the air like a jet. This is something the Ukaku in the anime was unable to do.

This was because the consumption rate of the Ukaku raises astronomically if the ghouls wants to fly, the most they could do is using the Ukaku and jump into the air, gliding for a short while.

A ghoul's RC cells was obtained by extracting it from their blood and storing it in the kakuhou, only able to store a limited amount. But Lin Xii's RC cells is synthesize from his cells energy, and it can be done so anytime at any amount——anything is possible with energy!

Other than getting the Ukaku, Lin Xii body's attributes were also totally upgraded.

The original him had a base stats of roughly 8 times the normal human, and he's now 10 times the normal human——the <Human evolutionary program> has about 10 different attributes that can be strengthen, so it was equaled to Lin Xii obtaining 20000 points and used it all on strengthening his body.

And it doesn't takes up the amount of slots that he upgraded.

It is known that after strengthening any attribute for 10 times, the cost of doing so on the 11th time will doubled up.

Also, Lin Xii gotten another ability: Blood control.

Ghouls who use their blood cells and form kagunes are actually a type of blood control.

Ukaku is a blood wing that is half liquid half gas, light and thin.

Lin Xii stretched out his hand, a drop of red blood diffused out from his fingertip. He furrowed his brows as he thinks for an application for this ability. He converted his Bioenergy into kinetic energy and guided the energy into the blood drop, flicking it away with his hand.


The drop of blood hit onto a ceramic mug 3 meters away, leaving some cracks on the mug.

"Quite useless eh."

As the drop of blood isn't a solid, even with kinetic energy infused the force of impact wasn't large enough; far less than a bullet.

Infusing heat energy would just make it warm, not enough to boil and evaporate.

"It's too early to be disappointed, the ability is still a seed. Even though it might not be much now, but it doesn't means the seed cannot grow into a tree."

Taking out his phone, he check his stats in the program.

Lin Xii

Race:         Meta-Human

Bloodline:     Progenitor Virus

Talent:     Evolve

Skills:        Burst, Hot Blood

Spells:    Ukaku

Ability:    Blood Control

Energy:    Bioenergy

'Burst' and 'Hot Blood', these two battle skills, both representing his max speed and max strength was categorized under 'Skills'.

Blood Control under 'Ability' is to be expected.

The Ukaku was awaken after consuming the ghoul's blood, evolving his DNA. It doesn't belong in the bloodline and talent category, instead more towards an extension of his 'Blood Control' ability, a 'technique' that created 'half liquid half gaseous' state wings and categorized under spells.

With his DNA stabilized, this meant he could now continue participating in battle. With the birth of Ukaku and Blood Control, Lin Xii's mood was very good, letting out a small smile.

But first, he wants to test out something. Confirming whether the Ukaku was able to fly, and if it can, how long.

After greeting the girls and leaving the house, Lin Xii found an empty open street and started churning his Bioenergy. RC cells sprayed out from his back, forming two 2 meters long blood red wings, looking as it was burning flames.

Lin Xii leaped up, but with the propelling force of the Ukaku he float up 10 meters before landing on the ground.

Maintaining a steady output on the blood wings, he started running. He ran faster and faster with the propelling force of the RC cells, even though it could not be compared to 'Burst' but his speed is double the speed without the Ukaku.

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Lin Xii's blood wings dragged a red streak behind him as he ran across the street.

As he ran, he continuously increase the output of the RC cells, the wings on Lin Xii's back slowly gotten bigger. The main body of the wings increase in length from 2 meters, to 3, 5, all the way until 8 meters.

"I am slowly floating!"

Lin Xii jumped strongly into the air, the wings on his back total up to 10 meters in length with the dispersing blood particles on the end of the wing. He immediately used Blood Control and tweaked the direction of where the RC cells were thrusting out, controlling the direction of his flight.

Lin Xii was just able to control the direction of the thrust, to fly perfectly and controlling all the parts of his wings, adjusting it to the flight was impossible for him now.

Adding the fact that wind pressure forms as he flew, Lin Xii lost control as he closed his eyes unconsciously. He flew like a kite that it's string has been cut, spiraling down the air and slamming hard into a huge tree!


He was dazed for over 10 seconds, Lin Xii slided down the tree and crawled up as he shook his head, shaking the leaves off him.

"Thank god it was a tree, if it was a wall head trauma would be the least of my problems."

Lin Xii shuddered as he thought about it, flying was really dangerous! But if he doesn't try and make use of this ability, it would be such a waste. As flying's such a practical and useful ability to have!

The rest of the day was him just practising using the Ukaku in flight. With the 1st failure, he was much more cautious in his 2nd flight. As night falls, he could somehow manage to fly at low altitude without any accidents.

This was all thanks to the Progenitor Virus, enhancing him at every department including his consciousness and his ability to control his body to 10 times the normal human.

"It's really lucky that I am not afraid of height!"

The conclusion that he gathered after all that flying today was that the speed of his flight is adjustable, by controlling the output of RC cells the minimum speed in flying is using the 10 meters long wings.

At the highest speed possible his wings would be 20 meters in length.

Exceeding that amount would be unbearable for his body, not only the wind pressure would be too much for his body to handle, the conversion rate of Bioenergy to RC cells wouldn't be fast enough to keep up to the consumption.

The speed produced by the propelling force of the 20 meters long wings was scary. Even if it did not broke the sound barrier or leaving aftershadows, Lin Xii estimates that speed of it would rivaled a full speed helicopter!

But the consumption of energy of the maximum speed was too much, he could only maintained it for 5 minutes straight.

For the 10 meters longs wings, he could maintain flight for a quarter of an hour.

Due to the experimentation of flight, he ate a total of 1 storage space worth of sweets, resting in between flights.

But no matter what, the result of the experimentation of the Ukaku was a pleasant surprise.

Even with the evolution due to the ghoul's genes and the increased storage of Bioenergy in his cells, he still only could maintain either 'Burst' or 'Hot Blood' for a minute! But using the Ukaku, it was equivalent of having a speed and agility buff for an hour straight.

The most important is that during a critical moments he can fly!

"I have to make good use of the Ukaku's speed. Even though speed on its own is useless, but with a good enough weapon combined with the thrust of the Ukaku it would be unstoppable!"

During the 10 days when his genes was stabilizing, the Tyrant hunted down plenty of titans using the meat hook and Judgement. The amount of points he have right now after minusing 1000 or so points given to the girls is, 16400 points.

The better the weapon, the stronger he would be with the speed of the Ukaku. Lin Xii browsed the weapon category, bit his jaw and finally purchased a weapon that costs 14000 points! There is a reason for this weapon to be more than 10000 points, even more expensive than an unlimited bullet desert eagle.

It's a plasma energy weapon!

What's a plasma weapon you ask? The most famous plasma energy weapon of all time is the lightsaber from Star wars. But Lin Xii did not buy the lightsaber, due to it being unsuitable for his battle style with the Ukaku.

Using the Ukaku and rushing at high speeds, flying and rushing down from the air. What is the weapon that's most suitable for this sort of style?

The answer is swinging a scythe!

Lin Xii purchase the 'Beam scythe' from the anime 'Gundam W'. Due to Lin Xii not being a gundam, the redeemed Beam scythe was the shrunk into a height used by a normal human.

A silver white long metallic rod appeared in his hand, 1.8 meters long.

Lin Xii pushed a switch on the metal rod, and from the top of the rod erupted a greenish light! The greenish light looked like flames burning, forming into a curved blade shape, 2 meters in length.

A blade that's made entirely of light!

Activating his Ukaku, Lin Xii grabbed onto the handle of the scythe, rushed forward with the speed provided by the Ukaku; the green light slashed onto a house. The light dragged out a green steak in the air, dazzling and bright.


The whole house was slashed into two.

"The next time I meet Su Mei, I will definitely let him have a taste of my scythe. Let’s see whether is my blade sharper or his skin tougher." Lin Xii thought to himself silently.

Beam Scythe