Fantasy Falls - Chapter 55

Published at 18th of March 2018 11:06:03 PM

Chapter 55

Giving Up

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After the bus fell into silence for a short instance, Zhen Tian finally gave up and asked what had been in his mind the whole time, "Mr Lin, what's your ability?"

"Of course it's the ghoul bloodline . "

Seeing as everyone rolled their eyes and showing faces of disbeliefs, Lin Xii shook his head and explained . "How would I have Ukaku if I'm not a ghoul? Could it be that there's some sort of ability that are able to pass of as a Kagune of a ghoul?"

"Well that's true . "

Wang Wei shook his head from his complicated feelings regarding his body changes, "But moving with afterimages chasing behind you is something that a ghoul cannot do right?"

"If Xiao Qiang could imitate fighting moves from games, why I can't I make something similar of mine?"

Lin Xii's expression turned serious, seemingly what he said was real .

"The move I used is call 'Burst', it's something that I develop with the blood controlling skill provided by the ghoul's bloodline . It vibrates my blood inside my body, producing huge kinetic energy that follows my bloodstream and allows me to move at high speed . "

"This move damages my body immensely, it's something I wouldn't use unless it's in a life or death situation . "

"It's the same concept of what we heard in the <Room of Fate>, utilizing our seeds of an ability and getting stronger . Zhen Tian, could you develop something like a rolling meat tank with your fats now?"

"And you, Wang Wei . Your potential is huge . Since you awoken 'ki', why couldn't you continue developing skills from it?"

"Like Akuma's 'Hadoken' from Street of Fighters, one of the strongest character in the game . "

Lin Xii's words fan the flames in them, "DragonBall also uses 'ki', imagine 'kamekame ha', or standing in the air, etc . "

"Imagine your bright future where if you could train out something like 'Genki Dama' from DragonBall with your 'ki', this apocalypse could even be ended by you!"

Lin Xii manage to bullshit something common like 'ki' into a very rare and powerful thing .

Listening to what Lin Xii said, Wang Wei face turned red from excitement . He could already imagine him killing every single enemies and turning into some overpowered character .

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Xiao Wan that was listening to their conversation at the front of the bus pursed her lips to Lin Xii's words .

After bullshiting his way out, Lin Xii went and got another restricting jacket for the Tyrant with 2000 points . The Tyrant's left with only the chain from the meat hook and Judgement after the brutal battle against Butcher .

It was a shame that the two Butcher knives did not dropped .

As the bus was headed into the village, Lin Xii reminded everyone not to expose his trump card .

As the bus went into the village, Lin Xii noticed that there wasn't any marks from any battle; this meant that the village was safe when they were away .

Xiao Qiang went to Elder Lee to report . Informing them the death of 30 soldiers and the fact that they were unable to enter the ration base to confirm the situation there .

As for Lin Xii, he instantly spotted where Qing and the others were staying at .

This was due to the height and the size of the 3 headed reptile . Even though it's laying down, it's height still measured to 10 meters tall due to its head .

Its a low level intelligence pet, but it does have a natural affinity towards its owner . As it saw Lin Xii walking towards the house, the Hydra immediately stretched its heads out and gave Lin Xii a good licking .

Thankfully it's raining heavily right now, the rain washing off the saliva from the Hydra quickly .

Qiang, Annie, Sui and Fi Fi was inside the house, sheltering them from the rain .

"You encountered a large amount of bosses? Vice, Colt, Butcher and the Phantom? Damn, I wished I had go!"

Hearing Lin Xii's experience, Qing felt her heart hurting . After all, killing just one of these bosses would provide about 20000 points and an additional super vial!

If a 3 star bloodline Lin Xii was able to kill the Phantom, maybe she would be able to easily kill off all four of the bosses with her 5 star talent?

What a waste, what a waste……

Of course Qing would be envious, Lin Xii striked a fortune during this trip . Getting the Sundae Fusion that's worth 30000 points; having an additional 40000 more points in his phone; having Wang Wei and Zhen Tian owing him another 40000 points and a huge favour .

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Qing loves the Sundae Fusion, thinking that the fusion of the six blades was a intricate and exquisite weapon .

The Sundae Fusion turned into a deadly weapon in her hand; turning into a two-sword style with the winning sword in one hand and the watermelon blade in the other, going so far as to mimic Zoro from One Piece as she place one of the wafer blades in her mouth .

Qing even perform a skill that she develop .

As she spins like a top with the three weapons, spinning as she slashed with layers after layers of afterimages of the weapon; Lin Xii felt scared as he saw her doing that .

It was like tornado made out of swords that could shred everything into pieces!

Leaving the house, Lin Xii went of to find Bravo and the others in the rain .

Other than the super vials, the hooligans dropped about 20 or so normal vials . The thugs dropped a vial that provides one person's worth of strength; the punk dropped a vial that provides three person's worth of agility; the fatty's is 5 person's worth of physique and the knives users' is 1 person's worth of strength, speed and physique .

From them, the knives users are the most balance, impacting the least on the body appearance and the most valuable as there's only one .

There were quite a number of these vials that Zhen Tian had picked up, but no matter the super vials or the normal vials, they are only effective once . So he gave a portion of them to Lin Xii .

Lin Xii only accepted 6, adding up to his loot, he have a total of 3 strength, 3 speed and 3 physique vials .

He mentioned that he would get a sort of ability vial to the 3 university students .

Of course he's not going to go back on his words .

Finding the 3 uni students, Lin Xii placed the 9 bottle of vials of the table .

As Bravo, Curly and Glasses saw the vial, they were unbelievably excited . They had already thought Lin Xii was just saying around, not meaning anything serious . Never would they have thought Lin Xii would come to them the as soon as he got ability vials, as he's a precious evolutionary after all .

But as Lin Xii told them about the side effects of the vials, the 3 of the hesitated .

The 3 of them played Cadillac and Dinosaurs before in the past . The thought of changing into the appearance of the Punks or the Fatties in the game was just disguting, something that they couldn't accept .

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If it was just the speed and physique vial, of course they would drink it as having a certain level of strength was more important than their appearance . But there's a strength vial, adding one person's worth of strength would also overtake the normal humans; why would they want to change their body to a monkey or a disgusting fat glob?

Adding one person’s worth of strength from the strength vial wouldn't change their body much .

What's more was the 3 of them weren't particularly muscular, maybe they would be turn into a handsome buff guy with the strength vial……after a discussion between the 3 of them, the finally choose all 3 of the strength vial .

Lin Xii smiled faintly as he kept the remaining vials, leaving some food for them as he left .

As he left the house, he faintly sighed .

Why did he brought over 3 different type of vials and allow them to choose?

This was a test for the 3 of them .

Earlier he wanted to change them into titans and take them as helpers, was because titans are natural born tanks with crazy regenerative powers and a huge body .

What good can adding 3 person's worth of agility or adding 5 person's worth of physique do?

But, if they were to choose the speed or the physique vial; this meant they they were willing to throw away everything to increase their strength, showing their determination . In fact, after taking those two vials, they would be able to fight their own against the weaker monsters, like the goblins, zombies or skeletons .

The 3 of them would be a small team, more or less a fighting force .

Lin Xii would be willing to redeem some equipment for them, like Belt of Giant's Strength, Doran's Blade, Doran's Shield, some healing items and increase the capabilities of the 3 of them, treating them as real helpers .

Now, the 3 of them all choose strength vial . What does even adding one person's worth of strength do anyways?

Letting them brag to the normal civilians?

Even Wang Wei and Zhen Tian that are evolutionaries were willing to ditch their appearance to increase their capabilities, now 3 normal people were opting for the weakest strength vial instead of the speed or the physique?

Lin Xii's very disappointed .

He doesn't owe the 3 students anymore, in fact, he gave them a lot; he provided the army's care and food, an ability vial that's a priceless treasure to the others .

How many of the soldiers in the army are currently willing for a vial like this?

There isn't a shortage of beautiful, stunning ladies in this massive transfer, even some small celebrity . Lin Xii believes that for a vial like this, they would be willing to do anything——as they could give their family even if they do not want to use it .

Because of an earlier promise, he brought them these vials .

And the three of them disappointed him .

As Lin Xii was leaving with a faint smile on his face, he already decided to give up on them .

Back to the army, Xiao Qiang's report send a shocking wave throughout everywhere .

First was the problem of food, the shortage of food was something that they must solve as there isn't anywhere else but that base to provide the food enough got 80000 people .

The second, was the vials .

Whether it was the super vial that Xiao Qiang uses or the normal vial from Zhen Tian, it was equally shocking to everyone . The attribute enhancement from the super vial was crazily valuable! As for the normal vial, it was enough to create a small group of 'mini evolutionaries' as normal humans could use them .

If the experts in the army could figure out the recipe for making the vial, maybe they could even mass produce them!

The plot of the game 'Cadillac and Dinosaurs' was simple enough, if Lin Xii with a 3 star bloodline and Xiao Qiang with his 3 star ability were able to kill off 4 bosses……


Does it meant that with Qing's 5 star talent and Wu Yan's 6 star bloodline it's enough to steamroll everything?

The army came to a decision within 10 minutes .

As soon as the heavy rain weakened, the whole transfer troop will head over to the ration base and take over it!