Fantasy System - Chapter 283

Published at 17th of July 2019 11:45:04 PM

Chapter 283: 283

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Edmund didn't fight the Dragonoid straight away; he knew he was no match for it . Instead, he relied on his speed and hid among the demon horde, that way he was able to attack the monsters quickly while using the Dragonoid' attacks as a weapon, a weapon capable of killing hundreds of monsters at once . The dead bodies caught on fire rather easily, and the black capital turned bright . Illuminating scarlet smoke permeated the streets while the groans and screams of monsters were drowned by the Dragonoid' magical fireballs and Edmund's spear thrusts .

Edmund raced through the streets of Avalon . He dodged, slashed, and escaped the watchful eye of the Dragonoid, all while keeping an eye on it . He believed that the greatest blunder would be to let the Dragonoid leave . However, it was all too much for him, for he failed to notice a gigantic gorilla taking a swing at him .

The enormous fist collided with his side and caused him to lose balance . His whole body was lifted in an instant and was sent flying towards the nearby house . Yet, as he was flying away, he swung his spear and left behind a crescent slash, which took down the monster's arm .

The Dragonoid noticed the commotion and wasted no time at all . It sent a ball of red flames towards the house and incinerated it, leaving nothing behind . Yet, even though it had faith in its strength, the Dragonoid believed the man to be alive . It flew down towards the house to inspect it firsthand .

The gorilla continued to croak in pain, which seemingly got on the nerves of the Dragonoid . The darkest colored flames yet surrounded its body and were released at once . The monsters surrounding the Dragonoid burned and withered away, while the soil underneath its feet turned charcoal black .

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It found nothing in the house, so it turned around and started to leave . It released a shout that sent the monsters running towards the castle, faster than ever . The Dragonoid spread its wings to take flight and join the assault on the remaining humans hidden in the castle . Its mood was soiled since the man was killed very easily; it was hoping to enjoy the game of cat and mouse a little longer .

At the same as it flapped its skinny wings, it felt a load fall off of its back, as though something that it carried with it since its creation had departed . The feeling of loss was soon replaced by a sharp sensation that spread to its whole body .

Its dark red eyes burned brighter as blood vessels popped inside of its eyes . It turned its head and gazed at its long tail being held by the human it thought was dead; it was the same as a worm wriggling in the hands of a child that caught hole of it .

"Let your guard down, you oversized lizard," Edmund heaved and wheezed . His left hand was crushed by the attack of the gorilla and burned black by the attack of the Dragonoid . He was a step too late in retreating underground with earth magic, but he saved his life and managed to injure the Dragonoid .

He knew that his enemy was mad, so he chose to escape with his life before it was too late . He weaved, once again, inside the monster horde, as the enraged Dragonoid followed after him with fury filled firebombs .

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Edmund's performance dwindled quickly as his injuries added to his fatigue . It was hard for him to even lift his spear, let alone kill monsters . It took all of his strength to run away from the monsters while making way towards the palace .

Soon enough, the castle was within eyesight . He pumped more Qi into his legs and burst into the last spurt . However, he couldn't get far as he felt something tangle around his leg and fell face-first into the debris . Normally, such a fall wouldn't injure him in the slightest, but his body was devoid of Qi and lost its natural protection . He ended up breaking his nose and injuring his right eye .

Edmund caught a glimpse of the monster that stopped him in its tracks . It was a made entirely out of entangled violet vines with red thorns . He could see that his legs were bleeding due to the razor-sharp thorns, but couldn't feel it .

The Dragonoid caught up with him and shouted something at the vine monster . The latter tightened its hold on Edmund and coiled around him even more, all while the Dragonoid charged up the biggest fireball so far; he planned to kill both Edmund and the monster binding him .

Edmund closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable to happen, but it never came . All he heard was the furious below of the Dragonoid, followed by a muffled cry from behind him .

He opened his eyes in disbelief and found Bard and Audun standing in front of his, their glaives in their hands and their Qi at its highest . Due to his shock, he only noticed that the monster holding him had turned into a sliced and diced vegetable .

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Edmund felt warm and delicate hands holding him up and wiping the blood off of his face . He saw the angelic face of his fellow Elder, Becky gazing back at him with tears in her eyes .

"You're crying for this old man?" Edmund mustered out the words with a smile . "I can die happy right now, hahaha . "

"You don't have to die," she said . "No one needs to die, it's finished . All preparations are over . You just need to drink some potions . "

The smooth and cold sensation of Ed's potions couldn't have felt any better for Edmund's sore and burned throat . He could feel his Qi and body revitalize with every drop . At the same time, the ground beneath started to glow blue with bits and pieces of it flying upward towards the sky .

The Dragonoid felt something coming and tried to run away, leaving behind its minions to face whatever he dreaded . However, Bard and Audun swooped down and knocked him back to the ground .

"You're not going anywhere!" they shouted .

The glow synchronized with their shout and intensified; the whole city and its surroundings were surrounded by the glow . All of a sudden, the monsters, Dragonoid, Edmund and his fellow Elders appeared in the middle of a wasteland, thousands of kilometers away from Avalon and Glory sect .

"How do you like our surprise, little lizard," Edmund stood up and took his black spear into his healed hand . "This is a weapon, left to us by the strongest man in this world . Want to hear his exact words when he left it to us? Whenever you feel like you will lose, use it and it will come to you . "

Far from their locations, they could hear thunderous noises as something was closing in on them .

"It will burn all your enemies and turn them to ashes, for it is always angry it could not exact its revenge," Edmund continued . "Avalon has, and will always have allies everywhere in the world . "

As Edmund finished, a black dragon, the black calamity dragon, Entei, descended behind him . It raised its head and gazed at the black smoke covering the skies and roared at it . Its flames split the skies apart and broke open to reveal the beautiful blue sky and white clouds .