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Chapter 43

Chapter 43


Long Shiyan slept very soundly . When she woke up, her teammates were already prepared to depart, leaving her as the only one left to get ready . But this wasn’t a problem for her . She simply washed up, gnawed on a steamed bun, and began another new day .


The atmosphere was very relaxed, and the journey was pleasant . It was almost noon, and these few talented folks stopped traveling . As usual, they ate barbecued meat and rested around the bonfire .


This morning was almost the same as the previous ones . The jungle was quiet, not even a single magical beast could be heard . It was even more silent than before .


When everyone thought that they could take a rest, a dragon’s roar suddenly resounded . At the same time, the whole world seemed to be trembling . Countless beasts suddenly cried out one after the other . The birds screeched and the wolves howled . The sounds of animal cries spread throughout the entire forest .


In this place, the five people’s expressions became very unsightly .


Long Shiyan immediately ordered, “We have to leave . ”


They exchanged gazes and then followed her orders to return . Zi Linglong ran and said, “Elder Sister, what happened? Where did the dragon’s roar come from? Judging by how powerful its pressure is, it’s at least a ninth-level magical beast . ”


“Young lady, ninth-level magical beasts have unexpectedly appeared in the inner clearing . Considering how bad it turned out for us during the last encounter with the ant wave, this time we might…” Brands’s expression was solemn; he swore angrily as he spoke . Under Long Shiyan’s wind magic acceleration, their movements weren’t slow .


“As the messenger of the Beast God, I must obey his will and overcome this challenge . Furthermore, dragons aren’t that formidable . After all, they are not the dragons from Dragon Island,” Chris replied .


The call of the dragon was getting louder and louder . The skies were filled with thunder and lightning, and the dragon’s roar accompanied the thunder . It was like the grandeur of the heavens and the earth, completely penetrating through their mental defense . An inexplicable feeling of fear rose within their hearts .




Another dragon’s roar suddenly exploded in their ears, and at the same time, a golden dragon burst out from the mountain to their left . Countless gravel debris immediately fell upon them .


At this time, a golden dragon was flying in the distance as it danced in the air together with another dragon, no! They were fighting each other . One wielded fierce thunder and lightning while the other used flames . Below them was the Magical Beast Forest and countless magical beasts that tried to escape .

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The earth vibrated and the forest was ruined .


It was as if the whole world became akin to the purgatory .


Long Shiyan and others were buried under gravel and mud . But because of this, they could escape from the dragon’s flames . After fighting for a long time, the dragons stopped . One dropped to the ground and died while the other dragon was full of scars . Soon, it disappeared .


After a long while, Long Shiyan broke out of the layer of dirt . Observing the current situation, she noticed that the three men and Zi Linglong were still buried under the earth and thus weren’t visible .


Long Shiyan was in a sorry state . She dragged her body out and moved toward a certain position, step by step . Then she immediately used the wind magic to drill a hole in the soil . After a while, she dug out one person and inspected the person’s body . It was Zi Linglong .


She was still breathing but currently in a coma .


Fortunately, they weren’t buried too deeply . They would be fine even if they couldn’t breathe for a while, but the longer they didn’t breathe, the closer to death they would be . Long Shiyan temporarily helped them settle down . Afterward, she went to the golden dragon and observed it seriously .


That was right . It was a Shen Long, a Chinese dragon .


System Qian Qian didn’t know where it came from as she stared at the golden dragon . “It fell to its death! But it’s still a treasure . Its realm is roughly within the God domain, yet I don’t know where it came from . After coming across this situation, which is clearly the result of bad luck, are you still not convinced that you are the so-called heaven defier?”


Long Shiyan fell silent .


“But while the other dragon suffered from serious injuries, it was also pregnant . I don’t think it will live for much longer . Perhaps it sacrificed its life to protect its child . ” System Qian Qian sighed with lament .

“First, wait a moment!” Long Shiyan raised her hand to signal for the system to pause . “You said it was pregnant? Furthermore, it won’t live long?”


“Yes . ”


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“How long will it last?”


“Approximately two months!”


Long Shiyan’s expression shifted greatly . “Which direction did it fly away?”




Long Shiyan burst into a sigh of relief and could not help but laugh a few times . She said, “If I didn’t guess incorrectly, then the child in the dragon’s belly should be Long Aotian’s future pet dragon . ”


System Qian Qian was flabbergasted, but it soon clearly understood her words .


Long He, Long Aotain’s pet, was Long Aotian’s sworn younger brother . Unlike other stallion novels, the original book was very strange since the protagonist’s pet was not a female character . Generally, in most harem stallion novels, no matter what pet appears, it would become a stunning beauty .


The character, Long He, had a great influence on Long Aotian . He was one of Long Aotian’s capable helpers and his closest brother . They had long been together from the beginning until they entered the realm of gods . Later, he was killed by the Radiant God in order to protect Long Aotian .


In short, his life was quite tragic .


Of course, Long He had always wanted to find his own family, including his father, but this could never be achieved . His parents had already passed away and could only live on within his memories .


Long Shiyan had always regarded the dragon to be a threat, but she never really expected for this to happen . Even though she had never met Long He, she met his mother, who had already stirred up many troubles for her .


System Qian Qian listened to her analysis and couldn’t help but say, “It’s obvious . The will of the world has begun to rebel . Those who were good to Long Aotian in the original book will, of course, want to kill you intentionally or otherwise . This is still not the worst that can happen . Maybe Long Aotian already knows that you are his enemy . ”


Long Shiyan was astonished . “What do you mean?”


No matter what, she was still Long Aotian’s little sister .

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“I don’t know, but I always feel a little uneasy these days . You have to be careful . You should be aware that the mother of Long Aotian’s younger brother will come to inconvenience you . ”


The conversation between the two soon ended . Long Shiyan stared at the dragon’s corpse, thinking about how to take it away . But soon, countless beasts’ roars came from afar . In addition, more and more beasts hurried to get closer .


Long Shiyan was baffled . Was the dead dragon going to stir up some trouble? System Qian Qian’s next words immediately plunged her mood into the all-time low . “Host, this isn’t good . Many powerful magical beasts are coming our way . If you continue to stay here, you will be in danger . ”


“Why are they coming?” Long Shiyan submerged into her thoughts .


“No matter what the reason, you have to hurry to escape now,” System Qian Qian urged .


“Escape? What about Linglong and the others?” Long Shiyan looked at the four who were still unconscious .


“Host cannot save them . We have to hurry and leave, or we really will die . Although I know that you can’t bear to leave them, there is no way to save them right now . As long as you live, there is hope . Even if they die, you can resurrect them in the future,” System Qian Qian painstakingly persuaded .


Long Shiyan opened her eyes and lowered her head . She clenched her small fists . She looked up into the distance, her gaze seeming able to penetrate through the layers of trees and forests . Looking at the group of magical beasts rushing to her direction, she mumbled, “Out of the question!”


“If I abandon my teammates and flee alone, then even if I resurrect them, my heart will not be able to settle down,” she whispered and glared at the system . “I will not abandon them . Tell me the strength of those magical beasts . ”


“Don’t be crazy! There are ninth-level magical beasts . There are even Saint magical beasts mixed in the horde . In front of the group of magical beasts, you are nothing! Even if the members of your entire Holy Spirit Magic School were here, it would still be hard to stop them . Hurry up and leave!”


“How long will it take for them to get here? Why are they coming in hordes? There must be a reason for the magical beasts’ insurrection, right?” Long Shiyan was not flustered as she searched for a breakthrough .


System Qian Qian stared blankly . She closed her eyes and whispered with helplessness, “The fastest that the magical beasts could get here is less than an hour . As for the reason for the insurrection of magical beasts, it’s because of the God-level magical beast’s corpse . They are rushing over here to devour it . Even the Saint-level magical beasts can’t resist this temptation . ”


“Half an hour…” Long Shiyan looked down and thought about it . “In other words, if I just get rid of the dragon’s corpse, Linglong and the others will be safe . ”


“That’s true, but the dragon is so big . Can you really drag it away? I believe that it is better to drag the four away to save energy . However, there may not be enough time, so you either have to give up or wake them up quickly . But judging by their condition, they most likely won’t be waking up anytime soon,” System Qian Qian said .


“It’s not impossible! As long as I break the dragon’s body into smaller pieces and put them into the spatial ring, I can leave easily leave . ” Long Shiyan quickly took out her two swords . She tried swinging one against the dragon’s body, but unfortunately, it had no effect .


She refused to believe that her efforts were useless and continued to increase the intensity of her attacks using both of her swords . But her attacks still had no effect .


“It’s useless . With the host’s current strength, it’s impossible to break the defense of a God-level magical beast . If we could enter the storage space, then we could survive . However, it’s obviously not working and soon, you will die,” System Qian Qian exclaimed .


Long Shiyan gritted her teeth and did not listen to the system’s words . She went to the dragon’s corpse and smashed against it using her swords . The sword’s blade was able to pierce the skin, but it could only go that far .


She glanced at where Zi Linglong and others were and gritted her teeth . She quickly ran over, relocated the four to a safer position, and then fed them some pills . She returned to the dragon and continued to attack it in agitation .


Then, she used a knife to cut her own wrist and sprinkled her blood around the dragon’s corpse . She located a few flowers and sprinkled her blood on them . Suddenly, a strange aroma began to pervade all around .


This was to conceal the dragon’s bloody smell .


Afterward, she plunged her entire body into the dragon’s wounds . She constantly tampered with its body by crawling inside .


When System Qian Qian saw her doing this, she quickly understood what Long Shiyan was doing . She wanted to stop her, but no words came out of her mouth . She couldn’t change Long Shiyan’s decision .


After Long Shiyan emerged from the carcass, she reeked with blood . She looked at System Qian Qian and said, “You stay here . Look after Linglong and try to calm her down later . Don’t let her do anything reckless . ”


System Qian Qian wanted to say something, but in the end, she could only sigh and reply, “Don’t die, we still have missions to complete . ”


“Rest assured . You stay here . When they awaken, rush them back to the school . I will remain in the forest until they are away from harm . ” Long Shiyan turned around . Holding the dragon’s spleen, she soon disappeared into the jungle .