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Chapter 740

Chapter 740: A Man Has Loved You for so Many Years

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Yan Qingsi quickly covered her expression . Her palm felt wet against her cheeks . She could not tell if it was a teardrop or sweat that had dripped down her face earlier .

She wiped her face . The black residue of her mascara and eyeliner stained her hands .

She knew that she looked especially ugly at this moment and that she should wipe everything off, yet she did not want to move an inch .

It was probably because she was right in front of her mother, and it did not matter how ugly she looked . Anyway, she was the most beautiful girl in her mother’s eyes .

Yan Qingsi’s hand cupped her face . “I only know all this . That day… I saw my mother fall,” she said . “She fell from such a height . She plummeted toward the earth, and once she crashed onto the ground, blood was everywhere…”

It was as though she was merely a witness to the event when she talked about it now, not giving any special response .

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Plop! Plop! Teardrops continued to fall onto the ground . They splattered, one by one, then quickly evaporated into nothingness .

Yan Qingsi thought that the tears were hers, belatedly realizing that they were not . She lifted her head and saw You Yi, whose face was streaked with tears . His hand leaned against the tombstone as his body bent over, trembling hard .

The pain was like a boulder that pressed against his body, pressing so hard that he could not straighten himself, pressing so hard that he could keel over and fall at any second .

Yan Qingsi was stupefied . She actually harbored some measure of suspicion against You Yi all this while .

Even if he truly had a relationship with her mother at that time, what of it? How deep could his love go after all these years?

Besides, the You family was extremely wealthy, and You Yi was the perfect heir . He was still an eligible bachelor—perhaps even more so than his younger counterparts were .

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He probably had no shortage of choice of beautiful women by his side . It made no sense if he continued so long for a woman whom he had not seen for over a decade .

She did not believe that anyone could love so deeply .

For instance, she knew that Yue Tingfeng loved her a lot, but… if they were separated for years, if they broke up or if she died, Yue Tingfeng would probably suffer from heartache for a few years . But the pain would ebb away with the flow of time, and he would recover . It did not matter if he could truly love again . He would most likely find another woman to marry and start a family together then continue to live his days out like normal .

This was normal for people, something very normal .

People forgot easily . How could so many mistresses in this world get away with what they did otherwise?

Additionally, during those days long passed, You Yi did not even know her mother’s name .

How could he make anyone believe that he loved her?

However, Yan Qingsi suddenly believed in You Yi after looking at the tears on his face .

She did not believe that love could run so deep, but… it did not mean that it did not exist .

She did not believe in eternal love—perhaps that was because she had never seen it before .

Yan Qingsi sighed internally . ‘Mom, no matter what, someone still loves you after all these years, she said in her head . He did not marry anyone or have any kids because of you . He stubbornly looked for you, and stubbornly loved you . If you knew, you would probably be a little happier . Even though you met a b*stard in life, you also met a man who loved you . ’

The biggest tragedy in life was to have no one remember you after your death . That would be awful .

Yan Qingsi felt a little consoled, knowing that someone mourned her mother’s death . “I don’t know how you met my mother, and I’ve never met you when I was young,” she said, “But thank you for remembering her . Thank you for loving her . Now it’s time to settle your grief . Once a person is dead, they’re dead . They can never come back to life . ”