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Chapter 744

Chapter 744: You Do Not Sympathize Me, Worst Still You Are So Fierce To Me

Yan Qingsi trod down the cobblestone path . She ducked her head; the sun was so hot that the exposed part of her skin burned, and she felt as though she was being grilled alive .

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Her head pulsed, and the dizziness only grew worse . Her steps were unsteady .

A thought flashed in Yan Qingsi’s mind .

‘Geez . How am I supposed to go back now that I’m here? I can’t walk all the way back . ’

Yet waiting for You Yi was somewhat embarrassing .

The thought swirled around Yan Qingsi’s head . She bumped into something, and she grew dizzier . “I don’t recall any trees around here,” she muttered to herself .

She swayed and almost pitched forward, but a pair of strong arms held her fast .

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Then a cool, collected voice rang in her ears . “Yan Qingsi . Where did you put your brains?”

Yan Qingsi was shocked . She raised her head . “You…”

The double image of a head appeared before her as if she had drunk too many bottles of wine . She shook her head vigorously . “Why are you here?” she asked .

Yue Tingfeng did not answer her, shooting her a distasteful glare instead . He raked his eyes over her . “Look at you . You’re so dirty . I hardly want to touch you . ”

As the words spilled from his mouth, he slowly drew her into a hug .

Yan Qingsi’s hair was sticking up in an unbecoming fashion, and sweat filmed over her entire face . Although You Yi had cleaned her eye makeup, her lipstick, and foundation… Ugh . She probably looked disgusting no matter what .

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Her clothes were soaked through with sweat, and the exposed parts of her skin were lobster red . She was certainly not the least bit attractive .

Yue Tingfeng hugging Yan Qingsi was akin to hugging a fireball .

He saw the shoes Yan Qingsi had kicked off, and he glared at Yan Qingsi’s bare feet . “Yan Qingsi, are you craving something lately?” he ground the words out . “You want squid or beef on a hotplate? You better tell me if I didn’t give you something you wanted to eat . ”

“Shut up . I have a headache,” Yan Qingsi said, reaching a hand upwards and slapping it on Yue Tingfeng’s mouth . Yue Tingfeng’s voice was a constant buzz in her ears, and her head pounded in agony .

Yue Tingfeng was speechless .

He strode forward, dragging Yan Qingsi along and shoving her into a car . He wiped at his mouth, a disgusted expression on his face . “Sh*t… You’re filthy . And there’s dirt on your hands?”

Yan Qingsi did have dirt on her hands . The soil from when she pulled the dandelion by the roots stuck between her fingers .

The air-conditioning was turned on in the car, and Yan Qingsi felt some relief from it .

She closed her eyes and sank onto the seat without bothering about Yue Tingfeng, trying to revive herself .

Coolness suddenly slapped her face . Her eyes jerked open to a thread dangling before her . She saw Yue Tingfeng taking a wet wipe to wipe her face .

Yan Qingsi felt the heat of the sun gradually subsided with a wave of blissed cool . Her head did not pound so hard anymore . She slid downwards, allowing Yue Tingfeng’s palm to cradle her head .

Yue Tingfeng pinched her cheeks . He used wet wipe after wet wipe, scrubbing Yan Qingsi’s face over and over .

“Don’t move,” he scolded her . “Look at yourself . The state you’re in! And you’re lying on my clean clothes . You better get a good scrub once you go back . And why did you take off your shoes? Your feet didn’t get boiled through only because you’re thick-skinned, and not because you were lucky . ”

Yan Qingsi pursed her lips . “My feet hurt,” she whined, “Look . They have blisters already . You don’t pity me, and you’re so cruel to me . ”

At the sight of Yue Tingfeng, the stone lodged in Yan Qingsi’s heart slowly ground into dust .

She had found her new purpose in life, but… You Yi…

Yue Tingfeng stopped wiping her face and looked at her feet . “What cheap rip-offs did you wear? Let me see if there’s anything serious . ”