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Chapter 746: 746

Chapter 746: Did You Ever Think That I Will Be Hurt?

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes . “Tsk . You’re just scared that I’ll ruin my complexion and become ugly . Admit it: you only like pretty girls . ”

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Yue Tingfeng extended a hand and wrenched Yan Qingsi’s jaw toward him . “Naturally . Who wants to let their woman become an ugly witch? I like you pretty, but… it hurts me when you hurt yourself like this . Did you ever think that I’ll be hurt?”

Yan Qingsi was taken aback . She stared at Yue Tingfeng for a while .

Yue Tingfeng assumed that she was about to admit her offense . He could not predict her next words: “I didn’t . ”

The car screeched to a halt the next second . The two lunged forward violently .

Yue Tingfeng gritted his teeth . “I can’t talk to you anymore,” he said . “Get out . ”

Yan Qingsi barely suppressed her laughter . “If you say so, I’ll get down…” she said .

“Go go go . Get out and don’t let me see you . Yan Qingsi, you’re a cruel, heartless vixen . You— The h*ll? You’re getting down?”

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Yue Tingfeng reached out and grabbed Yan Qingsi’s leg, pulling her back in .

Yan Qingsi pouted . “Didn’t you tell me to get out?” she simpered . “This isn’t my car . If you don’t let me use it, I can’t stay here . ”

A headache was building at Yue Tingfeng’s temples . “You— I’ll let you stay . Since I don’t let anyone else in, I have to let you in . ”

“No thank you, seeing as how much it agonizes you to even speak those words . I won’t trouble you any further, so I’ll get out,” Yan Qingsi said, opening the car door .

Yue Tingfeng grabbed her hand . “Darling, please don’t get out,” he pleaded, smiling . “Did I say something wrong?”

Yan Qingsi craned her neck to give him a look . “You did . ”

Yue Tingfeng nodded his head vigorously . “I know . I was wrong . Just sit back down . Sit down!”

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He was digging a hole for himself . He knew that he could not win an argument against Yan Qingsi . He knew that no matter how he whined and moaned, the one that would get the short end of the stick was him . Still, he refused to acknowledge his position and thought that he could gain the upper hand for once .

Yue Tingfeng chuckled silently at the sheer elation on Yan Qingsi’s face . Gain the upper hand? Forget it . There was no way he could do that . Not in this lifetime at least .

“Are you hot? Do you need me to turn up the AC?” he asked, smiling . “Are you hungry? Want to eat anything?”

Yan Qingsi listened to Yue Tingfeng’s ramble, propping her jaw with one hand . “I want to eat you,” she said .

Yue Tingfeng went silent .

He had never met the world’s most proficient womanizer, but he knew that Yan Qingsi was the world’s most proficient man-eater .

His desire was being tested with every second of being with her .

Yue Tingfeng snatched Yan Qingsi’s hand and pecked its back . “Be patient . You can eat once we go back home . ”

“Didn’t you say that there was dirt on my hands?”

“It’s all right . I like them even though there’s dirt . ”

That was right . He did not have any principles he followed .

With Yan Qingsi, his principle was… to have no principles!

Yan Qingsi bit her lip and suppressed a chuckle . Yue Tingfeng always knew what would make her happy, and he would never ask inappropriate questions at inappropriate times .

For instance, Yue Tingfeng knew that she and You Yi were on the hilltop for so long . He must want to know what they were talking about .

However, he had seen the forlorn expression on Yan Qingsi’s face and did not ask anything .

He used his own methods to pull her out of her grief . He did not sweet-talk her, but his accusations and his hurt made Yan Qingsi understand how much he meant to him .

That was why Yue Tingfeng was the first man to be able to stand by her side throughout all these years of life .