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Chapter 566

Lu Bu and the rest of the guards headed for the Zeng Manor swiftly, arriving in less than half an hour .

As the most powerful family in San Chuan City, Zeng Manor was located in the heart of the city .

Though San Chuan City was a small city, its population was not inferior to a major city's . The Zeng Manor looked more eye-catching when surrounded by all the buildings and towers in the city .

Land prices in the urban area were more expensive than anywhere else, yet the Zeng Manor covered a large area . It housed many family members and hundreds of cultivators .

"What a waste of land . " Lu Bu coldly laughed .

A house of that size located in the city center was worth a lot of money, and was not something money alone could buy . The structure was made of fine ancient wood, and had many smaller compartments in the main building .

"Throw these bodies onto their gate," Lu Bu instructed the guards as they arrived at the Zeng Manor .

"Yes . "

The guards following behind Lu Bu nodded, and retrieved the ten corpses from a spatial ring before tossing them towards the front gate of the Zeng Manor .

"Who is it!?"


In front of the gate was a row of willow trees and two realistic eagle statues carved out of white marble . Seeing a line of shadows flying towards those expensive items, a bunch of people ran out of a room infuriated, ready to act!




A string of sounds could be heard from the people who came out from the room . Being just guards of the Zeng Manor, their cultivation was no higher than Hundred Year realm Second Layer, which meant they were no match for Lu Bu and his guards .

Seeing ten corpses flying straight at the gate, the security guards tried to block them, but the powerful wave of energy from the thrown corpses sent the guards stumbling backwards from the impact!

Four to five cracks appeared on the thick gate as the Zeng Family guards became part of the corpse pile one by one .

"Sorry, Sir, I overused my force . " Lu Bu's guards laughed in embarrassment as they scratched their heads .

"It's alright, let's go . "

Lu Bu could not figure why his guards lost control of their strength despite being Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer cultivators, but chose not to say much .

"What happened!?"

"Who dares to offend the Zeng Family?!"

After Lu Bu and his guards left the place, anger exploded inside the huge Zeng Manor . Many cultivators and family members hurried to the front gate to see what had happened, and were all enraged by the sight .

"Peng! Peng!"

A cultivator gently knocked on a room's door . With his head hung low, he said cautiously, "Master, something bad happened . "

"What happened? Even if the sky falls, there will still be my father to support it, no? It's so late, I want to sleep . " An annoyed voice sounded from inside the room .

"Young Master, the Family Head is already waiting for you . "

Cultivators gathered outside the room rolled their eyes and shook their heads in disapproval after hearing the voice .

"I got it, so irritating . " A voice could be heard coming out of the room before a young lad eventually walked out of it .

The young man had fair skin, a pale face, and dark eye circles, which suggested that he had overly indulged in carnal pleasures .

With a grumpy face, the young lad lamented, "What happened, why can't we talk tomorrow?"

The awaiting cultivators answered, "Someone has killed our informants and thrown their corpses onto our gate . "

"What? All dead? And they dare to throw their bodies into our manor? Aren't they blatantly challenging us?!" the young lad said as his face instantly darkened, emitting an evil Qi .

The cultivators behind him shuddered as they felt his change . The young master did not have many capabilities, but was resourceful with cruel underhanded means .

The two quickly moved to the discussion hall, which was brightly lit and filled with people . Seeing that everyone had already gathered inside the hall, the young lad immediately straightened his shirt and walked in, all well-mannered .

Zeng Li was aware of the power and status his father held in the Zeng Family, but no matter how wildly he behaved outside, he dared not do the same at home . He knew that if he misbehaved at home, relatives might take advantage of it .

"Li, come have a seat . "

Sitting on a throne in the hall was a dignified man, who could not help but soften in the presence of his son . However, the look of love quickly turned into regret for his son's failure to achieve success .

Zeng San Qing had already stopped hoping that his son would take over the role of the family head in the future . Instead, he hoped to provide his son with all the riches and attention he could give while he was around, and to encourage him to break through Hundred Year realm third layer .

He knew it would be impossible to control the unruly family members without skills . What Zeng San Qing had in mind was that since his son had no affinity with the throne, it was time to find another heir . Even his grandson would do!

Upon that thought, Lu Buhui flashed across his mind . He had learnt of a secret technique which could impart the superior genes to the offspring, so a talented woman was a necessary part of his plan . However, the technique would cause the mother to die after labor .

"Ok . " Zeng Li bowed, and sat down .

"It must be because we, the Zeng Family, have not been too active these days that even cats and dogs dare to offend us! First the disobedient Lu Family, and now these people . If we don't retaliate, others might think we are pushovers!" Zeng San Qing said in a serious tone .

"These offenders deserve to die!"

"Family Head is right, if we don't teach them a lesson, other families might gain courage to offend us," one family member spoke out .

"These dead men are our informants sent to spy on the Lu Family, so the Lu Family is our main suspect! We shall eradicate the entire Lu Family tomorrow morning," Zeng San Qing said with killing intent .

"Family Head, I don't think it's appropriate . The admission exams are coming, and the Lu Family girl…" another family member voiced out timidly . Though he was too afraid to finish his sentence, everyone could understand what he implied .

"Sigh, I see that you are becoming timid as you age . The University of Tianmu is not so easy to enter . Even if she enters it, our Zeng Family does not have anything to fear," a middle-aged man argued .