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Chapter 569

After the ruckus finally ended, everyone's gazes fell back on the principal . Many of the teachers also sighed lightly, vanquishing the thoughts in their hearts .

The teachers were aware that even if the student did not turn out to be from their own class, they would still be able to reap benefits from it .

The mentor eagerly awaited the principal's decision, though the teachers already agreed with his point . After all, the principal's opinion was the most crucial .

At that point, the principal was already deep in thought . No doubt Lu Buhui had potential, but it was still a bit late for her to receive the resources now .

Feng Yang, on the other hand, had a Ten Thousand Year Supremacy in his family tree . Though there was a gap of a few generations, he should still have some power remaining in his blood . Once his dormant powers awakened, his skills would improve greatly .

Sigh, all we can blame is the insufficient resources . Looks like we can only nurture Shen Shi Dong, Bai Yu Han, and Feng Yang . The principal heaved a long sigh before announcing, "In this case, we shall focus our resources on Shen Shi Dong, Bai Yu Han, and Feng Yang . "

Upon hearing these words, the mentor felt relieved . He had finally secured the benefits the Feng Family promised him!

The mentor did not feel burdened, as Feng Yang himself was outstanding, and all he did was remind the principal of that fact under a messy situation .

"Principal, Lu Buhui is also a good seedling . It is quite unfair to reject the kid before taking a look at her . " An upset Tang Li stood up and complained to the principal, feeling vexed for her student .

"Ms Tang, we all know you have your student's interest at heart, but due to insufficient resources, it is only right to use them on the strongest in order to ensure long-term success for our school!" the mentor retaliated quickly before Tang Li could say more, leaving her speechless .

Realizing how awkward the situation had become, the principal took the position of a mediator, and interrupted, "Enough . I know everyone has our school's good in mind . Let's call it a day . Please send the three nominees up to see me so that I can guide them personally for the remaining week . "

Rows of teachers swiftly left the hall, some happy with the outcome, some not .

In the office, Tang Li looked at the girl standing in front of her, and said, "Buhui, I tried my best, but…"

"Many thanks to you, Ms Tang, I understand . Even so, I will not give up . I will enter the University of Tianmu!" Lu Buhui answered as determination flashed across her eyes .

Sigh, all of you will regret it for sure, Tang Li thought to herself as she watched the young girl leave the office .

Inside the classroom, a young boy standing beside Lu Buhui handed her a spatial ring, and whispered, "Buhui, I heard you are not one of the three finalists . I have some resources here . You take and use them first . "

Lu Buhui shook her head, and rejected the offer . "No need . I, Lu Buhui, don't need to rely on anyone to get into the University of Tianmu!"

"Why be so tough on yourself? If you nod your head, even the Zeng Family won't dare not to give me face," the handsome young lad said with a comforting smile, making girls around him swoon .

But Lu Buhui only felt disgust for him . Although he looked harmless, Lu Buhui knew that his ulterior motive was to make her his cauldron .

"You really think you can get into the University of Tianmu? Stop dreaming! Only ten thousand out of 100 million people can successfully enter . You know what the Zeng Family will do to you if you fail to get in, right? You'd better reconsider my offer!" Han Tuo said sarcastically, losing his temper in an instant . He did not expect her to reject him so blatantly . It was like a slap to his face .

The technique Han Tuo was cultivating was called the Yin Yang method . A woman's Yin Qi was required to nourish the Yang Qi within the cultivator's body . After transferring into San Chuan School and meeting Lu Buhui, Han Tuo could feel his Yang Qi bubble inside him .

"None of your business . " Lu Buhui looked annoyed as she walked out of the class .

"Hmph!" Han Tuo showed dismay .

Lu Bing and the gang appeared in the hallway, bumping into Lu Buhui . The group of five quickly greeted her respectfully . "Greetings, Miss!"

San Chuan School was neither big nor small . Many students walking past glanced at Lu Buhui and the gang before moving along as if it was no big deal . It seemed like such a sight was common in the school .

"Guard Lu, why are you here? Aren't you travelling with Grandfather? Is Grandfather back too?"

Seeing Lu Bing appear there had surprised her .

"Miss, Family Head wants me to fetch you home," Lu Bing replied straightforwardly, cold like an iceberg .

"What?" Lu Buhui asked frantically . She did not understand how she could go home at such a timing . She wondered if her grandfather had come to an agreement with the Zeng Family .

Pretending to be calm, Lu Buhui held back her words .

Judging by Lu Buhui's pale face, Lu Bing knew she might have misunderstood their intentions, and hence quickly explained, "Miss, you have misunderstood . The reason why Family Head wants you back is to provide you with resources to ease your entry into the University of Tianmu . "

"But the Zeng Family—"

"Miss, don't worry . Family Head will settle this matter," Lu Bing added before Lu Buhui could finish her sentence .

"The exams are nearing, I need to report this to my teacher first . "

Lu Buhui nodded before leading Lu Bing and the gang to Tang Li's office .

"Dong! Dong!"

Lu Buhui gently knocked on Tang Li's office door .

"Please come in . "

Once they came in, Tang Li asked, "What's the matter, Buhui?"

"Teacher, my family wants me to go back to train and return when the exams start . " Lu Buhui went straight to the point .

"Buhui, I know your current family situation . You should stay in school and focus on getting into the University of Tianmu . If something happens to you back home, causing you to lose the opportunity, it would be a great loss . I have resources here as well, you can use them first," Tang Li persuaded with a solemn face .

She suspected that Buhui's family members had come to an agreement with the Zeng Family . She did not want a good seedling to lose the opportunity .

Her eyes filled with gratitude, Lu Buhui reassured, "Teacher, don't worry . I am only going back to train . I will return before the exams . "

She was grateful that Ms Tang stayed by her side to encourage her during difficult times, unlike her friends who quickly cut ties with her and shunned her .