Flying Sparks - Chapter 1

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:52 PM

Chapter 1


This takes place in a normal earth setting but amongst the people, some people posses magic . These people are being sent to Rivergale school to train their magic so they can train the next generations worth .

About Rivergale:

Rivergale is a school made for people who are born with talented magic powers . These young wizards/wizardress are sent there to excel at magic in the future . Rivergale's uniform consists of:

• black blazers

• white blouse

• black pants/skirts

• black knee high socks

• black shoes

Also at Rivergale, capes are optional . Black capes represent the normal students, red capes for the student council and white capes for the King and Queen .

The King and Queen are chosen based on last year's performances and serve as a prediction on who would win the "Annual Magic Tournament" . Conditions to be King and Queen are unlimited, anyone can be the King and Queen .

Update 01: Dated 14 April 2019

I have decided to use special characters to help the story make more sense since WebNovel doesn't allow bold/italic yet .

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† inset text † will be for flashbacks

[ insert text ] will be for dramatic thoughts

Update 02: Dated 15 April 2019

I'm removing the square brackets because it seems weird . I'll leave the other thing in though .

Update 03: Dated 18 April 2019

I'm planning to do a 5 chapter update every Saturday since I'm still a student and I love writing too so please do look forward to it! (=´∀`)

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Update 04: Dated 25 April 2019

In Rivergale, all wizards are required to learn one primary element magic . The choices being:

- fire

- water

- nature

- lightning

- natural magic (this one is a bit special since some students do not specialise in one but all however it's at a lower level)

Once they have mastered this primary element, they can learn a secondary element magic . This tends to be more wide-spread, so the main choices being:

- White magic (healing)

- Dark magic (curses)

- Equipment magic (material magic)

- Illusion magic (tricking opponent's brain)

They can also choose the adavnved mastery of the first 4 elements if they do not wish to learn a new one .