Flying Sparks - Chapter 10

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:42 PM

Chapter 10

After getting a decently good rest at home, my energy bar was replenished, hopefully . My brown hair sticking in all kinds of directions, I opened one of my eyes and looked at my alarm . The clock hands showed it's 10am . Wait, 10am? My mind rattled hard for the answer to what's happening at 10am . Oh, it's school . Wait, school? My mind finally processed the information and I ran .

I turned the house upside down for my uniform and things before heading out . My hair was still frizzy but I could give less care about it now . I snapped my fingers and hopped onto the broom before dashing off .

When I saw the school building, I checked my watch again . 11 . 30am . The bell just rung, signalling that 2nd period was over . I let out a deep sigh as I thought of the next lesson . Mrs Grimsalle was the oldest and strictest teacher in the school . And she just so happened to teach us Magic History . I crunched my forehead and went for class immediately .

"Sorry I am late Mrs Grimsalle . I overslept today . " She scoffed and let me go in .

"You better be sorry for being late . " I let out another sigh and went to my seat . Walton looked at me for a second before letting out a small laugh . I gave him a stern glare and he immediately shut his mouth . I unpacked my books and placed them under my desk . Then I took out my notebook . I really tried to stay awake but failed . The sounds of the rustling leaves lulled me into a deep sleep .

I woke up with a sneeze and within my sleep-induced state, I tried to huddle in a ball but failed . But then I felt something draped over me . I immediately sat up and looked around . Walton was standing there with a surprised face, as if something happened . It took a while for me to process what just happened .

"Y-you did this?" Walton nodded and I quickly gave it back .

"Don't do such things next time without my permission next time . Though, thank you for your thought . " I snapped my fingers and my cape appeared . I motioned my head for him to follow him to be answered with a silent nod .

Rivergale school was a school that had beauty embedded with history . Vines growing between the cracks of the stone, blooming with flowers, trees with huge trunks still growing strong and blossoming with flowers . Many students were lined up against the windows, admiring the scenery . I sighed and continued walking . However I bumped into a student .

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She looked way too nerdy, twintails that are braided and glasses with big frames . Upon closer inspection, her face was clear and her eyes were the brightest of yellow . Her yellow eyes reminded me of dandelions that shined like the sun .

"Oh sorry . Here give me your hand . " I stretched my hand out and pulled her up . She muttered a small thank you before rushing off . Weird . I suddenly had the itch . My walking pace accelerating till Walton had to run .

"Don't follow me Walton . Come to me when I only call you . " I summoned my teleporting portal and stepped into it . I closed my eyes as blinding lights were flashed . I once opened my eyes to see a flower field . The one where I would use to play with my parents .

A stunning scenery . Different flowers with different colours would bloom, making it a nice view . Then next to the flower field, would be a hill filled with yellow lillies . I sighed at the memories .

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† "Mama . . . ! Papa . . . ! Let's have fun together!" A little me would come into view, wearing the most brightest smile on my face . My parents would come into the picture, smiling as their daughter was free from the chains . Who knew . . . that would happen . . . †

I blinked myself back into reality to find out that tears was gathering . Reaching for my skirt pocket, I shakily held the small blade . I pulled my sweater up to reveal the cuts . Tracing over the cuts, I tried to put pressure on it . My hand lost its strength as I dropped the blade . My tears fell relentlessly . My voice cracked as I screamed .

"Why did it have to be me?! Why did you rip my family apart?! W-why are you doing this to me . . . " My brain short circuited and I fell sideways .

"Milady . . . Milady . . . Please wake up . . . " I opened my eyes slowly as the caller called me more .

"Thank goodness you're awake . Milady I thought you were gone . . . " Walton's voice was cracked slightly and I genuinely felt bad . With a still shaking hand, I placed it on top of his head . I rubbed it slowly, trying to calm him down .

"I won't go so easily Walton . I promise . " He then hugged me tighly, pressing my head into his collarbone . I breathed in his comforting scent and let out a few tears . Walton immediately pulled back and questioned me .

"Milady are you okay? Are you hurt? Did I know anything wrong to anger you?" I shook my head, not trusting my voice to answer the questions . I hugged him once and everything was understood . I was broken into pieces . Mother . . . Father . . . Maybe life wasn't so bad after all .

"Let's go back? I used my energy to find you . " I nodded and teleported back to the school . Though, it seemed more noiser than usual .

"Hey did you hear the new Queen got chosen?" "I heard she's much more beautiful than the last one!" "Aaaaah I don't want her to take my chances at Raymond!"

I looked around for anyone with the white cape and saw it .