Flying Sparks - Chapter 12

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:40 PM

Chapter 12

Without a general sense of direction, I ran towards the forest . The sun was setting and I figured I get home . I snapped my fingers for my broom and it came . Not caring if I left everything at school, I just went home . When I reached home, everything was serene . Pictures of my parents and I, happily in different places . The flower field, the beach, even the mountain looking at the sun rise .

I knelt down in front of a picture . The picture was of our happy family, gathered in for a smiling photo . My voice cracked as I started to cry .

"M-mama . . . P-papa . . . I-I hurt s-someone . . . I d-did not mean to . . He will n-never forgive m-me . . " I cried and cried for a few hours before going off for bed . I huddled into a ball and let my tears stain my bed .

The next day came too fast . The light was shining through bits of my black curtain onto my face . Then my alarm clock rang again . I slammed the alarm clock with my hand, making the annoying ringing noise stop . I went back to sleep, not wanting to face what happened yesterday .

Then came my doorbell being rang . The sound resounded throughout the whole house a few times, making me crawl off my own bed . With small and weak steps, it took me a while to get to the door . I sat on the floor and yelled open to the person outside . After what it seems to be a few minutes, the person outside came in .

Walton saw the state I was, hair all over the place and I was in nothing but a shirt and shorts . He carried me to my couch and gently placed me down . He took a hairbrush from a nearby stand and started to make me look nicer . His soft hands caressing my locks as he combed it . Quickly noticing that I wasn't wearing a long-sleeved shirt, I turned my hands around, not wanting to show my cuts .

"I have known about your cuts Milady . I found the blade next to you and your opened arms . I decided to not talk about it since it will bring you discomfort . " I sighed and kept quiet in his presence while he continued .


"Enough . I hurt you, why did you come back? You could have broken our contract . You could have also taken Lara in as your servant . I checked it, she's a lower rank than yours . " I scoffed and refused to face him . He went around and stayed in front of me . He knelt down on both knees and held my hands .

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"Milady, I did promise you to follow you for the rest of my lifetime . Also it was a gentleman's duty to protect a lady . I would have gave my life for you if it helps you to survive . " By the end of it, I was crying .

"You idiot servant . I didn't teach you to risk your life for me . " Walton just smiled and dabbed my eyes with tissues .

"Walton, did you ever have a sibling? You do take care of me so well . " He nodded and started his own story of how he took care of his own sisters before coming to me .

"No wonder you do things so well . I may have picked up a good servant . " He laughed along and I didn't realise, how much it made me smile . Then the laughter stopped and Walton stared at my face .

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"Milady has one of the most beautiful smiles even though she's a wounded flower . " I blushed and turned away .

"Never tell anyone . It's an order . " He nodded with silence . Though, my stomach just had to break the silence with a loud growl .

"I shall cook breakfast Milady . Please do sit at the dining table and wait . " He tied his hair into a small tail with a few strands sticking out . I have to be honest, it is a miracle that he doesn't get any confessions from girls . Walton is stunning and pretty handsome . He saw me looking at him and smirked .

"Has Milady fallen for my looks?" The question took a while to process, when it did, I went red with anger and embarrassment . I summoned my fireball and shot it at him . Walton easily caught the fireball and used it to light the stove .

"Not bad Walton . You're set to score higher for the next exam . " Still smiling, he said thank you . The aroma of food cooking soon began to invade my system . I tapped my fingers against the glass table, humming a small tune with it . The tune was a small song my parents made whenever we would be playing . Not knowing, the happy tune turned into a sad tune as I continued to hum it . Eventually, I started to sing the lyrics .

"Little sunshine Lily, shine your brightest . No matter what comes, we will always stay by your side . Now, be the brightest flower—" I broke down into another crying fit, not able to complete the song . My voice in pieces, my screams for crying out to my parents .

"Papa . . . Mama . . . You two promised to never leave my side . . . " I sobbed openly as Walton walked over to my side . He gently pats my head and placed my head in his chest . My crying stopped for a second and continued the next second as I knew, it was his method of trying to comfort me .

"W-walton . . . Why did they leave me . . . " I sniffed through short breaths . He kept rubbing my head and telling me everything was fine because he would stay by my side . Eventually I stopped crying and everything came to a standstill .

"Let's eat the food Walton . " He nodded and gave us both our plates, us eating in peace and quietness .