Flying Sparks - Chapter 13

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:39 PM

Chapter 13

That day spent with Walton was the peaceful days, we talked about everything excluding sensitive topics . I waved goodbye to him once the sun set . I went back into my house and stood in front of a picture of my parents . My knees hitting the carpeted floor as I prayed .

"Papa and Mama . . I might have found someone I wish to protect with these powers . He has become someone I can talk like a friend, he even has a big brother figure . He really reminded me of you guys . I miss you guys very much and I wish for your eyes to be on my safety . " I stood up and cleaned off the dust before heading for bed . My face fell straight into the pillow and slowly I have been pulled into the darkness of sleep .

The next moment I knew, the sound of the birds chirping was waking me up . I groaned and rolled off the bed with a big thud . My back made a loud crack as I stretched myself, releasing all the tension . I looked at my alarm clock, 6 . 30am, enough time to get ready for school . Holding my bed as a stand, I finally got up after a long while .

"Ugh . . Everything is so painful . . . " I gave my body another stretch before heading for the bathroom . Without any care in the world, I brushed my teeth and barely did my hair . I looked at myself one more time in the mirror, my pale complexion showing brightly . I sighed and went for school .

I opened the door to my house to be greeted by a beautiful sun rise . The sky was still a dark blue that slowly turns into purple then a gentle pink . There were still some stars out in the sky . It was truly a beautiful sight . I took a mental image to try and paint this later . I went to my neighbour's house to greet her and her dog . An old lady was doing some gardening and her dog was wagging his tail frantically, eager to go outside and walk . He saw me and let out a loud bark before running to me .

"Ah . . ! It is great to see you again~ It seems like Poofles here is very excited to meet you . I hope you are doing well . " The dog tackled me, leaving slobbering kisses all over my face .

"Yes I have been doing well Granny and I missed Poofles too . You are such a good boy, take care for Granny okay?" I placed a kiss on his nose bridge and he let out another loud bark . Granny is my 'parent' as she took me under her wing and let her take care of me . She then slowly introduced me to animals like Poofles which made me happier whenever he was around .

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I waved them goodbye before heading for school . Somehow, the sky seemed much prettier now that I'm flying in the sky . Maybe there's a difference in seeing the same sky from two places . I reached school and there wasn't anybody in the building . I went for the courtyard and practiced that magic . I took a deep breath and steadied my hand before chanting it .

"Equipment magic . Heed my call once again . " I slowly drawed a circle around me with my left hand, aiming to have more sharper daggers . I took another feel breath and continued summoning it . As more came, a mint green magic circle appeared on the ground . I looked around me, daggers fully summoned .

I raised my hand and the daggers flew up by command . I quickly put my hand down, yelling fire in the process . All the daggers hit that one spot I wanted . I collapsed onto my knees and take another deep breath . I feel my magic stamina slowly replenishing as the daggers fade away . I needed to get this spell on the going while I'm on the move .

I ran to my bag and took out a small notebook . I looked through it, seeing all the old spells that I have mastered . I flipped to the newest entry in the notebook . Named Storm of Daggers, it was the most advanced spell of the spell I was practising . I checked off the basics being done and my next thing was to cast it while moving .

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I closed the book and let out another sigh . The spell had a few weak points . The first weak point being vulnerability . When casting the spell, even if the caster is running, it leaves the caster vulnerable . Making the chances of getting a hit high . The second weak point is being that it is highly depleting . This particular spell requires a lot of magic stamina and during a competition where everything is fast paced, it's highly disadvantageous . Even though the spell is indeed powerful, it goes against the norm for having powerful spells with little magic stamina required .

I dusted off the dust on my skirt and headed for class after packing up everything . I could only hope, nobody saw it . At this time, students were roaming the halls, making little chat before going to class . I met up with Walton and Lara who were making small talk too . I guess they were talking about their likes and dislikes, which is perfectly normal for friends . I don't reveal much about myself anyways . I greeted them before going back to my seat for a small nap .

The teacher came in and everybody quickly went back to their seats . Just when I was to put my head down, the teacher said .

"Today, you guys shall be fighting a practice match against a monster . "