Flying Sparks - Chapter 15

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:37 PM

Chapter 15

I woke up to someone sobbing my side and a female voice asking someone when will I wake up . I saw a Walton with crying eyes and a Lara with letting out a sigh of relief . With my still weak hand, I slowly raised it up, cupping Walton's face . His crying stopped and made a surprised face .

"I haven't died yet have I Walton? Don't be crying now . " I gave him the signature smirk of mine before he nodded . His warm hands cupped mine as hegently cradled it, as if I was about to float away . I looked at Lara snd signalled her to give me a bottle of water and she nodded .

When I got the bottle, I put it against Walton's face . I gave him the gesture to drink . He then drank out of the straw provided as I was still holding it . I let out a small chuckle and moved my thumb, gently carressing the cheek, telling him everything was okay .

After a long while of silence, Lara broke it by asking .

"Milady, the last spell you used was amazing! How did you do it?" That question struck me out of nowhere, it left me with two options . Tell them it happened suddenly or tell them the truth . Weighing between my two options, I decided on the first one .

"I just did it? It isn't much anyways . " Walton and Lara both had this shocked face as they processed the information . I honestly won't blame them . Most wizards here stick to one type of element magic . It takes complete mastery of the primary element before even attempting the secondary element .

"But you guys have come face to face with it before?" They nodded slowly, still mouths open wide .

"But Milady is awesome, being able to attempt using a secondary element magic . " Lara nodded along with that statement . Both of them then explained the events which happened afterwards I fainted . Apparently, the people that were hit had minor wounds but mine was a deep wound which cracked some of my bones . I was told that I'm not allowed to practice magic . I nodded and hopped onto Walton's back before heading to class .

The walk to class was unsurprisingly noisy . People wanted to see the person who ended the monster with a secondary element spell .

"Wow, it's really the previous Queen!" "Of course, what did you expect from someone that came in second after Raymond?" "Raymond must have been regretful to let her go . Like she's so pretty and powerful . " "I know right, she's just so perfect!"

Perfect? That word brings so much distaste on my tongue . I'm scarred both physically and mentally . What makes everyone think I'm perfect, I'm the definition of old and broken . I sacrificed everything to get this far, it should not be perfect in any way .

Lara came over and covered my ears, blocking out the comments . Even though she wasn't an official servant of mine, I appreciated the gesture . I placed a gentle pat on her head before muttering thank you . She simply smiled back and shook her head .

Once Walton put me back in my seat, I slumped over the table immediately . My body was very weak as equipment magic does a lot of things . Equipment magic requires real life materials to even materialize, but it fades away and the materials go back .

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The door was then opened, earning screams from everywhere . Slowly turning my neck, I saw white capes . I let out a groan as I knew what was going to happen . Raymond and Layla walked over to see my still limping body .

"Sorry for meeting you like this . I wanted to say something about that fight . That fight was beautiful . I truly regretted letting you get out of my grasp . Will you come back to my side once again?" His voice making my knees weak, it was so smooth . I shook my head towards his question .

"I'm not willing to be Queen again . I have made up my mind and you can't change it . " He let out a sigh and nodded . He took his leave along with Layla . Lara was pulled out before they left . Who knew what they were planning .

Lara came in after a while and the teacher came in . He put the attendance book on the table and sighed .

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"I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused during your raid battle . It seemed I made it too strong . For that, I'm sorry for making all of you hurt, especially the lady there . She was one who killed the monster . So she should be applauded for doing so . " Then the class roared with excitement as they congratulated me for doing such thing .

The class then proceeded on with no further interruptions . Then came the break time where everyone was rushing to the courtyard to get stronger . I saw Walton and Lara practiced as I grumbled underneath the shade of the tree . My legs were dangling off the branch as I watched them, fingers itching to practice .

I paid no mind to the close interactions they were getting due to the fact that Walton is simply her teacher and she's a student . They do look like a perfect couple honestly . A shy girl with a gentleman, definitely worthy .

Walton was teaching Lara how to conduct a nature spell since his strength was in nature . She casts a spell and roots coming from the earth shot up, creating a barrier around her . The roots then slowly faded as she ended the spell, not wanting to waste too much of her energy .

Feeling lethargic still, I let myself lean against the bark of the tree . Gentle winds flowing through my locks and the sound of the leaves rustling make a good lullaby . Bit by bit, I closed my eyes, enjoying the nature before falling asleep .