Flying Sparks - Chapter 22

Published at 31st of May 2019 04:20:04 PM

Chapter 22: 22

[ this focuses on Layla's and Lara's matches on the same day ]


Layla took a bow, facing her opponent, smiling as she manages to get a strong opponent of the start . The two took their stances and readied . This match was the second highlight everyone was looking forward to . The matches before these two had been full of excitement, filling the audience with adrenaline .

The arena went silent once again, waiting for the gun to sound . The gun once sounded with a large bang, echoing throughout the arena . The two stood still as they thought of what spell to use . Layla's opponent took the opportunity and made the first move against her .

"Siren of water, come out!" A beautiful figure came out from a puddle of water and played a sweet sound, catching the ears of all to hear . Some males were enchanted by this sweet sound, wanting to throw themselves to the source . I looked to my side, Raymond being unaffected by this . He had an emotionless face as he continued watching .

I moved my eyes back to the arena and saw the siren was making protection for the caster . The siren made a wall of water, with piranhas . Layla let out a gentle smile as she has got an idea on what to do now . Her delicate voice, almost being on par with the siren's, sounded throughout the arena .

"Protector of the Heavens, heed my summon . " A yellow magic circle came out from the ground and something came out of it . It was a beautiful angel, dressed in a white robe with snow white wings . The angel's hair carefully done so that it does not disrupt her duty .

The Angel leaned forward and Layla whispered her command for her . The angle nodded and took her stance . She lifted her harp and played a sweet sounding tune, overpowering the siren by magnitudes . Which lead to a magnificent gate protruding from the ground .

"White Army . Our lady has commanded us to defeat this person . Come out and fulfill your duties!" The gate opened with a slam, revealing many angels . Clad in white robes and all were holding different weapons .

The army let out a shout, empowering themselves as they charged towards the person . The wall of water tried its best in holding the army back . But fishes were being tossed out of the water, leaving them to fade into magic dust .

The army persisted on, launching a pincer attack at their Lady's opponent . Before the weapons would hit her, they all stopped and marched back . Layla's opponent dropped to her knees, not believing what just happened .

"I-I w-will white fl-flag . . . " The arena stayed silent before emerging into a big roar .

"Layla is a good wizard! Who knows why she wasn't chosen as Queen in the first place! Layla had the looks and the power, miraculously she wasn't the Queen due to her performance last year!" I let out a sigh as she took a bow to her opponent before pulling the opponent up .

Layla went back into an entrance and another figure was right behind her . She gave a high-five to the next person and went off for the locker rooms . The next person, with small steps, stepped into the arena .

Braided black hair shone in the sunlight, bright yellow eyes emitting small light . Her stance was like a timid person, holding her wand real tight . The opponent that came out had a confident look to him .

"Puny wizard, I will smash you into little pieces . " He gave a smirk towards her and she let's out a high pitched "eek!" . The announcer blasted the gun again, signalling the start .

"No worries little one, I'll put you to an end soon . Mind break . " Pink coloured waves came put from his wand . Lara stood there, legs stood still in fear . The pink waves reached her mind and her eyes went blank .

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The crowd went silent, waiting for Lara to get up . Minutes have passed and she's still in the same position .

"If she's like this, I'll return her soul now . " As he got closer to Lara, her body surged up . Her braids had come undone, her silky black hair flowing . She pressed her wand against her right hand, passing some magic .

"Shadow bound . " Her yellow eyes were gleaming with light . She walked closer to the man and said .

"For every amount of light there is, there is the same amount of darkness . " The opponent tapped his wand against Lara's head, returning back her soul . Her yellow eyes blinked a few times to realised what she has done . She quickly took back her spell and knelt by his side .

"Ahh . . ! I'm so sorry! Were you hurt anywhere?" She started checking his body for any visible bruises . She let's out a sigh of relief as she couldn't find any .

"T-that was a go-good round . . . !" She gives a bow before running back into the entrance, where her sister was waiting .

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Raymond waved his hand in front of me, bringing me back into reality . I stared at him with a bored face .

"What do you want . "

"My Queen looks really cute like this . It'll be great if you were mine from the very beginning . " That comment irked me as my angry bar was getting higher . Getting trapped in a cage? No way in hell .

"You bastard!" I summoned fireballs, aiming them towards him . He went ahead and manipulated them all and compressed them into one .

"Don't forget our agreement . Disobey my orders and everything gets leaked . " He threw the fireball into the sky and let it exploded into small sparks .

"You ass . I wish I didn't meet you in the first place . " He moved over to my chair, locking my legs between his . His hand tipped my chin up and smirked .

"Great because fate was destined to bring us together, dearest Queen Lilia . "