Flying Sparks - Chapter 3

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:49 PM

Chapter 3

My body felt warm . Too warm to be exact . My senses started to regain itself and I started to feel around me . It was heavy, something was covering my body . I rubbed my eyes and all I saw was blinding rays of sunlight beaming into my eyes . Slowly becoming accustomed to the light, by eyes started to open . There was a ceiling fan spinning, I looked down to see myself covered in a thick blanket . I threw the blanket off me and sat up . The nurse seemed to noticed me and started interrogating me .

"Why were you jumping . And what on earth were you doing . " He asked . I replied with answers that anybody could use like:

"Sorry, I was practicing new magic and I didn't notice that I didn't cast the magic . " He let's out a sigh and dismisses me at that . He said that once I was done, I could go, which I did . I left the infirmary with my sweater and shorts still on .

Walking out of the infirmary got me a lot of rumours .

"She tried to killed herself for attention isn't it?" "I heard she was saved by the King's broom . " "What an attention seeker . " I took a sigh again and relieved that beautiful moment . Wind rushing through my locks, the adrenaline was the sweetest . But my thoughts then stirred to the King . The title of "The King' only went to the guy who was presumed to win the Magic Tournament . This year was no different . A king was appointed based on last year's performance . Upon reaching the classroom, all that was heard were the noise created by the people . I slammed the door once again and headed for my seat, not wanting to deal with anything anymore .

Why didn't he let me die? I wanted to be where my parents are . Why did he disturb my sweet and peaceful death? It was useless and a waste of magic to save a speck like me . A total waste .

My thoughts were then interrupted when the student council came in . All of them wore red capes which showed the student council status . Except for the one in that center that is . He had a white cape which contrasted the school uniform, signalling that he was The King . He stopped by my desk with a cold stare . His personality then changed to something more lovable . He kneeled onto a knee and held his hand out .

"My dearest Queen . Why did you try to kill yourself? Everybody was worried about your safety my dear . " His tone was so sickly sweet that it irritated me to the max . It took me everything that I had to not just kick him in the face . I rubbed both my temples before I answered him .

"I was only casting magic that's all . I didn't cast it because I forgot to . " I hated being the Queen . Endless parade of empty praises . Latching onto me because I had power . I hated it the most . Deciding that I could not stand this anymore, I took my broom and casted a teleportation spell for both me and my broom . A white magic circle with black markings appeared on the floor of the class and it teleported me to the place I desired . I closed the magic circle once I saw him trying to step in .

I opened my eyes once again to see the only place I liked . It was an isolated tree in the middle of bright green grass . I sat down under the isolated tree which provided shade for me . Rummaging through my shorts, I managed to find something I was looking for, a sharp blade . I rolled down my sleeves and dragged the blade over my porcelain skin . Blood slowly seeping through each cut I made . The sweet pain didn't last long . I held the blade with a stronger force, making the cut deeper and more blood begun flowing .

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Memories of the past then came in a large wave . Memories of blood, stained on my hands . My hand stopped holding the blade and it landed in the grass . Teardrops filled my eyes and it slowly dripped down one by one . I wanted none of this . I didn't ask for any of this . But why has the God above forsaken me? Why was I chosen to be a subject of this?

I casted a small white fireball in my hands, holding it dearly . The white flame replayed the happy moments I had . Those days were just the warmest . I thought that nothing could break us apart, but it did happen .

† Mama . . . Papa . . . Please help me . . . ! My eyes turned red and I grew long and black claws . I knew nothing about being consumed by the demon . My parents were just holding me, whispering sweet words to calm me down . The demon inside me burned and I snapped . The inner me screamed and banged on the invisible wall as I saw what was happening in the outside world . My parents sliced into pieces, my hands stained with their blood . Realizing what I have done, I have cried continuously . They gave me a one last smile and an ankle bracelet before passing on . I then regained my consciousness, I looked around . Everything was broken, glass shattered and blood splattered onto the walls . I let out one last pained cry before setting the house on fire . †

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My tears brought me back to real life . My thighs were stained with my tears . I gave my broom a pat, admiring the gold words carved into the mahogany wood . I untangled the braid from my hair, letting it flow with the wind . Then I got into a comfortable position which is the fetus portion . Not caring about the tears that still flowed, my eyes slowly closed from the exhaustion that happened earlier . I wished myself a good night before falling into deep sleep .