Flying Sparks - Chapter 4

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:48 PM

Chapter 4

"A-achoo!" I sneezed . Something ticklish was touching my nose . I turned to the other side, trying to get away from it . But it wasn't of any help . Then a cold gust of wind flew by, making me shift my position into a ball . Feeling like something was watching me, I quickly sat up and opened my eyes . Adjusting my eyesight, I finally saw the figure in front of me . He had the black cape and it took me a while to process who was in front of me . He reached his hand out for me to hold it . I slapped the hand away with anger shown on my face .

"Get away from me you filthy scum . " His face was of horror and he let out a laugh .

"You indeed are interesting as the rumours say . " He then waves his finger around to reveal himself . I sighed at his undeniably good looks, nice hair and personality .

"What is it that you want Raymond . I'm not willing to be your Queen . " He then kneeled right in front of me, he traced my jaw line before landing right under my chin . He tipped my chin up, forcing me to look at him . His eyes were dark as they pierced through my own .

"Oh, my little Queen . You were so defenseless then . Why don't you come under my wing? I promise I will treat you gently . " Hearing him say that made me push him far till he was on his back .

"I rather die than to go under your wing . You sick freak . " I stood up, cleaned my hair and uniform of the grass that stuck onto me . When I looked back, he had a dark smirk on his face .

"It would be such a disappointment if the Queen everyone knew was the killer of her own parents . " He takes a stack of papers and flinged it right towards me . I caught it with no trouble . My eyes widened at the photos there . A wizard consumed by the demon . Eyes red and black claws . Two people laid dead on the floor, holding their hands together . There was a summary there too . It said:

This young wizard was consumed by Lucifer himself and went berserk . As she was being consumed, her eyes turned blood red and black claws protruding out of her nails . She let out one final scream before being entirely consumed . Consumed by her power, she sliced everything . Including the great wizards Alphonse Elizabeth and Alphonse Elric . Noticing she had killed them, she let out a sobbed cry as her ankle was tied with something . Her eyes turned back to the dear colour black as the nails started to go back into her arms . She let out a few more sobbed cries as she destroyed the whole house in flames .

Tears filled my eyes . It was then I regretted being born, I regretted even being a wizard . I wiped the tears from my eyes and stared at Raymond .

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"What do you want Raymond . I know you're going to blackmail me with this . " I shaked the paper in front of his face .

"Simple . Be my Queen and I'll keep it a secret . " He hovers his lips over mine and gave me a smirk . It's not like I had any other choice . I agreed and his attitude turned all flowery .

"Great! Now to bring you your cape!" He snaps his fingers and a white cape appeared . I recognised that cape is because it had my exact measurements along with a red line along the bottom of it . He placed it around my neck and gave me a fake smile .

Not willing to touch him, I made my broom levitate and sat on it while he walked . We reached the school building and all of the attention were on us . News that we got back together spread like wildfire again . This time, it was only stronger .

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"Hey have you heard? The King and Queen got back together!" "Really? We have to check it out!" "Bet they are doing this just for show . " "Don't be such a downer! They're both the most powerful wizards in school!"

I got irritated and shot a lightning bolt towards that group of students . My face was pure irritation from the noise levels in my head going haywire .

"Shut your mouths and go back to class . " Then I felt a gentle sensation on my cheek . And it was Raymond's index finger . He cooed me to calm down which only riled me up . I faked being calm and gave him a gentle smile, saying thank you . I moved towards the group of students and apologized politely .

Raymond then gave me a pat on the head, telling me I did good . I swatted his hand off and moved back to class on my own . Before I could even make a move, Raymond pulled me aside . His eyes became dark again and blocked my legs so I couldn't move . He then pinned both my hands above my head with just his as he did the same thing a while ago .

"Now you little girl . You better give in when we are in public's eye or I'm spilling the beans . " The thought of everything I have built crushing down on me made me cry again .

Why was I so weak? Why did I give in? I didn't ask to be consumed . I didn't ask to be a wizard . I didn't even ask to be born . It would have been better if I wasn't born is it?

He turned around and I slumped against the wall, sobbing and crying . My life entirely, was in his hands and I couldn't do a thing about it . I'm utterly useless .