Flying Sparks - Chapter 8

Published at 2nd of May 2019 03:19:44 PM

Chapter 8

I sighed heavily and looked at the school courtyard . Tiny wizards and wizardress practicing their magic . But what caught my eye was interesting . Nearby by almost each wizard, there seemed to be a servant of some sorts . Then it clicked . The school implemented a system where one can get a servant as long their ranking in the magic ranking is higher than them .

Being number 2, my choices were endless, except for Raymond that is . The number of servants anyone can take limitless, though it's usually seen as a sign of arrogance to have many servants . The number can be depicted by the number of light blue lines across the cape, though some can don't wish to show their capes .

I hated this system . It made me sick to think about people being turned to servants . Just because they're lower ranked doesn't mean they can't show what they got . Anything can be improved as long they worked hard enough . My heels clicked against the floor as I turned around . My white cape flowing in the wind along with my locks of hair .

As I walked through the school halls, everyone's attention was on me . It was like the most rare thing, the Queen not having a servant . The comments were mixed .

"I want to be her servant~" "Are you nuts? You haven't heard of her being scary?" "I wouldn't want to get close to her one bit . . . "

I let out another sigh and scanned through the hallway . Maybe it is time for me to get one . However, I should make of a list on what I desire in a servant . Mostly a person to talk to I guess . Slowly opening the door was becoming an easier task . Though it goes against my instincts . I sighed and took a nap till school is over .

- Time skip till after school -

The school bell rung throughout the whole school . Students running around excitedly wanting to go home or go out . I walked around again in search for a friend . I passed by the courtyard once again to see a tiny human standing there . I leaned over the open window and concentrated onto the human .

It was a guy, roughly 175cm in height . His black hair still shining in the afternoon sunlight . It looked like he was practising a spell and from the small murmurs, it looked like a lightning spell . Beads of sweat were glistening like small jewels moving down his face .

I took my broom and activated it . I flew down as fast as I could before he could try it again .

"Your hand is too shaky . Take deep breaths and cast it . Do not hesitate as the wand will sense your hesitation . " He looked at me for a while . His sky blue eyes piercing my whole body . He shook his head and focused on it .

His hand much more steadier, his stance of a calm wizard . He took a deep breath and closed his eyes before saying the spell . A ball of lightning appeared at the tip of the wand, blinding anyone who stares directly into it . He opened his eyes once more, determination filling those very eyes . He lifted the wand a tad bit and the lightning ball shot off, leaving a burnt patch of ground .

He turned around and looked at me again . His sky blue eyes embedded with small jewels shined as he thanked me .

"No problem, but from my perspective, you could have blown up the whole field if I didn't interfere . You were too nervous . " He gave out a nervous laugh and rubbed his head . I took this time to look at his features .

His black hair his little curls while some of the strands were straight . Almost near-white perfect teeth with a bedazzling smile . It really does make me wonder how is he not taken .

"What's your rank?"

"A-ah . . . I'm ranked 578th Milady . " He takes a bow as I tried to take in the information . 578th was quite low, no wonder he was practicing .

"Then would you like to come under my wing? I can tutor you how to cast spells . " He looked surprised as if something miraculous happened . The King nor Queen never asks for anything . So to him, it was a miracle .

He took her hand and kissed the top of it . His normal but deep voice seeping through .

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"If Milady accepts this lowly servant, I will stay by your side and forevermore . " I quickly retrieved my hand and blushed . I never received such intimate contact with a human . However, the thing wasn't official because the servant needed to have the mark of the Alphonse on him .

With the sun setting, the sky was painted with orange and a bit of yellow, making it a beautiful sight . We both said our goodbyes and left separately to our houses .

Though . . . The next day was pretty noisy . The news apparently spread so fast I couldn't keep up . The next thing I knew, the guy transferred into my class .

"Nice to meet you all . My name Walton Delbert . I'm transferred here because I'm now a servant . " He takes a 90° bow and scanned the area before seeing me . The teacher had made arrangements beforehand so the seat next to me would be empty . He happily sat next to me and smile .

"Thank you Milady for giving me this opportunity . I hope to serve you well in the near future . " Throughout the day we made small talks towards one another which made me forget the pain I was going through .

"Walton Delbert . You have passed the test I have set for you . What I was looking for someone to talk to instead of a servant . Just for now, I'll let go of my pride and say thank you . " His eyes widened as I spoke and held my hands gently .

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"I thank you Milady, for taking me in . I'm willing to spend my lifetime with you . " I nodded and prepared myself for the servant ceremony .

I distanced myself from him and summoned a magic circle . The white magic circle appeared as Walton stood in the middle of it . Small white fireballs with black swirls came to surround Walton as I chanted the spell .

"Walton Delbert, you have passed the test I have set . Now I command thee, become my servant for the rest of your lifetime!" One of the fireballs made an imprint on Walton's hand . When the fireball lifted, it showed a symbol .

The symbol was a small fireball with black intricate designs surrounding it . The servant ceremony has ended and the circle disappeared . I took a deep breath before my legs gave out . Before I could hit the ground, Walton caught me and lifted me up .

"Thank you Walton . "

"I'll serve by your side from now on . " At this moment, I felt warmth from the inside and smiled a tiny bit .