Forbidden Forest - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

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Three hours after Leela left Erza room she woke up in a dark room . She couldn't see anything, not even her hand she felt around to see where she was at . Erza realizes that she was in a huge bed . She felt around some more and felt a nightstand next to her bed . Erza figure she was in some kind of room . She got off the bed using the nightstand as a guide her feet gentle touch the ground and she starts to walk in front of her . she felt blind walking around in the dark she was stumbling over furniture . She started searching for a door or a wall she was making a lot of noise . She kept walking straight until she ran into that wall . She bumps her head on the wall . She followed the wall with her fingertips the wall was smooth to the touch . She felt the door handle and then open the door . She pulls it open and A small flash of light hit Erza eyes . She walked out in the hallway and saw the candles on the wall . The candle has candle holders in the wall . She unhooks the candles from the holder and walked down the hallway . Nolan heard footsteps coming the hallway .

The footsteps was disturbing his sleep so he put on his masked and walked to meet the person that was walking down the hallway . Nolan stood in the middle of the hallway and waited for the person to come down the hallway . Erza walked down the hallway looking at the patterns on the wall .

The hallway was long narrow hallway Erza saw a figure of a man standing in the hallway . As she got closer she saw that he was wearing a masked . The man was still far away from her position .

Erza accidentally drops the candle on the ground she picks it up fast and hoping that the candlelight didn't go out . She pick up the candle just in time before the candlelight went out . As she was picking up the candle she saw feet standing in front of her . She slowly picks up the candle and followed the man-body . She stood up straight then she saw the scaredly masked and freak out .

Nolan stood there and thought that she was gorgeous . He tries to communicate with her but before he could Erza dorp the candle and ran down the hallway Nolan followed her . he was trying to stop her he didn't mean to scare her . Erza ran down the hallway and start screaming for help . Everyone in the castle heard Erza yelling and wander outside their room including Leela they wonder what was going on .

Erza ran into the dark room were she looked for something to protect her self with there was an end table with flower and a vase . She broke the Vase and cut her self then she picks up the biggest piece . She leans her back up against the wall and curled her knees into her chest . Erza was scared she was in a different place and didn't know what to think . Erza put her head down into her shoulders and try to come up with a plan .

Meanwhile, Nolan was walking down the hallway Leela asked him what was going on Nolan told him everything . So Leela ran down the hallway meanwhile one of the family member use fire magic to light the other all the candles in the hallway .

Erza heard footstep and it sounded like a lot of them and she was scared but then she didn't hear the footstep anymore so she figures they went down another hallway . she was going to take that time to find a way out so she lift her head from her shoulders . When she looked up she saw another masked person kneeled in front of her .

'' Don't hurt me ''Erza said in her language

Leela knew what languages that Ezra was speaking because she studied .

''worry no one going to hurt you here Leela said,

'' You must be scared of our masked that just way to identify our self,'' Leela said in Erza languages

Erza was happy that someone could understand her languages, Leela turned around to Nolan who was also standing there .

''I know what races she is from'' Leela said,

'' What races?'' Nolan replies

' She from the goddess races she speaking there languages aren't you happy I study those languages Leela smile

'' So you can understand what is she saying?''Nolan said,

'' My greek is a little rushy but for the most part, I can Leela said,

Leela looked at Erza and kindly asked her name

'' My name is Erza'' she said,

Leela saw that Erza hand was bleeding so Leela healed it with Recovery magic .

'' I think there is a misunderstanding my brother was just trying to communicate with you back in the hallway . You were making out of noise in the hallway our clan has good ears . ''Leela said,

''I see I think I overreacted I shouldn't have run'' Erza said,

Erza stood up and Leela stood up Erza looked around the castle walls and saw pictures of the werewolf on the wall .

''I am in the moonlight?''Erza asked,

'' Yes you are in the capital of Moonlight moon Valley'' Leela said,

Other werewolf was starting to meet up at the end of the hallway they all wonder what was going on . Nolan told them to go back to their room this situation was costing a lot of attention so they decide to talk in private in Nolan offices .

At the offices

All three of them seat at the long table Leela took her mask off first Erza was that . Leela is gorgeous with light brown straight hair slightly covers a charismatic natural glowing face . Smart hazel eyes set elegantly within their socket .

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Fair skin smooth but charming compliments her eyes and mouth leave a pleasurable memory of her . She stands a little short compared to others but that won't stop her from killing any threat that comes her way .

''I am princess Leela my big brother is the King of this Kingdom'' Leela said .
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Nolan still had his mask on but took it off when Leela introduce her self Erza was amazed how handsome he was .

Nolan has Brown short hair that reveals a wild but charming face even pales skin that compliments his Piercing Blue eyes .

A knife scar on his left eye reaching down to his cheek leave bitter memory . His pale skin complements his face and leaves a captivating memory of him . There something appealing but dangerous about him maybe it is blue sparking eyes or his personality . However people tend to draw close to him wanting to stay by his side forever . Erza and Nolan stared at one other for a bit until Leela coughed to get their attention .

'' As I was saying, Nolan is the king of Moonvalley we like to ask you some question but first can you introduce your self . " Leela said,

Erza got up from her seat and bowed low toward the King .

''Nice to meet you, I am Princess Erza of Lucky Kingdom''

Nolan and Leela was shocked to find out that Ezra was a Princess

'' You're far away from home do you know how you got here"

"I was kidnapped by the goblins I don't remember much"Erza said,

Leela was translating everything thing to Nolan, Nolan started to asked Erza question about her and the kingdom . He wanted to know if she was a threat to him or the Kingdom once he was satisfied with her answers he told Leela to say this to Erza

'' I wanted to thank you for saving Jea she very special in this Kingdom, I asked you these question to find out if you were a threat to my Kingdom because Lucky Kingdom and Moonlight don't seem to get along . But I see you don't cost a threat to me or my Kingdom for now you can stay here as a guess and we will send you back home in four days . "Leela said, to Erza

''Thank you for your kindness to me and I promise I don't cost any threat to you" Erza said,

Leela had a guard escorted Erza back to her room for the night when Erza left the room Nolan and Leela had a privative conversation soon after that they went to bed .

The next morning

Erza always wakes up when she wants to however Moon valley has rules they all wake up at the same time and eat at the same time . So they maids came in Erza room and woke her up they got her a warm bath with fresh clothes .

Erza was taking her time with washing up and the maids gently rushed her to change her clothes then they escorted her to the big dining hall where they eat at .

All of the royal services and royal ate at the same table . Everyone was still coming into the dining hall Everyone had a signed seat that has their rank and name .

Erza tries to seat a someone else seated but they kinda asked her to get up Erza stood afar while everyone set down Nolan forgot that she was in his Kingdom .

Leela saw that Ezra was standing there she said Something to Nolan then Leela instructed Erza to set at the seat down the other end across from Nolan .

Before everyone in the dining room was ignoring Erza they were busy talking among one other but when Leela said seat at this seat . They watched her walk toward the seat just like the other chairs it had a symbol on the top of the chairs Erza was confused so she asked Leela .

" What does this symbol mean?''Erza said,

Leela hesitate to tell her what it means but then she said,

'' It means Queen" Leela said,

'' I can't sit in his Queen chair that would be disrespectful to her'' Erza said,

''Nolan doesn't have a Queen so it okay'' Leela said,

Erza seat down but everyone was still looking at her eat her vegetable soup the soup was very good .

After Breakfast

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Leela took Erza around where the citizen lives, Leela had duties to feed the citizens the Kingdom only have one garden . The King decides to have set meals so everyone could eat he share is the food they do this every morning and evening . The werewolf only eats vegetable because all the have however they are happy and grateful for their life . Erza saw how poor the country was she decide to help them but she needs more information those .

'' Do your Kingdom always give out food'' Erza asked,

'' Yes we have to our they won't eat we only have one farm'' Leela said,

''Why only one garden'' Erza said,

"Moonlight doesn't have proper light so we have one garden that is facing the only light source and even there we can only grow separate plants'' . Leela said,

'' Can you take me to the garden after this'' Erza said,

''Sure ' Leela said

At the Garden

Leela and Erza want to the garden Ezra saw how the plants growing nice and healthy even with low maintain she turns around to look at Leela .

'' These plants are well-taking care of how you do this?''Erza asked,

''Koto is our garden she had a special ability that can take care of plants'' Leela said,

''I figure that it is taking care of by magic but even those it must take a lot of magic to maintain it Erza said,

'Well yes, that why we only have one "Leela said,

Leela thought about the greenhouse that would help she wanted to ask Erza about it but if Erza could help anyway it was worth asking .

''Erza can I ask you a question?'' Leela said,

'' Sure anything'' Erza replied,

'' I heard that the Lucky Kingdom have many greenhouses I was wondering if you could show me how to make one . "Leela said,

'' I will be happy to and I can also give you the supplies you need to make it Ezra said,

Erza was excited about to help them Leela stayed with Erza all day they talked about a different subject . Erza was hopeful that when she told her father what happened that her father would want to reward Moon Valley . Erza went into Nolan office to Explain her helping with the greenhouse . Erza also gave Nolan a detail report on how to make the Greenhouse she draw out every detail .

'' I am thankful for your kindness I want to repay you, when I get back to the Lucky Kingdom I plan to get you some supplied for your garden"Erza said,

'' That nice of you but how would your father feel'' Nalon said,

'' If I would help you he will see me as a trader . That's why I am not going to tell him this is my reward to you noting will fall back on you or your Kingdom . However I will tell him how you were kind to me and maybe he will reward you" Erza said,

'' I thank you for your help "Nolan said,

'' No thanks needed I will need someone to come with me I would like Leela to come with me . I know you might not trust me but I can only earn trust with my action . I promise that no harm will be done to Leela if you would like you can send no more than two men with us to ease your mind . "Erza said,

'' You save Jea when you didn't have too . I won't say I trust you completely but I believe that you won't harm her and I will send two men with you'' Nolan said,

After they conversation Erza help Leela with her daily duties over the next few days Leela and Erza became close to one other . Erza always wears a necklace with the sword was A very short . Wide and straight blade made of silver is held by a grip wrapped in common dark brown wolf leather . The fairly small pommel is decorated with precious gems, fancy decorations for a fancy sword .

Leela thought she saw the sword somewhere before but she couldn't remember where she saw it . She thought about asking Erza about the necklaces but she didn't want to ask too many questions . Four days later King Nolan set up a house carriage for Erza and Leela . The Lucky Kingdom was two days away they drove a carriage there .

Erza and Leela talked along the way there to the Lucky Kingdom . Erza was happy to see Novella introduce her to Leela her new friends they finally arrive at the Lucky Kingdom . Leela was amazed to see the Kingdom The bridge was already down and there were no soldiers at there post .

Erza found that to be a little weird then the house carriage enter into the capital and there was no one there . Erza had the house carriage stop far away from the Kingdom Capital so no one would try to do her friends any harm .

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She went inside the Castle door and expect to be welcome by the maids however the place was empty she wonders where everyone went . But she figures she would run into someone soon she check some of the room but no one was there .

She decides not to get distracted she went straight to her room she expects to see her belong in her room but they moved to the floor in boxes . Sometime when the maids are cleaning they more things around it didn't seem odd to her but still . She wonders where everyone was

She looked under her bed for the . 20,000 gold coins she was saving up for when she goes back on the road . Suddenly she hears loud laughing coming from the garden she to stand up and grab the gold coin that was under her bed .

she pulled the curtain back and looked out the window Her heart became filled with darkness and betrayal . The sister she admires and loved betrayal her by marrying the man she loves . Tears rolled down her faces words couldn't explain how hurt she was . Memories played in her mind about that time she was kidnapped and she realizes that it was all a setup . Her heart is broken in two pieces .

'' This is Cruel'' Erza thought to herself

The tears wouldn't stop falling from her eyes, Watching them smiling and happy together the light in her eye disappear . Those same eyes became lifeless and dull and filled with bitterness and hatred . She stood there watching them frozen she image her self going down there and causing a scene . But she knew that wouldn't do any good because they would just lie and blame her . They were happy that she wasn't around they plan to kill her and as if it wasn't bad enough Novella was pregnant her belly was showing . Erza told her self that this pain from her heart will surely pass and it won't last forever . But the dark voice in her head told her that it will last forever and she will remember this moment until the day she dies this moment burned in her mind and heart and soon while she was standing there her tear dry up and she felt nothing but angry and revenge . She was in stocked she vows to never waste another tear on any of them and to never show any mercy .

She walked out of the room and passed every door she was about to pass the seed room door . and even tho she was hurt she thought about the werewolf and how they could use better gardening . She walked back to a bedroom and grab the sheet off the bed and went back to the seed room and took the basic vegetable and fruit seeds . Then she took dark element seeds and some light element . Then she took magical herds and other magical items she also took magical earth, Water, Lightning and wind talisman . Then she rushes outside to the carriage and got in Leela was a surprise that she came back then . Erza told Leela everything and try not to cry Leela felt bad so they went back to Moon Valley . Erza was thinking of her next plan she had everything planned out in her head . Leela was leaving the carriage but notice that Erza didn't get up Erza just stared straight ahead in Erza was space out Leela thought to herself I hope she is ok . She must be hurt so instead of leaving the carriage Leela just sat there with Erza until she was ready to talk . The seat there for 3 hours then Erza turn around toward Leela .

'' I hate to get you involved in this but do you think I can stay in your Kingdom for 4 days'' Erza said, '' Sure you more then welcome to stay as long you need Leela said,

''Thank you for your kindness ''Erza said,

'' Also thank you for sitting here with me I didn't want to be alone Ezra said,

'' Can you take me to the King'' Erza said,

Leela took Erza to see the King . The King looking at the garden . Erza stood behind him . Then he turns around and saw her pretty face Erza smile gently and bowed down low . Leela was still translating everything to Nolan even her greek was rushy .

'' I am sorry I didn't mean to scare you,'' Erza said,

'' I just came to tell you I have everything you need for the garden and a little bit more,'' Erza said

'' If you can find Koto I will show you how it works'' Ezra said, with a smile

Nolan quickly got someone to sent for Koto means while they all set at the gazebo waiting for Koto . Koto rushed to where they was seating and seated down across from Erza Leela and Nolan was seating across from one other .

'' Now that everyone is here I will explain how the seed work'' Erza said,

'' As you know light element are elements that grown nature, for example, apply orange ''

'' A few years ago the Lucky Kingdom was going through bad famines that destroy us until one crazy scientist create Dark Element . Dark Element is made by a man they don't grow on there own .

'' They have some pro and cons every 100 years new seeds will need to be changed if it does not change it poison your garden and you won't be able to use that dirt anymore,'' Erza said,

''The pro is that it lasts for 100 years and it can grow whatever you want from meat, milk and even eggs . The scientist infuses magic with an everyday item that can't grow on it own and create these seed . '' Erza said .

'' They grow fast, for the egg and milk plants you will need to put in a cold place or it won't grow . ''

'' The heat items grow in a warm place but I advise you to put them in cold places too . ''Erza said,

'' Proper weather condition has to be met before you can plant the dark element seed .

'' I see they can only grow in certain Environment . ''Nolan said,

'' Correct for example, the milk seed had to grow in cold water the temperature needs to be -3 ''Erza said,

'' What the milk grow on the tree it comes in a thick white milk pouch, all you have to do is a poke in the pouch and drain it .

'' The meat and Egg grow in the same form into a pouch,'' Erza said,

Erza explains every seed and what it does and even Koto tried it by tasting it and growing some plants . After the conversation, Erza asked them if they have storage but they didn't have one so Leela made some room in the basement there was two big room they use for holding wood . Erza and Leela clean out the storage area and start preparing the environment for the plants to grow . all of the items that need to grow in a cold environment she put them in the first on there were small surfaces . The egg tree is a small tree that only grown 15 eggs at a time they use the storage area as an inside greenhouse . Erza uses ice and fire talisman to set the right temperature for the plants . Nolan soon found out what happens to Erza . Over the next few days, Erza helps the kingdom with her wisdom and great advice . She helps the citizen rebuild their wooded house and she even helps the maids clean the castle she did any and everything to keep her mind from thinking . Nolan claimed to watch her help out he was touch by how much she cares for his kingdom . Erza even showed the soldier how to attack the goblins and what the best way to kill them . Meanwhile, moon valley Kingdom was eating healthy again they being to look much stronger with great muscle mass .

One day Leela and Nolan was siting in Nolan offices talking about the Kingdom there is a big window and Nolan offices that over looked the big back yard they heard Erza train with her sword and Leela look out side the window . Nolan turned toward leela and looked at her

'' What do you think about her''Nolan asked,

'' She smart and wise Lucky kingdom lost a great asset''Leela said,

'' Yeah they did . ''Nolan said,

'' I know one thing whatever Kingdom she go to next will gain a great woman''Leela said,

'' Your right . '' Nolan said,

Then Leela went back to her work but Nolan really thought about what Leela said Erza was leaving tomorrow . Erza plan to travel around to small village she had prepare everything was happy to go everyone soon went to bed but not Nolan . He thinking about what Leela said all night .

Nolan Plan

The next morning Erza got her things and pack her bags and walk to her carriage as she got closer she saw Nolan standing there with Leela talking . She stood in front of him and smile she was thankful for letting her stay there . Erza thought they were standing there to see her off so she bows low and walked around them to get inside of the carriage . Erza was about to close the door Nolan put his hand at the top of the door from keeping it from shutting . Nolan stood there nervous and speechless he was about to say something that would shock everyone . Leela didn't know what to think she wonder what was Nolan doing . Nolan turns to her and said tell her everything I say and I mean everything . Leela agreed but Nolan was still silent and didn't know how to ask this question so he just said it .

'' Erza marry me?'' Nolan said,

Leela was speechless and shocked Erza was very confused Leela told Erza to hold on for a mind while she talked with Nolan . Leela pulled Nolan to the side and they were to have a small disagree about this plan . Leela liked Erza very much but was scared for the Kingdom Nolan try to reassure Leela that his plan will work then he walked back to the carriage and told Leela to repeat what he said,

'' Well Erza I don't know how to say this but Nolan asking you to . . . Ummm marry him Leela said,

Erza laughed nervously in their faces didn't know what to think about that

'' Your king is funny . " Erza reply

'' He serious'' Leela said,

Erza laughed soon turn to a confused looked on her faces then Nolan said something to Leela .

''I know it stocking, but give me a chance it a 5 min ride around my castle if I can't convince you before the carriage stop at the castle again then you may go in peace'' Leela said,

'' Okay ''Erza said,

Leela and Nolan both got in the carriage it was quiet at first then Nolan said something to Leela .

'' Do you know what Mercury law?'' Leela said,

''I see, you are going to use that ''Erza said,

Nolan gives a devilish smile, it was such a crazy plan that it just might work however Erza wasn't convinced because there is a lot of problems with his plan .

'' Can someone tell me what going on here'' Leela said,

'' Sorry I was in a bit of thought, Mercury was a great King over the Lucky Kingdom, Mercury was the god of fire . However, he had a wife that was an Ice Queen soon he had two sons that can control ice and fire and they married off to different country . " Erza Said,

''His two son kill one other, he made a law pass that is a descendant is married off to another Kingdom they would be focused into alliance arrangement to prevent then from fighting another,'' Ezra said,

''It sounds like a perfect plan, we can just use that law to make alliances'' Leela said,

'' It far from simple . You have to announce to the King you have been married but since they try to kill me . Most likely when I got to announce it they try to kill me again and cover it up . The other problem is your Kingdom . Moonlight and Lucky Kingdom have been fighting for a long time they mostly they wouldn't 'make an alliance with you . '''Erza Said,

'' But I think it might work there is a meeting hall with all the Royal family meet if I announced it there then they can't ignore you'' Nolan said,

''How you know about that?''Erza said,

''I have my resource It in four months it gives you some time . "Nolan said,

'' So I will ask again will you marry me? ''Nolan said,