Forbidden Forest - Chapter 22

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:52:08 AM

Chapter 22

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Matthew day was normal it started with running errands for mom after that he had a small amount of time to go to the auction shop . A long line waited for Matthew and he hopes that no one bid on that land . The auction places were just a small window shop, Ricky, is the manger of the action shop . A strong but thin glass separated the Customer from Ricky, there was small hole poke into the glass so Ricky could talk to the customers . The auction house looked like it was falling apart . The auctions house was build out of wood but though time the wood has become worn down . Ricky refuses to replace it because Rckly doesn't clean the shop much it is very dirty with a lot of dust and clutter .

Ricky and Matthew are friends, Matthew has done work for Ricky once in a while .

Standing in front of Matthew was a tall guy wearing ragged pants and shirt his hair was messy . The man looked very poor Matthew naturally wonders why was the poor guy in line . He didn't look like he had much money . The line moves up to the front counter of the auction shop . The guy went and place his order then it was Matthew turn he walked up to Ricky and asked for the land on the east port . However, Ricky info Matthew that something brought it already and it was the guy in front of him . Matthew was disappointed and didn't know what to do he put his head down because he was upset . Matthew leads up against Ricky shop when he heard some footstep coming up toward him . Matthew looked up and saw the guy that was in the line who bought the East Portland . Matthew wants to punch the guy but the guy just smiles at Matthew and kindly asked .

'' Are you Matthew? "The guy said,

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''Yes I am do I know you . "Matthew asked

'' No we never met but this is going to sound crazy but an old man gave me money to buy that and told me to give you the land . in exchange that you would give me Two Thousand gold coins for it . Is it true? "The guy said,

Matthew didn't waste any time he gave the Two thousand in gold and the guy gave the deed to Matthew . Matthew walked away happy he then took a wagon to the east port to see the land it was just an empty plot of land . With huge tree around it . Few miles down there was a river with water Matthew started by cutting the tree down, he was having a hard time cutting the tree down but he manger to get one tree down .

He decided to go home he didn't want to mother to get suspect . Matthew left and played pretend the next day he was happy to leave and go to the land he went there quickly . Planned to cut some more trees down then trim them to make them smooth . When he got to the land all of the trees cut down and trims he was surprised by the trees being cut down . Matthew didn't have time to wonder who help him with the trees and started laying down the foundation . Matthew made the foundation out of grass and mud he made a mud hole . He smoothes the area that he was going to hold down . From there he drew in the smooth foundation the rooms and kitchen area . The house he was making has Seven bedrooms with a fireplace and a kitchen and a built-in bath . Matthew took the wood in planted them in the ground he followed the drawing to make the room and kitchen . Then he plants the wood around the perimeter . The wood would hold up the house together he makes sure the wood was space out from one other so he could put the bricks in between the wood .

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He Starts making bricks with the mud and grass the bricks had to be dry first . He made fourteen bricks and set them out to dry he was tired so he went home . The next day was a Saturday and a free day for the kid to have fun . Matthew went to the east port and he found 20,000 thousand bricks made they were already dry and ready to be put in places . Matthew worked from the bottom up he laid some of the brick on the foundation . He stacks the bricks beside one another by using the mud to hold it together . Next, he works on building the walls Matthew stack the bricks on top one other with the mud in between the bricks . The bricks were in between the wood he had all the wall up he still didn't have a roof but he knew that had to come last . Matthew dug a deep hole in the ground to build a well for water he also started building a bath in the house . Matthew went home and he didn't come back to the house for another three days because he didn't want mother to get suspicious . Matthew knew it was a major set back but Matthew couldn't take the risk of a mother finding out . He went back to the house as he was walking up the hill he was getting discouraged because he hasn't been there in a while . He notices smoke coming from the side of the wood that he was building the house at . He ran over to to the house hoping that it wasn't burning down . When got at the top of the hill the image of the house brought tears to his eyes . Matthew fell to his knees and cried . He was crying like a baby he couldn't stop it . For sure he knew that he was going to behind in work but he never thought about this . The house was completed finish the door and roof was up . The well he was working on was done there was a fitter for clean water . Also, an outside toilet When Matthew got close he saw a huge vegetable garden next to the house . There was also clothing rack for the clothes to hang on . Matthew ran into the house and saw a living room with furniture . Matthew walked around the house the living room and kitchen were connected to one other . The kitchen had an oven and a fireplace . The Bedroom had a bunk bed with mattress, drawers, and even a desk . Matthew was happy he yelled from the top of his lungs .

''Yess! "He Yelled

Matthew went down to the marketplace and brought other items that want in the house such as food, bedroom sheets, and silverware . Matthew also got some talismans he went back to the house and make some storage box for the food . He uses the talisman to keep the food cold then he went back to the orphanage .

The house was finished and Matthew was happy to give the girls the good news . When he got back to Mother house he ran in the girl room with a smile on his face . but he saw how sad everyone was Mother wasn't in the house at the time she went out into the city . The girl in the room was crying and very upset .

'' What wrong her? "Matthew asked,

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'' Mother is selling Zoey tomorrow . "Tiffany said,

'' What why? "Matthew said,

'' She went to collect the money today the men went on a trip so he won't be back until tomorrow'' "Tiffany said,

'' What are we going to do ''Tiffany said,

Zoey put her head down because she was scared of the man she is going to be sold to him the same man that beat on her . She knew that he would do the same thing again all her hope had disappeared .

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'' Don't worry I will protect you, I finish the house and all we need to LEAVE NOW . "Mathew said,

'' So this is what we are going to do pack up our things and leave now . "Matthew said,

The girls started to pack up the things when they heard mother coming in the orphanage they stop .

'' Don't worry we will leave tonight . "Matthew said,