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Chapter 700: 700

Chapter 700: Don’t Spend Your Money on Other People’s Wives

He was going to give all his red packets to her?!

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Xia Ning looked at her son in bewilderment . “What’s going on?”

Looking at Xia Ning, Enoch said with a frown . “Mummy, Daddy doesn’t give you money . I can give you!”

“Huh?” Xia Ning was even more baffled . Why did he say that Qiao Yu wouldn’t give her money? Because he had given her . Plus, how did her son come to the conclusion that she didn’t have money?

Raising the bank card, Enoch said to Xia Ning . “Mummy, I’m going to put this card away . I won’t dislike it . ”

Xia Ning was speechless . She then saw the card in Enoch’s hand and saw what he meant .

He had thought that she didn’t have money because she put a bank card in the red packet . He had no idea that one could withdraw money with that card .

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Xia Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry . She had forgotten that her son was only four and had no idea what a bank card was, even when he was from a rich family himself . The last thing in his mind was to worry about money .

“I don’t need money! You can still have your red packets!” said Xia Ning to Enoch .

Enoch looked at Xia Ning, obviously unconvinced .

“What’s wrong?” Qiao Yu’s voice came from the doorway .

Xia Ning turned around to find Qiao Yu in a black coat and leather gloves . He began to take his gloves off as he walked in .

“Daddy!” Enoch shouted at Qiao Yu . “Daddy, why didn’t you give Mummy money?”

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Qiao Yu glanced at Enoch, then turned to look at Xia Ning . Seeing the embarrassed look on her face, he frowned . “What happened?”

“It’s just a misunderstanding!” said Xia Ning in embarrassment .

Looking at her, Qiao Yu looked even more unconvinced .

“Mummy doesn’t have money! She gave me a card in my red packet! Daddy, you didn’t give Mummy any money!” Enoch stared at Qiao Yu grumpily, then challenged his dad . “You don’t give her money, but I will! Mummy can have all my money!”

Seeing the bank card in Enoch’s hand, Qiao Yu frowned, then turned to Xia Ning .

Xia Ning pursed her lips, then explained . “I didn’t know you were supposed to give out red packets on the first day of the lunar calendar . I don’t have any cash on me and had to give him a bank card instead, but Enoch thought I didn’t have any money . That was why —”

“Enoch was right!” Qiao Yu cut Xia Ning off .

“Huh?” Xia Ning was dumbfounded . What was that supposed to mean?

“I didn’t give you enough money and that was why you didn’t have cash to give to our son . You were humiliated in front of him and that was my fault . I’ll have my secretary give you my secondary card in a few days . ”

Xia Ning was speechless . That was nobody’s fault! The kid was being silly . Why did he have to play along?

“Great! Mummy, you have to give me a lot of money . ” Enoch winked at Xia Ning, not concerned about wasting his father’s money at all .

Xia Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry . What a little money-grubber!

“What’s the password of this card?” Qiao Yu asked Xia Ning .

Xia Ning was taken aback, then smiled . “It’s Enoch’s birthday . ”

Qiao Yu nodded, then turned to Enoch . “Since your mum has given you that card, just take it . ” After a pause, he added . “Don’t spend your money on other people’s wives from now on . That pisses me off!”

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