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Published at 27th of December 2018 06:46:35 PM

Chapter 1

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Rosaline face stirred . Her long eyelashes lifted up and revealed two beautiful bright blue eyes . Her half closed eyes looked drunken and lifeless as she laid limp on the big comfortable bed .

She was in a large room with dark theme . The room was furnished richly and lavishly . The bed where she laid was covered with white sheets .

Events of the previous night came back to her like a bullet . But she was quaintly silent and didn't show any movement .

It was as if she knew that it was bound to happen sooner or later .

Her eyes held immense hopelessness as they landed on the man who was buttoning his shirt at a distance .

Slowly she got up and sat on the bed . The slightest movement caused immense pain between her legs .

As her eyes caught a red spot on white sheets, she realized that what happened last night was really a reality and not one of her nightmare . A deep desolation filled her heart .

Her body felt tired and sore .

She grabbed the blanket and covered her naked body that was full of bruises and hickeys . Her long brown hair fell in front of her face and covered her face completely as she stayed glued to her spot clutching the thin blanket tightly .

Noticing Rosaline movement, the man glanced in her direction .

As if sensing the glance on her, Rosaline stiffened and her heart started thumping loudly .

At that moment, all she wanted was for this man to leave her alone . To let her off and allow her a little air to breath and a moment in peace . But perhaps the man was not that benevolent .

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The man stepped towards her with half of buttons of his white shirt still open that revealed his tuned abs and brawny chests .

Rosaline sensed him walking towards her . Her hold on her blanket tightened as if she was scared that the man would snatch it and throw it away . She tightly shut her eyes .

Once the man sat on the bed facing her and she felt the bed sinking in front of her, a whimper escaped her soft lips .

Damon saw her cringing on the bed .

"Scared?", his voice landed in Rosaline ears and made her blood run cold . She felt the unpleasant knots in her stomach .

Her head was bowed down that made her hair fall in front of her face and covered it completely . He didn't see her face and couldn't make out her expressions . He noticed her tightening her hold over the blanket as if her life depended on it .

He smiled wryly .

"Do you think this little piece of cloth can save you from me?", his voice held dark humour .

No it couldn't . The truth was-nothing could . Nothing could save her from him .

As if realizing the fact, Rosaline gasped slightly and her body started trembling . She could feel her breath getting shallower and faster . Her hands and feets were turning cold with fear .

The man reached out and threw away her hair, exposing her face . When her last protection was mercilessly snatched away from her, she tried to move away but was instantly stopped by the headboard of the bed .

Sensing it, Damon quickly put his hands on both sides of her on the headboard to stop her from getting up from the bed and running away .

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Now she had no way to go . She couldn't hide . Although he was not holding her, she knew that as soon as she tried to run away, he would grab her and wouldn't let her to leave .

She had no choice but to face him .

But as her eyes landed on his chiselled face and deep eyes, events of last night resurfaced and flashed across her eyes .

She quickly looked down once her eyes welled up with tears .

The man looked at the ravishing face of Rosaline who was not willing to look at him . He saw her flushed face and the rapid rise and fall of her chest . She was covering most of her body but he could still see the reminders of their passionate night on her neck that was exposed .

He was not happy to see her reluctance to look at him . His long, well-defined fingers held her chin and made her look into his eyes forcefully .

But once her eyes met his, he was left stunned .

Tears filled those beautiful limpid eyes and left her eyes to roll down like colorless shining pearls .

His thumb lifted up and wiped away her warm tears but they were soon replaced by new and fresh ones .

"Crying?", he said once he looked at his wet thumb and chuckled darkly . He looked back at the girl and said "Why?"

Once his hand left her chin, she again looked down . She was silent and had no intentions of answering to him .

Damon leaned in closer to her . His lips were inches away from her ear . He saw her shudder when his breath hit her neck .

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"Didn't you enjoy it last night more than me?", Damon whispered in her ear in his husky voice .

As his deep evocative voice brought back some flashes of last night, Rosaline shook her head frantically to get rid of those images .

"Please . Don't", her dejected and broken voice begged silently .

His words were like sharp daggers to her . Cutting through her soul and heat, leaving her wounded .

Damon smiled at her .

"I remember it was you who was screaming my name when I . . . "

"Stop it!", she shouted and moved her head away to cover her ears while tears rolled down her eyes and blurred her vision . She broke into sobs and sniffs .

Her body started shaking .

Damon had an amused look on his face .

He moved away a little and grabbed her face .

"Does it hurt that bad?", as he said, he placed his hand on her thigh .

Rosaline knew what did he mean by saying it . And she knew why was he doing it . He wanted to see her cry . He wanted to hurt her . He wanted to break her .

She took a deep breath to control her sobbing and tears .

"What else you want now? Haven't you already taken everything from me? Aren't you satisfied now? Why don't you let me go now", Rosaline said in a hopeless voice .

Deep down she knew that no matter what he wouldn't let her go .

"Let you go?", he breathed . He sneered as if he was listening to a joke . He placed a hand gently on her face, "Why would I let you go?", his eyes landed on her luscious lips that were swollen from last night kissing and were even more enticing now, "I've not gotten enough of you yet"

As he said this, he leaned in closer to her . Sensing his intentions, Rosaline tried to get away but Damon held her firmly and pinned her down on the bed .

"Don't", Rosaline uttered as she struggled to get away .

Damon pushed her down and held her hands forcefully against the mattress . He looked down at the girl trembling beneath him . She had her eyes closed as she helplessly waited for the next thing to be done to her .

He smiled down at her and kissed her lips . When his lips met her, the intense feeling dominated his senses . It was the feeling that could make him forget his every misfortune and regret . It was the feeling that he carved for since the day he first kissed him . The feeling that was like a drug to him . His addiction . The feeling no other woman was capable of giving him .

Her lips tasted salty due to her tears . But to Damon, they were sweet as ever .

How could he let that feeling go?

"I'm never letting you go", he let go of her lips and said to her in a hoarse voice, "Because you're mine"

Saying he bit her neck while Rosaline stayed still without any disobedience and let him has his way with her .

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