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Published at 18th of March 2018 08:58:26 PM

Chapter 7 part1

Chapter 7: Cool girl cooked meals

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In Xian Wang manor she was a maidservant . In an instant more than half month had passed . She stayed more than for six months in manor, her life was much secured . The government only recognized her as maidservant, not interested where she came from . In addition, she appreciated her pock mark on her face covered red and black dot like a chicken pox, therefore majority of the people she encountered dodge her all the time .

Mostly of the time Chief Steward Zhao focused on her . He deliberately made things difficult adding a pile of works also Yan Hongxuan scorned and petty criticism while the rest was tolerable

Furthermore that one call Cheng wei  although he deliberately not made things difficult at her ,yet  every time face her constantly  frowned  and loathed her like she was a cockroach . She simply pondered he was "itching to lift shoe horn" to beat her .

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In spite of everything she was satisfied, compared with original life of Chu Yu Liang at the Chu Manor . At present she was able to eat and live a happy life, and put behind her other hope temporary

She was also quite sad even though Xian Wang Manor was large, however the information she needs was hard to get . Including the war thing was definitely out of question . She doesn't know when his father Chu Yunzhou could possibly return to the capital moreover if he were able to come back whether he or will not help her to prove her innocence .

Chu Yu Liang firmly considered she would only depend by herself . Given that His Imperial Majesty personally decreed her arrest and brings her to justice court; all the more she's troubled .

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Thinking constantly her dilemma eventually led to dream her captured events . All kinds of scenarios digging into her mind that makes her totally insane . She thought it was a simple insomnia however it  strike nearly half a month therefore everyday she has a pair of panda eyes and always haggard in addition her pockmark if other to see her would be indescribable be afraid except for Yan Hongxuan and Chief steward Zhao .

At present in Yan Hongxuan study room, Chu Yu Liang suddenly showed up with serious expression, "Prince, may I ask do you have here record about laws?"

Listening what she said Yan Hongxuan slowly raises his head and stares her with indifference

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Staring her with indifference, Chu Yu Liang already custom with his expression, met with his instruction she quickly went towards the corner of the bookshelves .

"On the second floor fourth column third row . " Seeing her so anxious to find the record, suddenly heard low voice behind her .

"…… . " Chu Yu Liang was startled, somewhat admired his familiarity of his records maybe because he also depends on reading this records everyday even more to consider his work .

Quickly found the instructed location, she took out the book on third row as expected it was the Records of Law in Big Yan Country . Holding the records like her precious treasure, Chu Yu Liang depressed mood often gradually dispersed  and finally shows a trace of joy

The reason why Chu Yu Liang must find this records was she must understand all at once the Big Yan Country laws to dig into those loop holes that can be drilled .

Subsequently she directly find a place to sit while cast off Yan Hongxuan presence on his table desk . Chu Yu Liang currently squatting at a corner seriously scrutinizes the record contents .

… . … . Looking at her disregard completely her position and slightly changed her expression while utterly read words in low voice Yan Hongxuan can only listened and remained inexplicable quiet… .

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