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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Meeting the cheater

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  "It's your girlfriend who started it first . Why can't she mind her own business and stop judging the others?"

  I retorted .

  "Tingting is straightforward and outspoken . Please don't take it personally . "

  "Hum, you mean, your ex-girlfriend is being aggressive and ridiculous, while your girlfriend now is being outspoken and excusable?"

  Looking at the boy I once fell for, I suddenly realized how stupid and blind I had been in a blink .

  "Miaoer, you know, I didn't mean that . "

  Traces of embarrassment flashed on Du Yu's face .

  "Du Yu, save your breath with her . "Cui Tingting with her fair-complexioned face, cast me a very disdainful look, sneering .

  "Su Miaoer, you are being so mean to us, just because Du Yu chose me instead of you and you can't accept it . Let me make it clear to you . You are not in the same league as Du Yu . Why can't you just let go of him?

  Take advantage of your young age to find someone else . If you can't, I can introduce some rich boys who like to date a new type for a change . With your artifice, you can certainly rip them off . "

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  I did not expect that Cui Tingting could be so shameless . I was about to retort . However, she walked off with Du Yu as soon as she finished talking .

  Du Yu gave me an apologetic look before he left, which made me feel sick .

  "Your ex?

  He is beneath you . "

  With hindsight, Rong Qi commented as the couple had left .

  I glanced at him and said, "You have been talking nonsense all day, but this one sounds pleasant . "

  Rong Qi's fair-skinned handsome face was enlightened with a grin, "Of course . But compared with that, I am more concerned about the malicious words the woman uttered . "

  "What words are you talking about?"

  I was a little out of my mind .

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  Rong Qi confessed with an honest look, "She said you should take advantage of your young age to find a nice guy, but I am very concerned that it will be very difficult for you to find a good man with your appearance and temper . "

  "Crack . . . "

  The bottle of mineral water in my hand was squashed instantly, and the bottle cap flew away . I left without any expression on my face, and did not look back .

  In fact, I was pretty upset due to Du Yu's cheating . But when I found it out, I realized that I was actually relieved .

  Perhaps, I knew we were not a good match, or, I was not so into him as I thought .

  "Calm down, I didn't mean that . In fact, if you change your temper to be tender and dress up, you can be more charming than Cui Tingting . "

  Rong Qi, thinking that I was pissed off by him, caught up with me in a hurry .

  I stopped and took a deep breath, "It has nothing to do with you . I knew I am not in the same league with him and we are not gonna end well . We are living in a realistic world . It is what it is . I have nothing to complain about . "

  Rong Qi looked at me thoughtfully .

  He pouted and said, "You know yourself well enough . This is my sincere compliment . Everyone has his own desire in the heart, but only a few can overpower their desire with rationality . So, you are more sophisticated than others . "

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  I gladly accepted the heartful compliment of this sharp-tongued ghost who had always been mean and irritating .

  "Let's go . "

  I was about to leave, when I found that Rong Qi was standing still . I turned around in wonder and saw him shrug under the shadow of the building .

  "The sun is too intense . "

  After all the fuss, the sun had ridden high in the sky . Being a ghost, he was not used to walking in the sun . Although it would not be lethal to him, it was certainly uncomfortable .

  "Hold on . "

  I ran to a nearby grocery store and bought an umbrella . Now, a person and a ghost could take a safe walk in the sun . I asked, "Where are we going next? Are you gonna take me to get your money?"

  I almost forgot about the payment - five thousand yuan .

  Rong Qi didn't mean to deny it . He nodded and said, "Well, although I have been dead for a long time and the world has changed a lot, my money should still be there intact . Do you know a place called Pingpo?

  Rong Qi was not very confident when saying the name of the place .

  Yeah, it's been a hundred years . That's quite understandable .

  I thought for a while and confirmed, "Yes, but now it's a development zone, very bustling . "

  Rong Qi nodded, "Let's go there, and find a man named Zuo Shi'an . "

  "Zuo Shi'an?"

  The name sounded familiar to me, but I couldn't remember where I'd heard it before . I took a taxi to Pingpo as Rong Qi instructed; before that, I stopped by a gold store and sold the ring .

  Due to the lack of invoice and the depreciation of the old gold ring, I got paid less than 1,500 yuan unexpectedly .

  Anyway, I got it for free .

  Half an hour later, the taxi stopped in the downtown area of Pingpo . Of course, it was no longer called Pingpo . It has emerged as the economic and commercial area of the city .

  For the first time, Rong Qi stood on the modern bustling streets . He was very excited and curious about everything . He kept looking around and muttered, "I knew it was a geomantic and treasured site . I was right . . . "