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God, an Otaku, in DxD - Chapter 21

Published at 15th of July 2019 10:12:30 AM

Chapter 21

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Sona and her peerage made a barrier around the school . They required ALL of their strength just to keep this barrier up . The trio knows this, so they made it as part of the plan .

"I'll take it from here, Sona . Now, just rest and fight if you want to . " Seyeon said while smiling .

"Are you sure?" Sona asked worryingly . She hasn't seen Seyeon and Seojun's powers left, so she was worried about them .

"Yeah . Now, rest so you and your peerage will be fresh to fight later alright?" Seyeon asked, again, with a smile .

Sona blushed at this .

"Y-Yes . Thank you for your help and your concern for us . " She said, stuttering .

Seyeon then made a 'Mana Barrier' that was countless times more durable than the barrier Sona made .

Of course, as part of the plan, Seyeon made it look like it was nothing . Sona was standing there, in shock .

'Now I understand why Lord Kami is so obsessed with being awesome!' Seyeon thought .

"What are you still doing here, Sona?" He asked .

She snapped out of it .

"N-Nothing . " She said, trying to wonder where the hell people like them keep coming from . Well, IF they were people to begin with .

She went back to her peerage, and they began formulating some plans, while Tsubaki was just done from checking Irina's condition .

Even though the trio was here, Sona and Rias still contacted their siblings . 'For good reasons . ' They said it was .

'Well, can't argue with plot now can I?' Suho thought .

In the middle of the forest, Kokabiel was sitting on his crappy throne, and Valper was doing some kind of ritual .

To be honest, Suho thought that it looked more demonic than holy . Which basically means, it's FUCKED UP .

"So, is big brother in his way? Or Serafall?" Kokabiel asked, while the two peerages and the trio was walking toward him .

Even though Seyeon made a barrier, it was still NOTHING . He was at a VERY high level, and the barrier didn't bother him one bit .

"Right now, we're the ones you're going to fight . " Rias said .

He snapped his fingers, and a light spear the size of a bus came crashing down upon the gymansium, which compelety obliterated it .

The two peerages was thrown out of place because of the wind, while the trio just stood firm .

"Since you came all this way to see me, I might as well play with my pets! You're all going to die! HAHAHAHA!" Kokabiel was about to summon his 'pet', when Suho intervened .

"Really now? Will it? Because, for your information, a quantum supercomputer calculating for a thousand years could not even approach the number of fucks I do not give, dumbass . " He said in casual fashion .

"Who are you, human? You dare put your disgusting peresence in front of me? DIE! HAHAHA!" Kokabiel said, while snapping his fingers . A light spear the size of two buses put together came crushing down on him .

It came crushing down, only to be stopped by Suho's index finger . That surprised Kokabiel, yet, he still didn't sense any power from him .

"You didn't let me finish my sentence, fallen angel . Now, to answer your question, it is pointless to question who someone really is . All you can do is believe and accept . Because the way you percieve someone is their true identity . And soon, you'll know MY identity . " Suho said .

Suho then absorbed the whole light spear like it was nothing .

For some reason, Kokabiel felt chills in his spine .

"Tch . " Kokabiel muttered in annoyance, trying not to show his uncertainty, and a bit of fear .

He summoned his 'pet', which turned out to Cerberus, the three headed dog .

"Well Rias, you can't win a game doing nothing . And, if someone else wins it for you then you haven't accomplished anything . Life is the same way . " Suho said . The trio walked out of the way, and the two peerages started to fight Cerberus .

"Is the little human scared? HAHAHAHAHA! Just as expected . All you have is a defensive and absorbing ability! HAHAHAHAHA!" Kokabiel laughed .

The other devils from the two peerages thought one thing .

'You're in for a treat . You haven't seen nothing yet . '

They decided not to show their smirks, just imagining Suho kicking Kokabiel's ass in badass fashion .

While the two peerages was fighting, the trio was happy . They decided while going to the academy that Suho will NOT only be using SAO quotes . They decided, they'll be using quotes from random anime as well . Plus, they would feel more awesome if they say many quotes as well .

They claim it makes them feel . . . . . Wise and epic .

"Suho, got more quotes in your arsenal?" Seojun asked .

"Many more, Seojun . No need to worry . This will be EPIC . Sit back, and enjoy the show . " Suho said .

They watched the two peerages fight against the giant dog, which was strangely enjoyable .

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Xenovia suddenly appeared, and slashed one of Cerberus' heads . Then, she cut it's body in half, killing it .

"Great! You just appeared out of nowhere, and trying to act cool? That's OUR stuff!" Seojun raged .

Then, the other Cerberus, which they were still fighting went after Asia, and she screamed . Not until Kiba shows up out of nowhere, and spammed Sword Birth against the motherfucker .

"What the heck?! They're taking away our trademark!" Seyeon raged as well .

Then, Akeno finished it with spamming lighting, which completely obliterated it .

"That was awesome!" Issei said, running over to Kiba .

"I think awesome is a bit of a stretch . " Kokabiel said .

Rias sent a blast of her power towards Kokabiel, which he easily deflected, with just a whish of his hands . The blast hit the ground, obliterating it .

The exchanged a few more dialogues, while Suho was looking at his stats .

"Observe . " He said .

Name: Kokabiel

Age: ???

Race: Fallen Angel

Job: None

Status: Deranged Crow

Level: 231

Strength: 2,325

Defence: 2,763

Intelligence: 2,154

Dexterity: 2,436

Wisdom: 2,254

Luck: 2

Magic Power: 1,254

HP: 50,000/50,000

Magic Energy: 20,000/20,000

'Hmmm . He's weaker than Grayfia . Good . ' Suho thought .

"It is complete! It is finally done! HAHAHAHA!" Valper exclaimed, happy that his work is done .

The Excalibur is now partially complete . The bad guys said that they'll use it to destroy the whole town . They told that the area would be destroyed in 20 minutes, which is like, 20 episodes in anime .

Then, Kokabiel told them, that to stop it, they must defeat HIM .

He showed off his wings, then Rias fought against him .

Rias fired her Power of Destruction, while Akeno fired her lighting .

He caught the both of it with his hands, and merged it . He made it MUCH powerful .

He fired it towards Rias, and Akeno quickly went to the rescue, taking the hit by standing in front of Rias .

That caused Akeno to fall .

'Well, this is my time to shine . Cliche romantic scene in anime where the MC rescues his love interest, here I come!' Suho thought sarcastically .

He sped up, then caught Akeno, bridal style .

"S-Suho? I'm sorry . . . " Akeno asked weakly, while blushing .

"Yeah, yeah . Save it for later . " Suho said .

Kokabiel noticed this, then made a light spear with the length of ten buses, and fired it towards Suho, still talking to Akeno .

Suho quickly healed her and made a small barrier, so that they won't get affected by the light spear .

The damage was ENORMOUS . A large crater was formed, and in the middle of it, was Suho and beside him was an Akeno with a shocked expression .

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"H-How . . . . " Kokabiel asked in disbelief, since he poured half of his power to that light spear .

'Kirito mode, on! HAHAHAHA! Grand Finale!' Suho thought .

"It's quite simple, really . You see, you think you got me all figured out, but there's one thing, you didn't account for . My numbers are BIGGER than yours! Funny thing, really . Get to a high enough level and you're basically untouchable, my wound heal faster than you can make them! That is IF, you make any wounds at all! We could do this all day, and you would not be any closer to beating me, not that it wouldn't be fun . " Suho said . He released 50% of his power, and the ground began shaking .

'God . . . I know you're dead, but please . . . . Save me from this freak . . ' Kokabiel thought .

"But, I've got good news . You see, there's no need to wonder where your god is! 'Cause he's right here! And he's fresh out of mercy!" Suho continued . He finished the last sentence, and the surrounding beings felt chills running down their spines .

'This guy in NO joke!' They thought .

Then suddenly, he dissapeared .

Then, a voice was heard from behind Kokabiel .

"If you only face forward, there is something you will miss seeing . " Suho said, while karate chopping his head, which caused him to hit the ground .

Kokabiel was now at the center of a large crater, much larger than the crater his light spear made .

The other two, Seojun and Seyeon noticed that it was their cue .

They went to Suho's sides, Seojun on the left, and Seyeon on the right, and the trio activated their Sharingans .

This made the fallen angel become a bit more scared, seeing three humans having powers he hasn't even seen before .

And, he survived fighting God himself and the Great Satans!

"You are a weakling . Weaklings stay weak forever . " Seojun said .

"You know, In every world, once you die, you're gone . " Seyeon said with an evil smile .

Kokabiel felt a chill run up his spine when he heard this .

(Meanwhile, at the the other side of the battle . . . )

Kiba was now doing an epic and cliche speech about him and his comrades suffering . How he and his comrades believed that the thing they were doing was for God .

The two peerages gather there, a bit far from the scene, and wondering what he was doing .

(Back to the main battle . . . . )

Suho kicked Kokabiel's chest, which sent him flying to the walls of the academy, then he did an uppercut, which sent him flying to the skies .

Then, when he was high enough, Suho kicked his chest again, which sent him flying towards the academy .

And yet, another crater was made . The academy was now nothing but a crater full of dust and debris .

The ground was still shaking because of the intensity of power .

"Now, fallen angel . I still want to have some fun! Now, go back to your comrades . We will finish it there . " Suho said, then he healed Kokabiel .

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Human, you will regret this . " He said, while going to the place where the other battle was going on .

He areived at the scene .

He killed Valper, because he found out something he shouldn't have found out .

They were even shocked that Kokabiel is in perfect condition! Suho should have taken care of him! But, what if . . . ? They failed . . ?

"The stupid humans healed me, because they got so cocky, and they left you here in the battlefield! I can't even sense their prescence here anymore! HAHAHAHAHA!" Kokabiel said .

They exchanged a few more dialogues, Akeno and the others striking him with their powers, and other shits .

He also told them that God was dead with the other Satans .

During the middle of the 'talking', they were now feeling hopeless .

They all think Suho and the others have abandoned them . Sona said they didn't, since the barrier was still intact .

The 'talks' finally finished, or not . Suho and the others got bored, so they just appeared .

Then suddenly, the two peerages heard a voice from behind them .

"I told you once, and I will tell it again . You see, there's no need to wonder where your god is! 'Cause he's right here! And he's fresh out of mercy!" Suho said with an evil smile, the other two by his side, hovering over the others .

Then suddenly, portals appeared behind him . Thousands of portals, and spears containing legendary power, which can even make the Excalibur's power an ant, was coming out of it .

"Man always thinks about the past before he dies, as if he were frantically searching for proof that he truly lived . Now, mongrel, answer me . Have YOU truly lived?" Suho asked .

Then, the badasses they were, they all released 50% of their power . The ground began shaking .

"Answer me, mongrel . " Suho said, showing his sadistic side .

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"H-How . . . . " Kokabiel stuttered . This being in front of him was as powerful as the Great Satans! How can a human be this powerful?

"That's your answer? Then let me ask another . What is 1-1?" Suho asked .

Hearing that question, the two Archangels felt chills running up their spines .

They have heard this question before . This question brought end to many cosmic beings who has gone corrupt . Who has become evil . Now, the poor fallen angel was there, not knowing his fate .

"Z-Zero . . . . " Kokabiel said weakly .

The spears from the portals went flying to him, and he was patiently waiting for his death

But before any of the spears hit him, a voice behind a white armored suit looking like a dragon, spoke .

"I cannot let you do that . " The voice said .

"A quantum supercomputer calculating for a thousand years could not even approach the number of fucks I do not give . In other words, I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK, MONGREL . " Suho said seriously .

"But I am merciful today . Who the hell are you? And who are you to stop me?" Suho asked .

"I am Albion . The Vanishing Dragon . " The voice said .

The devils were shocked . THE WHITE ONE, has appeared . The most shocked was Issei .

His rival appeared before him!

But not all of them were surprised . Suho and the others had annoyed looks .

"So what the hell do you want, lizard?" Suho asked, annoyed .

"I want Kokabiel . We will put him back in his place . " The lizard said .

Suho looked at Seojun, who nodded and grinned .

The went to the front of Albion, then he said something .

"Sorry, but I think not . " Seojun said casually, and he flicked his finger on the lizard's forehead, which sent him flying to the stars .

"And so, Team Rocket blasts of again!" Seojun shouted .

"Now, where were we, mongrel? Oh right . Your first death anniversary . Advanced happy death anniversary, you deranged crow!" Suho said, then Kokabiel's heart got impaled by dozens of spears .

Hit heart stopped beating . The poor fallen angel, was no more .

He then vanished to a pile of feathers, then the group went silent .

(Meanwhile . . . . . . . . . In a magical flying car . . . . )

Death was tired . VERY tired .

He was driving a magical flying car . It was like a taxi, except all of it was covered black . And, on the hood was a logo of a scythe .

And, instead of the word, 'TAXI' on top, it has 'DEATH' instead .

"First, a guy who calls himself Jiraiya dies, he said that he was killed by Pain, or I dunno . Something along those lines . Now, A FUCKING FALLEN ANGEL dies just like that! In the file, it says, 'Cause of Death: Kami' . What the hell?! What's God doing there?" Death complained .

"You know I can hear ya, right?" Jiraiya asked .

"Shut up, you mofo . " Death said .

"Damn it . " Jiraiya complained .

(Back to Kuoh Academy, or what's left of it . . . . . )

Suho and the others deactivated their Sharingans, and they concealed their powers once more .

Then they went down, and faced them .

Suho made a smile .

"What do you guys think? Were we awesome?" He asked the two peerages .

The others were just too tired to even fucking care, and others just didn't heard it . But someone was paying attention .

"IT WAS BADASS!" Saji said energetically, and Suho gave him a high-five, while Akeno was just there looking at the ground .

"Hey, what's the matter, Akeno?" Suho asked .

"N-Nothing . It's nothing . " She replied, desperately trying to shake off her negative feelings .

"Good . Just tell me if something is wrong, alright?" Suho asked .

"Yes . Thank you, Suho . " She said .

'Hmmmm . The Creator having a relationship? I will NEVER let this go . HAHAHAHA!' Seojun and Seyeon thought .

Then, Suho snapped his fingers, and the academy was brought back to pieces, like nothing happened .

'Good . . . . I thought WE were still going to do the work after such a hard fight . . . . ' Sona thought in relief .

They stayed until Kiba got a thousand spankings, which was really fun to watch, to be honest .

After that, they left like badasses, leaving a cloud of smoke behind .

(Timeskip to the next morning . . . . The trio ready for school . . . . . . . . . . . )

"Alright! The next big battle is the battle with that Khaos Brigade! You guys excited?" Seyeon asked .

"You bet . " Seojun replied .

"Of course . I'll bring more quotes that time, so be ready!" Suho replied .

They began walking to school .

"We look forward to that, Suho . You look so awesome when you said, 'And he's fresh out of mercy!' . And then, when we activated our Sharingans, that was EPIC . " Seyeon said .

"Yeah . I'm getting the hang of it, Suho . This is actually quite fun!" Seojun said .

"You haven't seen nothing yet, my poor servants . I WILL make the future battles more epic than before . I promise that, so BE READY . " Suho said while smoldering .

"What did you just do?" Seojun asked .

"It's called, "Smoldering" . You can't learn it, you mook . " Suho teased .

"Hmph . I don't care . " Seojun said, trying to say that he doesn't care about the skill, even though it sounds cool .

"Hey guys, stop the shit! We're here!" Seyeon said, while walking to the entrace of the academy .

"Wow . Last night a war was happening here, and today, people are just walking like nothing happened! Well, that's The Creator for ya . " Seyeon said .

"I'm awesome . " Suho said .

"Alright guys . Character traits, please . " Seojun said .

"Alright . . Let's go to class . " Suho said, in his straight face .

(Timeskip to the end of classes . . . . . )

"Let's go to the ORC, people . " Suho said, while walking with his servants at his side, awesomely .

They went inside the ORC, and they just sat there, on the couch .

The people there talked for a bit, discussing the events yesterday . And of course, Suho argued with Kiba of who has the more awesome entrance .

The other members didn't want any part of it, since they didn't even know what they were talking about, at this point .

Rias and Akeno just smiled, because it was back to normal days, and Suho was now a bit . . . . Warmer than he was before, but still know how to act properly .

Then, Xenovia arrived in a Kouh Academy uniform .

She said a few things to Issei, and Rias introduced her newest member . Xenovia was now Rias' new knight, and that she begged Rias to make her a devil .

"Without God, I have no meaning . I don't know if becoming my old enemy is a good thing . " She said .

"But, as for the sister of the Devil King, she has been shockingly kind . Oh, I hope I made the right choice . I feel like I have, but I have so much doubt . " She said .

The suddenly, she began to pray .

"Please, help me, Oh Lord!" She said, then suddenly, she had a headache .

'Well, God hates devils after all . At least this is what humans and mortals think . I actually like devils . Their place is at the bottom of the omniverse, and they have AMAZING food there . Truly remarkable . ' Suho thought .

"That girl is a genuine crazy person . " Issei said .

Then, Issei asked where Irina is, and Xenovia said that she went back to their headquarters, without explaining that God is dead .

'Hmmmmm . Up next, is the next is the school event whatnot . This will be this will be great . ' Suho thought .

Now, Rias was standing now, and said cheerfully .

"Now, let's get the Occult Researcg Club back open for business!" She said cheerfully .

"Yes, President!" They all responded .

Suho made a small smirk .

'For a second, I almost forgot I was the God of the Omniverse . '

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