God Emperor - Chapter 479

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Chapter 479

Some strange sounds were uttered from Zuo Qiuling's mouth .

After which, the sound of breathing immediately rang out from under the ground and in the jungle .

Suddenly, the ground cracked open, from which several savage beasts with strange bodies climbed out . The howls of the savage beasts resounded throughout the jungle .

Most of those savage beasts were only at the Inferior Stage, however, their numbers were very large . They rushed toward Zhang Ruochen like a tide of beasts .

"You're actually a Beast Trainer . I underestimated you!"

Zhang Ruochen propped up the Celestial Bodyshield and it formed a round, green ball .

Since he had the protection of the Celestial Bodyshield, Zhang Ruochen would no longer care about those savage beasts of the Inferior Stage . He mobilized his Genuine Qi, stretched out a finger, and pointed at Zuo Qiuling across the void space .


A Sword Wave flew out of Zhang Ruochen's fingertip and formed a cold sword path that flew toward Zuo Qiuling .


The Sword Wave contained an extreme Icing Air and left a thick layer of Icing Cold on the ground where it had flown over . It was unknown how many savage beasts of the Inferior Stage would be frozen .

Zuo Qiuling waved his arm and a triangular shield flew out from his sleeve .

In the center of the shield, a green light emanated and formed a triangular shield shadow that was eight meters in height .

This was a defensive 10th-level Genuine Martial Arm . Under Zuo Qiuling's power, the inscriptions were activated to give it great defensive power .


The Sword Wave hit the triangular shield and the shield shadow was struck and then collapsed .

Under the impact of that great power, Zuo Qiuling trembled . He could not regain his balance until he had successively stepped backward more than 30 meters .

A layer of crystal-clear, transparent Icing Cold grew on the triangular shield, even Zuo Qiuling's arms were covered by a cold, white frost . But fortunately, he was able to ward off Zhang Ruochen's Sword Wave .

Zuo Qiuling said with a laugh, "Zhang Ruochen, what can you do to me?"

Suddenly, a black shadow flew up to Zuo Qiuling and condensed into the shape of a black cat .

That black cat quickly stretched out a claw and slid it across Zuo Qiuling's neck .

Completely out of the blue, three long bloody lines appeared on his neck .

Zuo Qiuling trembled and the sound of a dry cough came from his mouth . Then, those three bloody lines on his neck became three bloody gashes, continuously spilling out blood that dyed his clothes red .


Zuo Qiuling's body slumped down and his head separated from his neck and rolled into the distance just like a ball .

"I especially hate these Beast Trainers . "

Blackie stood on the chest of Zuo Qiuling's corpse . It showed two snow-white teeth and a long howl was sent out from its mouth .

After hearing Blackie's howl, those savage beasts of the Inferior Stage were extremely frightened and retreated like a tide .

The successor of the Saint Zuo Gentry was unexpectedly killed by a cat .

Everyone present was stunned, except for Zhang Ruochen .

Pei Ji was the first one to realize it . His eyes darkened as he said, "How dare you! A beast dares to kill the successor of the powerful family of the Saint!"

He rushed in front of Blackie in an instant and quickly struck one palm out .

Blackie picked up that triangular shield to hide behind and it collided with Pei Ji's handprint .

The two powerful forces clashed together, creating a deafening sound .

Blackie flew backward and shouted, "It is so powerful!"

Pei Ji followed closely behind and struck a second palm out, which still had the Flame Beast Power . His palm power turned into a flame and condensed into the shape of a savage beast, which seemed to be able to kill Blackie with one palm .


The Abyss Ancient Sword turned into sword radiance and, flying over Zhang Ruochen's back, it slashed toward Pei Ji's wrist .

If Pei Ji continued to strike out another handprint, his hand would be cut off by the Abyss Ancient Sword .

Pei Ji frowned . He quickly withdrew his palm and hurriedly stepped backward .

When Pei Ji was stepping backward, Blackie once again rushed forward and jumped up with its claws emanating the light of a thunderbolt as it struck toward his eyes .

"You are courting death!"

Both of Pei Ji's palms pushed forward simultaneously .

Two mighty flame palm powers gushed out of his palms and turned into two fire pythons .

With a swishing sound, Blackie's body flashed and went through those two fire pythons .

Pei Ji showed a little contempt . He stretched out two fingers and struck a finger power out toward Blackie's stomach .


Blackie once again used that triangular shield for defending . This time, however, it was hit and flung backward, leaving behind two long cat's paw prints that were dug into the ground .

"Zhang Ruochen, this man is battle-seasoned and extremely powerful . We can't be his equal even if we work together, so we'd better run!" Blackie said .

"All right!"

Zhang Ruochen retrieved the Abyss Ancient Sword . He turned around and flew off into the distance .

"Zhang Ruochen, you can't run away!"

Pei Ji kicked with his legs and flew up toward Zhang Ruochen, catching up to him with the power of recoil .

However, the moment that Pei Ji landed back on the ground, many Inscriptions of Array appeared on the ground and wrapped him in the array .


Many wind blades flew out from the array and overwhelmingly chopped toward Pei Ji .

The array that was under Pei Ji's feet was the Wild Wind and Broken Cloud Array that Blackie had set previously .

Although Zhang Ruochen and Blackie said that they would run away, they actually wanted to coax Pei Ji into the array .

The Wild Wind and Broken Cloud Array could only temporarily trap Pei Ji, but it could not kill him . He could soon break the array with his cultivation .

"Should we get out while the going is good?"

"Let's go," Zhang Ruochen said .

Xi Yunxi's eyes darkened and said, "You can't run away . Embattle!"

18 masters who had reached the Completion of the Heaven Realm separately took out a jade stone and infused their Genuine Qi into it to inspire the Inscriptions of Array to form a Combined Attack .

Zhang Ruochen held the Abyss Ancient Sword and rushed toward them .

"Zhang Ruochen, you're so arrogant . Do you want to fight against 18 masters who have reached the Completion of the Heaven Realm by yourself?" An expression of contempt showed on Xi Yunxi's face .

Zhang Ruochen triggered the inscriptions in the Abyss Ancient Sword to inspire the power of the Holy Sword and chopped toward one of the warriors who had reached the Completion of the Heaven Realm .

It was a strike with Zhang Ruochen's full strength . The power that erupted from the Holy Sword was enough to defeat those monks who had reached the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm .

The majestic Sword Breath that Zhang Ruochen had inspired shone with boundless radiance and formed a huge Sword Breath Light Ball .

Standing behind the 18 warriors who had reached the Completion of the Heaven Realm, Xi Yunxi also felt a powerful Sword Breath gushing toward her and a feeling of fear arose in her heart .

"This is Zhang Ruochen's real strength . Can 18 warriors who have reached the Completion of the Heaven Realm truly stop him?" Xi Yunxi could not help taking one step back .

A warrior who had reached the Completion of the Heaven Realm was standing in the forefront . He gathered the power of the 18 warriors and a silver light emanated from his body, which seemed to be cast by silver . Then, he struck out with one palm .

A huge silver fist print collided with the Abyss Ancient Sword .


Round ripples of Genuine Qi emanated from the center of where the Abyss Ancient Sword and the fist collided and flowed out into the distance .

All of the plants and trees within the surrounding area of about 33 meters turned into sawdust, leaving behind bare ground .

The strong Qi billow of fist power hit Zhang Ruochen's body .

Zhang Ruochen's face changed . He immediately inspired the power of the Dragon Pearl to protect his body as he flew backward and returned to the ground .

"He is definitely powerful . "

As the Spiritual Blood churned in Zhang Ruochen's entire body, he felt a dull pain in his five internal organs and six hollow organs .

If he did not have the Dragon Pearl to protect his body, that strike would have seriously wounded him .

Seeing that the Combined Attack, which had been set by 18 warriors who had reached the Completion of the Heaven Realm, had repelled Zhang Ruochen, Xi Yunxi eventually relaxed and became confident again . He laughed and said, "Zhang Ruochen, let's see how can you escape today!"

Although the Combined Attack was powerful, it also had a great weakness, which was that it could not last too long . The attack would collapse onto itself when the Genuine Qi of the 18 Completion of the Heaven Realm warriors had run out .

However, Zhang Ruochen could not wait .

Because Pei Ji could rush out of the Wild Wind and Broken Cloud Array at any time, his strength was more terrifying than the combination of those 18 warriors .

"It's not just a Combined Attack . "

Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes and began to mobilize the strength of the Spiritual Power .

Suddenly, there was a mass of heavy clouds, which condensed from the sky . They multiplied and became thicker, wide enough to cover the two moons .

The entire world became so dark that one could not see his hand in front of his face .


Purple lightning, which was as wide as the rim of a bowl, flew out of the dark clouds and broke through the sky, striking the heads of the 18 Completion of Heaven Realm warriors .

The 18 warriors immediately mobilized their power and struck toward the sky simultaneously to ward off the attack from that thunderbolt .

Thunderbolts fell down one after another . Like many sharp Heavenly Swords, they chopped from the sky and beat back the 18 warriors, who escaped in a hurry .

"What?! He's a master of Spiritual Power and can mobilize thunderbolts?" Xi Yunxi was shocked once again and stared incredulously at Zhang Ruochen .

Zhang Ruochen's Spiritual Power had reached the 41st level . Therefore, with only his Spiritual Power, he was comparable to a monk who had reached the Peak of the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm .

If Zhang Ruochen could absorb the Qi of Origin in the Primitive World of the Wooden Spirit, his Spiritual Power would be expected to improve one more level and reach the 42nd level .

By that time, the power that was released by Zhang Ruochen's Spiritual Power would be enough to compete with a monk who had reached the Fourth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm .

The thunderbolts falling down from the sky hindered the 18 Completion of Heaven Realm warriors . So, Zhang Ruochen seized the chance and demonstrated his sword skill again to chop toward them .

If Zhang Ruochen only used Martial Arts or Spiritual Power, his power would only be comparable to a monk who had reached the Peak of the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm .

However, when Zhang Ruochen used the power of Martial Arts and Spiritual Power at the same time, his power could be comparable to the combination of two monks who had reached the Peak of the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm .

The Combined Attack, which was set by those 18 warriors, could ward off the attack of a monk who had reached the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm . But could it ward off the attack of two monks?


The Abyss Ancient Sword penetrated the light of the array, dragged out a Sword Breath, and chopped at the bodies of those Completion of the Heaven Realm warriors .

With a thump, the Combined Attack broke in an instant and the 18 warriors were struck and flew backward .

Among them, there were seven warriors who were the first to bear the brunt of the attack . They were chopped down by Sword Breath and their bodies broke into two halves, spilling blood all over the ground .

The remaining 11 warriors were also hit by that Sword Breath and became injured .

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen had broken the Combined Array, Xi Yunxi immediately demonstrated his bodily movement and turned around to flee .

"You can't run away!"

Ao Xinyan ran after Xi Yunxi and wielded a sword to cut off her escape route .

How could Xi Yunxi be the match for Ao Xinyan? After many movements, she was struck by Ao Xinyan on the center of her back with one palm, causing her to spit out blood and fall to the ground .

"Zhang Ruochen, how can she be handled?" Ao Xinyan asked .

There was no expression on Zhang Ruochen's face as he said, "Letting her live will only be a disaster . Kill her!"

Ao Xinyan was a little shocked . She clenched her fingers, but in the end, she did not kill Xi Yunxi . She said, "I . . . I haven't killed anyone . . . Besides, she's also a Saint of Saint Academy and is in the same group as us . Should we take her back and give her to the Law Enforcement Hall?"

Xi Yunxi at first thought that she would definitely be killed, but what Ao Xinyan said had given her hope to live . She said, "Right, you can't kill me . Even if you want to, you should let the Law Enforcement Hall deal with me . If you were to kill me, you would be guilty of killing a disciple of the same gentry . "

If Xi Yunxi could return to East Region Saint City, she could be saved by the power of Saint Xi Gentry .


As Zhang Ruochen swung his hands and slashed, a sword radiance flashed . Then, Xi Yunxi's head flew away, creating a bloody column that was one meter high and gushing out of her neck .

An indescribably beautiful successor of the Saint Powerful Family just died in that way .

"There is no Law Enforcement Hall in the Primitive World of the Wooden Spirit,"

Zhang Ruochen softly said, casting a glance at Xi Yunxi's corpse .

Ao Xinyan was totally dumbfounded when Xi Yunxi's blood had splashed on her face, leaving drops of blood beads .

Usually, Zhang Ruochen seemed to be very gentle and elegant, as though he would let anything go with a smile if someone were to offend him . However, when he killed someone, he was so cold, as if he had no feelings at all .

For the first time, Ao Xinyan felt that Zhang Ruochen was so terrifying .

Meanwhile, Ao Xinyan was also very frightened . Fortunately, Zhang Ruochen did not blame her for leaking out his whereabouts . Otherwise, she would have likely been killed .

"How could you . . . kill a beautiful girl . . . " Ao Xinyan stared at Zhang Ruochen with her legs trembling a little .

Zhang Ruochen said, "In my opinion, there are only people who should be killed and people who shouldn't . We'd better go! The Wild Wind and Broken Cloud Array can't trap Pei Ji for too long . . . "

The moment that he finished speaking, a loud bang was heard in the distance .

Pei Ji demonstrated the Blood-devil Image to condense into a huge bloody shadow with three heads and six arms . He broke the array and caught up with them from a distance .

"Zhang Ruochen, if you don't give me the Dragon Pearl, I'll personally take it . "

Pei Ji howled and all his hair stood on end, seeming to be an extremely high-handed Blood Devil .

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