God Of Lust - Chapter 57

Published at 29th of June 2019 03:17:00 PM

Chapter 57

Bao Zhang entertained himself by massaging the small breasts of the two sleeping girls at his side .

"Hmm~ zz . . z Nn~ Zzz"

"Ah . . ah…zz . . z… "

Both sleeping girls let out small moans .

Raising himself carefully so as not to wake the two girls, Bao Zhang sat on the edge of the bed while still naked .

He closed his eyes and focused on his Xuan energy inside him .

A few seconds later, a smile appeared on Bao Zhang's face;

"I am on the edge of the 'High Soul Realm', one more step and I will enter the Elemental Realm"

He could not help but smile, amazingly, he was advancing cultivation at an incredible speed!

He had predicted that he would enter the 'Elemental Realm' in two weeks, but now he realizes that he had made a mistake, he was missing one more step and he would enter the Elemental Realm!

'Just one more step!'

Instinctively Bao Zhang looked back at the two naked girls, while his eyes became greedy and full of lust;

'I should go back to cultivating with them two together' This idea came into his mind .

He was sure that if he cultivating again with Xiao and Little Miu together, he could enter the Elemental Realm!

But he realized something . . .

Slowly he approached the two girls and put his hands on their small bodies as he felt the Xuan energy that ran through the two girls .


Bao Zhang sighed, he had felt the Xuan energy inside the two small bodies . and he realized that the bodies of the two girls were full of Xuan energy that they had not digested to the brim . if he had sex with them again while using his Duo cultivation technique on both girls, the 'Xuan energy' on the two girls would increase more than their small bodies could bear and end up injured .

So he could only give up on the idea .

. . .

Putting on his Internal Disciple tunic and his hat . Bao Zhang left his house and began to return towards the External Section .

On his way, Bao Zhang observed that several External Disciples were running in one direction .

'What's wrong?' Bao Zhang wondered as he followed the hurried Disciples .

Reaching a nearby square .

"Do you dare to oppose my young Master Qian Qin!? You are looking for death!"

"I do not care! You dared to hurt my younger brother! You must pay the price!"

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"Hahaha, your younger brother? You mean that scum that had the guts to insult my young Master! You should thank my young Master, that your younger brother is not yet dead!"


In the center of the square, two External Disciples looked at each other with fierce eyes .

Bao Zhang looked with interest;

'Oh, hahaha What do we have here?' He asked with an amused look on his face .

The boy on the left side was a young robust, with a large chin, short neat hair, and had the External Discipline tunic on himself .

While the boy on the right side was a young elegant, dressed in an External Disciple tunic, but unlike the previous one, this young man had a proud look on his face, while raising his head on high every time he mentioned his young master .

"Do you think that an External Disciple shit like you has the right to come and bother my young master?"

"Shit! You damn! I'll kill you!" The young robust yelled enraged as he brought his Xuan energy up his body!

He was ready to launch himself to fight!


"Are you looking for me? External Disciple shit"

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Suddenly, a soft voice sounded, accompanied by a great pressure of Xuan energy that enveloped the young robust .


The young robust spat blood, while he was forced by the heavy pressure to bend over and lean with his hands on the ground .

"Young Master!" The elegant young man shouted happily, as he turned happily and met a young man with sharp eyebrows and white skin, who approached with light steps .

Surprisingly, this newcomer was dressed in an Internal Disciple tunic!

"You! Damn, you hurt my younger brother!"

"Did I hurt your younger brother?" The young Internal Disciple asked himself as he tried to remember, but ended up shaking his head and looked back at the young robust kneeling on the floor, while a mocking smile appeared on his face;

"What happens if I was the one who hurt him? What are you going to do about it?" Internal Disciple asked with a contemptuous tone, while making the pressure that surrounded the young robust increase in several degrees and made him kneel even more on the floor .

"Hahaha, garbage like you, want to come to me to claim the reason why I hit other garbage! Haha, what a joke!"

The Internal Disciple laughed mockingly while increasing his degrees of contempt toward the young robust .

Causing the young robust to squeeze his teeth, causing them to bleed due to the humiliation of not having enough strength to fight against the Internal Disciple .

Looking at the situation the young robust . All the External Disciples who were seeing could only shake their heads in disapproval of the action the young robust;

"What kind of idiot tries to challenge an Internal Disciple while he is still an External Disciple and does not have enough strength? Is he looking for his death?"

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"What an idiot, he threw himself to his death"

"Is this called bravery? No! This is idiocy! This young robust is an idiot!"

Hundreds of comments began to emerge among the External Disciples while criticizing the actions of the robust young man .

Everyone already began to see the robust young man as a dead man .


"Stop! Do not hurt my Onii-san!"


Bao Zhang and the other External Disciples opened their eyes . Before, the arrival of a girl who cried and apologized for her older brother!

Is the younger sister of that robust young man?

'They do not look alike!'

Everyone shouted those words in their minds!

The little girl who had just arrived was super tender, so tender that she seemed to bring tenderness into the air with her!

What is this creature so tender? It was what everyone asked themselves .

They had rarely seen such a tender girl!

Even Bao Zhang opened his eyes slightly at the appearance of this girl, while his eyes changed suddenly and began to show a new brightness!