God Of Lust - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

[Eh . . . with this is the taste of my mother]

"B-Bao you can not . . . you can't do this to mom"

"As the only child of my mother, I will have the privilege of testing my mother thoroughly"

"lick" "lick"

"Hiya, ahh! ~ aa hh aaaaa!! Sto ~ op…!!"

When Bao licked the most private part of his mother Qiuyue, he licked and inserted his tongue into the deep hole, and made a lot of noise while sipping Qiuyue's feminine juices that overflowed .

Qiuyue's voice and gasps grew more intense .

After sipping for a while, Bao withdrew his tongue from inside Qiuyue, and switched to licking the protruding clitoris .

"Ah! ahhhh~ah!! Nn~"

Bao continued licking and enjoying Qiuyue's clitoris, then went from licking to slurping and began to sip hard on the small clitoris .

"Ahhhh~!! Sto ~ op . . !! cumming~! Cumming~!!!"

Qiuyue reached the climax and his secret place * pusha! * Blew a tide . While Bao Zhang drank all the female juice released by Qiuyue .

[Now it's my turn to enjoy]

Bao got up and placed his penis on the juicy, pink flesh of Qiuyue .

"Mom, look here"

Qiuyue, breathing hard, looked down, and saw how his son Bao Zhang had placed his grotesque penis upon his small vagina and had wet the head of the glans with the juices of love that overflowed . Ready to enter inside her . Qiuyue was hypnotized by the scene in front of her .

Qiuyue in her state could only moan at the pleasure and heat she felt, caused by the head of the glans when pressing against her juicy pussy .

[No ~ I can not . . . leave . . . I . . . I'm his mom, his cock and . . . my, pussy is . . . kiss . . . ]

"I'm going inside, mom"

Bao announced, while pushing his glans forward . Slowly entering Qiuyue's warm and tight pussy .

"Aag . . . Mom, it's tight"

At first, his cock had difficulty to go inside in the soft pussy, but thanks to which glans he bathed in the female juices of Qiuyue, his glans went sliding gently inwards .

Bao Zhang moaned slightly as he enjoyed getting into his mother's pussy .

[This emotion of raping my mother makes my cock harden and I can not help but penetrate deeper into my mother]

"Ahh!!! ~ Noo ~ or ah ha! he's entering . . . very deep ~ !!! "

His glans continued dividing the flesh and entering the deepest part of it, thus reaching more than half of his cock .

"A ~ hh! U ~ uu~c-cumming~!!" Qiuyue moaned in pleasure as her pussy climaxed during penetration .

Bao looked down to see how more than half of his cock had entered inside, and remained for a while enjoying this delicious and viscous pussy .

"you're good? Mom"

"Ah! . . . U ~ uu ~ ah ~" There was no response .

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Qiuyue was still trembling with pleasure .

Then, Bao began to slowly move his waist and increase his speed over time .

"Ah ~ a . . . ah . . . B-Bao . . . deep . . . you're very deep ~ . . . inside of me ~"


Bao began to move fiercely at his waist, pushing his glans into the depths while with his hands he held Qiuyue's thighs and kept them open so he could go deeper .

The pussy of his mother Qiuyue, also seemed to feel the enormous pleasure, as he began to tighten his cock with her pussy, as if he wanted to squeeze out completely .

Quickly Bao stretched his waist back and then fiercely pushed his cock deep inside his mother .

Qiuyue is unable to deal with this sudden thrust of pleasure, his tongue hangs from his mouth as he gasps, unable to utter any words .

Bao Zhang was glad to see his mother's appearance . So, suddenly, he lifted her waist again and hit the entrance of the pussy hard with her glans .

His back and forth movements gradually increased with intensity .

"Mother!" Bao exclaimed . As he grabbed Qiuyue's arms and lifted her over his body, and then held Qiuyue's ass with both hands .

She was suspended on the arms of her son and then, Bao guided his penis towards the entrance of his slimy vagina and entered and left with a movement of pistons .

"Ahh~!! Aaa~a…B-Bao~"

Qiuyue, unable to find a way to deal with the sudden pleasure, seeing the face of his son Bao with their foreheads almost touching, unable to resist, advanced and kissed Bao Zhang .

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"kiss" "kiss"

Bao continued with his piston movements, while his hands grabbed Qiuyue's buttocks, and every time his glans hit, his hands that were clutching Qiuyue's buttocks exerted force to hold her, thus causing Qiuyue's buttocks to separate . and revealed to the small hole with wrinkles, and after the glans retreated, the strength in his arms loosed and the buttocks closed .

Closing and opening, closing and opening, Bao with his hands continued for a long time opening and closing Qiuyue's ass accompanied by the thrusts of his cock in the movement of the piston .

Bao withdrew his lip and said to Qiuyue, "Mom, take out your tongue . " Qiuyue obeyed, and pulled out her delicate tongue that was immediately sucked by her son Bao Zhang .

And his movement of pistons accelerated .

Qiuyuen seemed to somehow feel the climax approaching, and began to move his waist swallowing his son's penis further inside .

Bao Zhang withdrew his penis to the tip of the vagina and clenching his teeth, I push hard!

The penis entered Qiuyue hard, reaching the deepest part of her pussy!

"Ahhhh~~~!! Cumming~" Qiuyuen shouted when he reached the climax, and deep in his vagina, the head of the glans that entered began to ejaculate fiercely inside! While the released semen flooded Qiuyue's uterus filling it .

"Ha . . ah . . . a lot of . . . hot stuff . . . " Qiuyue muttered with an expression of pleasure, as she felt that her uterus, inside her was full of semen completely .

Qiuyue with her cheeks resting against her son's chest while breathing hard .

"Ah . . . " Qiuyue had managed to stabilize her mind for a second, when she felt one hands wrap around her thighs and lift her up, leaving her standing on one foot while the other leg was lifted by Bao exposing her juicy pussy .

Qiuyue did not have time to prepare, when her son Bao Zhang once again inserted his cock from below .


Bao Zhang pushed fiercely and shot . Juice with the inside of her mother's pussy Qiuyue moving with circular movements .

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"Haa ~ wait . . . wait ahh ~ Se . . . feel rich ~"

The semen from the first ejaculation spilled little by little from the thrusts and pressures of Bao Zhang .

Bao Zhang lifted Qiuyue's leg further and fucked her more intensely .

"Yaaa ~ . . . my ~ . . . Ah! ~ very intense ~ "

Bao leaned back and accelerated his thrusts and jerks .

Qiuyue's breasts fluttered up and down with Bao's thrusts . In a short time, Qiuyue again reached the climax, and her son Bao Zhang again ejaculated inside his slimy vagina, re-filling it with his semen .

"Ahh !! . . . please ~ . . . no more ~ ​​ah ah! please wait a little . . . ~ "

With the passage of time . Both became no more than animals that copulated fiercely, testing dozens of positions, and Bao Zhang ejaculating innumerable times within his mother Qiuyue, while Qiuyue lost count of how many times reached the climax .

During all this time that Bao Zhang had sex with his mother Qiuyue, he did not forget to cultivate . After all, the main problem he faced when he was reborn in this new body was that his cultivation was extremely low . Therefore, he would not miss the opportunity to cultivate together with his mother who is in the cultivation of the realm of the Xuan spirit .

Although, when he was the god of lust, a miserly cultivation of the realm of the Xuan spirits would not call his attention to cultivate together . But now, in his current situation of being in the unfortunate mortal superior realm, it was extremely useful for him to cultivate together with someone from the Xuan spiritual realm .

Time passed, and Bao Zhang was still crashing his cock into Qiuyue's pussy . Qiuyue has long since fallen unconscious of pleasure . But for Bao Zhang to cultivate with her, it was not necessary for her to be awake . This would be impossible for the normal "Duo Cultivation Techniques", since it is necessary that both be aware and agree to cultivate each other . But for the "Duo Cultivation Techniques" of the God of Lust it was not necessary to have the consent of the partner .

For what Bao continued to cultivate with Qiuyue . Until the sun of dawn began to rise above the horizon .

And so . . .

An explosion of Xuan energy occurred inside the body of Bao Zhang .

Bao Zhang had managed to break two complete kingdoms during this time, thus moving from the "higher mortal Kingdom" to the "primary Earth Kingdom" and without stopping there, from the "primary Earth Kingdom" to the "Middle Earth Kingdom" and then to the "Kingdom of the Upper Earth" and now finally, at dawn, it had broken the "Kingdom of the Higher Earth" upon entering the first level of the "Kingdom of the Soul" .

Bao Zhang satisfied for his achievement . He embraced the naked body of his mother Qiuyue and lay back on the bed while he slept while hugging her .