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God of Money - Chapter 13

Published at 26th of March 2019 11:45:53 PM

Chapter 13

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Ten people sat around the table in the conference room .

Woosung was showing off his presentation skill in front of the big screen .

"This is a step-by-step method that can decrease your IT cost . We can apply the changes to our system first to see how effective it is . You can then decide whether you want to use it for your system . "

Yoon Gihwan sat with his arms crossed while Park Junwoo nodded .

'Not only is he great at programming and paperwork, but he is also awesome at presentation . '

There were many important people in the room . HTS department Manager Kwak Jungwook and IT Department leader from Nuri Finances and representatives from Daeyang System were all watching . Despite the pressure, the newbie didn't seem nervous at all . He continued his presentation without hesitation .

'How could a new graduate be that confident?'

Yoon Gihwan's ears were turning red . This happened when he was in a good mood .

This meant that he was happy about how things were going .

'He can't be real…'

Woosung was like a utility player in soccer . He was great at all positions including forward, defense, and goalkeeping . Kwak Jungwook asked during the presentation .

"You say your idea will decrease the number of VoC and speed up the development of prototypes, right? If it works as you promise, then obviously we will accept your proposal . But I'm wondering if it sounds too good to be true . "

"I expect that the number of VoC will decrease by 50% and the number of customers will increase by 50% . Frankly, I'm being conservative with my estimations . Have you ever seen the HTS from other financial companies?"

Woosung paused and looked around the room . He made an eye contact with the IT department leader who had the most decision-making power in this room . He then went on to the next slide .

"Of course you did . On this page is this week's customer feedback from the website of your competition Woosung Finances .

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- Complaints RE: Slow speed - 37

- Complaints RE: Frequent errors - 41

- Request RE: Improvement in functions - 30

"This isn't just Woosung Finances . Below list is from KY Finances . "

- Complaints RE: Slow speed - 50

- Complaints RE: Frequent errors - 52

- Request RE: Improvement in functions - 42

"And this is from our Nuri Finances . "

- Complaints RE: Slow speed - 45

- Complaints RE: Frequent errors - 52

- Request RE: Improvement in functions – 53

Nuri Finances' numbers weren't great . Everyone from the company swallowed .

"This is a problem . If we fixed the glitches suggested by our users, we will attract more customers . "

Woosung looked at the IT department leader Jo Youngsuk again . He was looking at the screen intently .

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"If nobody has questions, then that would be the end of my presentation . "

As soon as Woosung finished, Jo Youngsuk admired .

"You are amazing . . . "

He then ordered Kwak Jungwook .

"Assistant Manager Kwak, let's do it . "

"Yes, sir . "

It was such a quick acceptance that shocked Yoon Gihwan . Jo Youngsuk stood up slowly and told Woosung .

"Let's have lunch sometime . There are things I would like to discuss with you . And from now on, join General Manager Yoon Gihwan for our weekly meeting . You could be very helpful . "

After making such a shocking decision, Jo Youngsuk and the others from Nuri Finances left the room . Park Junwoo whispered to Kim Yonggun .

"What just happened? Did he get scouted? He got asked to join the weekly PM meetings . "

"I… I think so . "

"Well, he is too good to be stuck in our company . "

"I agree that he is better than me… Perhaps even . . . "

He looked at Park Junwoo .

"He's definitely better than me too . "

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Park Junwoo admitted coolly . Kim Yonggun now looked towards Yoon Gihwan .

"Don't you think he's even better than the general manager too?"

"I think so . "

They continued to whisper for a while .


When Yoon Gihwan came back, he asked .

"So they approved our project . What should we do now?"

"There is something I need to check first . I also want to make sure you will give Manager Park and Assistant manager Kim their bonuses . "

Yoon Gihwan opened a drawer and picked up a contract . Woosung, Park Junwoo, and Kim Yonggung's names were on it . It stated that once the project completed successfully and Daesan received the payment, the three will each receive a bonus .

Park Junwoo and Kim Yonggun were unaware of this, but it still surprised them . As soon as they signed the contract, Woosung started .

"We need to expand the existing test codes for the model and controller . But I didn't find a good library for the view . "

There were three parts to the HTS screen . The view was an output representation of information to the users while the model was the central component that managed data . The controller accepted input and converted it to commands for the model or view .

They called this the MVC pattern . Woosung's main worry was the view test . Yoon Gihwan was also worried about the same thing .


"I will make it myself . "

"… what?"

"I am thinking of creating it into something we can test in the macro format . "

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 allowed UI test, but the most current version available now was Visual Studio 2005, which didn't have this function . Woosung planned on creating this function himself . Yoon Gihwan knew what Woosung meant, but he asked again .

"So, you'll make it yourself?"

"Yes, and while I'm doing this, Manager Park and Assistant manager Kim should work on the rest of the test codes . "

"W… wait . You can really invent that?"

Woosung nodded and started the Visual Studio on his laptop . He then executed a never-seen-before GUI Test Tool .

"I already tried making a login test . "

Woosung attempted to log in on HTS and clicked the Stop button, which made the written codes to appear automatically .

"I made it record my screen activities in a macro format . It will then code the input values automatically, which we can use anywhere . I will now try to execute it again . "

What happened on the screen shocked Yoon Gihwan and Park Junwoo . The manual process of inputting the ID and PW to log in was now happening automatically . Woosung added quickly .

"This is an example of how it will work . There is one thing you need to do for me, General manager . "


"Yes . While we work on TDD (Test-driven development), you need to organize this process in a word document . "

Was it because Woosung just impressed him with the GUI Test Tool? Yoon Gihwan nodded without a word . From this interaction, it was impossible to tell who was in charge of this department .

"That document will become the foundation for teaching the other developers our project, so please do your best . "

Woosung was clearly in charge now .

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