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God of Money - Chapter 183

Published at 10th of April 2019 07:55:08 PM

Chapter 183
After Han Gumin left, the two had a private conversation . "So according to your analysis, I will lose the next election . " "That's right . By 4 percent . " "4% isn't very big . " "Exactly . This means there is a way for you to win . " "Would this involve an illegal method?" "We will be entering a grey area . " Lee Myungin looked at Woosung and asked, "Tell me . " "I think it's best you don't know . " "How could I not know about it when it will affect my career? Whatever happens, it will be my responsibility, and I am willing to accept it . " Woosung took a sip of his drink . Lee Myungin was different than other politicians he met . That was probably why in Woosung's previous life, Lee Myungin became the President of Korea . "I have some information on the current President and the next strongest liberal candidate, Kim Junghee . This information is bad enough that it could ruin them . " Lee Myungin asked firmly, "Did you get this information illegally?" Woosung answered without hesitation . "No . " It was information Woosung knew from his previous life . Lee Myungin asked, "Will to accomplish this illegally?" "I see that you value the rules . " "If I don't, I am no better than them, and what would be the point then?" "You really believe that the process is more important than the result? You are too idealistic . " "I think your dream to create a worldwide currency is also idealistic . " Woosung took a sip of his soju . He replied, "I will do my best . " "You must follow the law . " "Even if that means you may lose the election?" Lee Myungin nodded without hesitation . Woosung answered, "Alright . " Lee Myungin smiled in satisfaction and replied, "Good . " Early in the morning . When Woosung returned home, he read the report on his desk . "BS and JH investigation results . " It was the report Woosung requested on the current President Lee Parksung and the leader of the liberal party Kim Junghee . "I knew it . " The report confirmed Woosung's knowledge of the future . The two politicians' illegal activities filled the pages . "Abuse of authority" "Accepting bribery . " "Violation of public election law . " During the next election, Woosung knew Daeyang would support the liberal party . By making Lee Myungin win, Woosung would be able to damage Daeyang . "I know he wants me to find the proofs legally, but I can't keep that promise . " Woosung murmured . Woosung sat in front of his computer and checked the number of bitcoins . 11 million bitcoins . Unfortunately, the rate of mining has decreased recently, but this meant the others probably had an even harder time accumulating them . "I now have over half of the available bitcoins in the world . I can use this to destroy Choi Gichul by controlling the price . It's a perfect plan . " He already did it once recently to Jung Jinsup, and it worked flawlessly . "Bitcoin was just a PoC . Coconut Coin will be the true world currency . " Woosung frowned after studying the screen . He noticed some unknown agencies were accumulating a significant number of bitcoins . "Maybe Nakamoto Satoshi… But it doesn't matter . I will be the ultimate winner in the end . " Things were going as he planned . "After I accomplish my revenge, I will be able to finally enjoy my life . " He would date beauties and travel the world in his private jet . *** December 19, 2011 . North Korea's leader Kim Jungil died just as he did in Woosung's previous life . The government declared a national emergency . KOSPI dropped as Woosung expected . He made hundreds of millions of dollars once again, but he felt nothing anymore . He had so much money that a million dollars were nothing to him . Woosung asked Julia, "We can't wait for an answer forever . It's time for us to act . " "So we will go ahead with BNP Paribas?" Woosung nodded and replied, "We could now make an international transfer within 10 seconds . We are ready . " "How about JP…" "I called them yesterday, and they asked me to wait a little bit longer . I take that as a no . " Julia's eyes widened . She asked, "If you do this before they give you an answer, you will no longer have a good relationship with JP . You will piss them off . " "Who cares . " "Even if you have the best of the technology, you can't accomplish everything all by yourself . Things can change quickly . If Google or Facebook get involved… It would have been better if we never even asked JP…" "It took me this long to get where I am with my cryptocurrency . For Google or Facebook to create their own cryptocurrency, and make it available… It won't be easy . " "But if they get cooperation from JP or other big financial companies, it can happen . You are underestimating them . " Woosung laughed, "I think it's you who's underestimating me, Julia . The entire US can try, but I will win in the end . " "Why?" "Because I know . " Julia shook her head . Woosung continued, "I will now start promoting the blockchain business . Bitcoin's price will jump . Many developers will get involved to make money . Other cryptocurrencies will appear . " Woosung saw this happen in his previous life . "So?" "We need to be the first in this cryptocurrency industry . We need to incorporate our Coconut Coin into BNP Paribas, Chinese and Japanese banks . " "You mean I need to?" "That's right . I already arranged the meetings . You need to travel around and get the contracts signed . You'll need to go all over Asia . " "I will become very busy . " Woosung nodded . "I will stay in Korea and continue working on Coconut Coins and blockchain . " Julia nodded . "Alright . I will get it done . " "Julia, this is your chance to become famous in the financial world . Do your best . " Julia bit her lips and nodded in determination .
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