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God of Money - Chapter 83

Published at 26th of March 2019 11:44:34 PM

Chapter 83
After getting a call form Jang Gwangchul, Hong Soobum uploaded Coconut Talk to the Apple App Store himself . Afterward, he texted Jang Gwangchul . "Uploading is completed . Approval will take up to 5 days . " "Ok . " Hong Soobum leaned back and murmured . "Phew . Now the only thing left is launching the PC Version . " It has been a long journey and finally, they were starting to see the fruits of their labor . The smartphone was sold out and the number of Coconut Talk service users have increased accordingly . Their greatest worry was that those who bought the smartphone would delete the preloaded app, but it turned out over 80% of the customers were signing up to use Coconut Talk . "Lee Ari's Facebook marketing is going well too . " If things continued as they are, the Coconut app would do very well . While Hong Soobum was deep in his own thoughts, a developer approached him . "Sir…I would like to talk to you in private . " Hong Soobum could guess what it was about . This was exactly how he approached his boss at Nexter when was giving his resignation . "Should we go somewhere private?" He nodded with guilt . Hong Soobum tapped his shoulder and said to him . "Let's go into the conference room . " After having a seat, Hong Soobum asked . "A raise, or something else? You can talk to me . I will do my best . " "I appreciate everything you have done for me . Despite KND being a start up company, you matched the salary I got at Nexter . You also gave me stock options . I am very appreciative, but…" "But?" "The salary is competitive, but this company still can't compare to big corporation's benefits . " "You knew this before accepting the job . Besides, we are starting to make profits . Soon, we'll be able to provide you just like the big companies . " "But things are still very unstable . There are always high risks with small companies . Will KND be still standing in 4 years? I can't help but worry . " "So you are leaving?" "I will be honest . I got an offer from Daeyang . Better salary and conditions . " "We can match that . " "I know you'll talk care of me, but I can't stop worrying about the future . I keep thinking that I need to be at a big, stable corporation for my piece of mind . " "Do other employees feel the same way?" "I think so . " "I am surprised, especially after the success of Blue S . " "The success is only because Daeyang hasn't released its own phone yet . A small company can never win against a large corporation like Daeyang . " Hong Soobum's face was rigid . The room became tense . There was nothing that could be done . "So there is nothing I can do to convince you to stay . " "I'm sorry, sir . I think I am done here . " Hong Soobum smiled bitterly . "We just finished the app development and are about to see it grow…Oh well, I guess it can't be helped . " When the developer left, another came in with the same decision . Hong Soobum sighed deeply . *** Silicone Valley . The second factory Woosung purchased was similarly equipped as the first one . Someone knocked on Woosung's door . Woosung answered . "Come in . " The door opened and a familiar figure walked in . It was Sunda Amit, a key Blue S developer Jonathan Logan scouted . "I have something to tell you . " Woosung pointed at a chair . "Please have a seat . " "I would like to give you my resignation . " Woosung knew something like this would happen . He asked calmly . "Have you read our personnel policy by chance?" Amit shook her head . Because Woosung was focused on the development of Blue S, he has been neglecting the HR department . "Firstly, we offer the best package in the industry for our employees . " Pay Top of the Market . It was the same as how Netflix managed its people . Woosung continued . "I don't know your reason behind it, but if it's because of your salary, there is no need . I don't care how much it is . I will pay the highest salary in this industry . " Amit blinked . "Even if it's over 200,000 dollars?" Woosung replied . "Even if it's over a million dollars . Money is not an issue in our company . " "Oh…" "Tell the HR your number and if the department agrees that it is a fair amount for the industry, we will give it to you . If it's not about the money, I would like it if you can tell me so I can help fix it . Even after all this, if you feel like you need to leave, that's fine . Please tell Logan tomorrow, and he will start the process . " Amit nodded . "May I ask where you got an offer from?" Woosung would've found out eventually, so Amit answered without hesitation . "It's Daeyang System . " Woosung's guess was correct . He replied . "Alright . Please think about it and let us know . " After Amit left, Woosung called in Jang Gwangchul . "Another one just came in," Woosung said to Jang Gwangchul . "That's the fifth one so far . " "Two people already quit in Korean office . " "Well, we should feel lucky that no one here has actually left yet . Talented developers are hard to come by . " Woosung sighed deeply . "So Daeyang must finally see us as its competition . " "This is only the beginning . They will release a similar smartphone and messaging app like Coconut . " "Then let's try to steal a few of their developers . " "H…hmm? Steal their employees? How? Do you know anyone who works there?" "Use the head-hunters . " "I guess…But it will be hard to do that in Korea . " "We need to do our best . I'll bet there are many programmers in Daeyang who would be interested in working for us . KND is a hot company now . " "Did you already get a call?" Woosung nodded . Jang Gwangchul sighed . "Oh! What did you say to get an invitation?" "Blue S is using Google's Android . I explained the advantages of this situation . Once our presentation at Google I/O goes well, Blue S' sale will increase further and it will become easier to pouch good developers . " "Well, we can hope . " "I'll do my beset . " After their conversation, Woosung texted Go Sangjun . "Are you attending the Google I/O?" He attended the Microsoft's MVP . Woosung was sure Go Sangjun would come . "Of course . I heard you released Blue S . It's a big news here too!" "Haha, thank you . " "How did you make such a product? Was it with Jonathan Logan? Is it his work?" Woosung wanted to be direct . "A lot of people worked hard on this project . By the way, are you interested in working for me? Our business is expanding so fast that we need more people . " "Of course, I'm interested . " "My offer is still the same from last time . I will pay you more than what Daeyang's paying you . " There was no answer . Woosung was reminded of the power of big companies . It wasn't just the high salary, but stability and benefits too . Money alone wasn't enough, unless it was an incredible amount . "If you aren't interested, could you introduce me to someone who might be . We need as many people as possible . " "Alright . I'll think about it . " "Great . Thank you . " Woosung realized how hard it was to find good people . KND was still so small with minimal profit so far . "Is this the only way? Keep losing people and trying to hire new people to fill the holes?" Woosung felt frustrated . This was only the beginning . Daeyang would attack KND in many different ways . What should he do? He had to assure everyone that KND would be a big, stable company . It had to grow . Woosung finally made a decision and called in Logan and Jang Gwangchul . "I would like to buy a company . "
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