God Of Soul System - Chapter 2 part1

Published at 19th of March 2018 10:49:08 PM

Chapter 2 part1

Chapter 2 : strengthening ( Part 1 )


It seems that the thing Garp was fiddling with is this sword .

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This sword didn’t have any scabbard , the atmossphere was filled with a sharp aura . apparently this sword is not normal .

Luo Ya was slightly surprised to see the sword in Garp’s hand .

“This is …” .

“its one of the 21 sabers , Honoo no Tsuki” .

Garp grinned and handed over the sword to Luo Ya then continued to say ” Before i heard you say that you wanted a sword , while i was destroying a pirate group i found this so i brought it back . ”

The legendary swords are devided into three groups . That is the Shodai Kitetsu known as “Saijo Ô Wazamono” the most famous out of the three , comes after that the Nidai kitetsu known as “Ô Wazamono” and finally the Sandai kitetsu known as “Ryo Wazamono” .

One of the Shodai kitetsu is Yory the sword uses by Mihawk the worl strongest swordsman .

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wanting to get one of the Shodai kitetsu is hard even if it’s not much different from the Nidai kitetsu .

Garp didn’t come for a weak … did he go to get me this sword ?

What found it when eradicating a pirate group . most likely he spent so,e effort to find news about such sword in the sea .

No wonder Garp spent this month evading him … So this is why .

Garp action made Luo Ya that he belong in here . He took the Hono tsuki then said seriously “Thank you” .

“Ha ha ha , you smelly brat . Why suddenly being polite . ”

Garp smiled at Luo Ya while his eyes flashed with warm light but in the next moment he suddenly exposed a forocious smile .

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“You little brat this past month i heard that you were in the bottom of the bottom of all the recruits” .

His voice fell then suddenly stood up and a fist knocked on Luo Ya head .

“aaaaaah” Luo ya cried loudly .

The next moment the sword was pulled out of his hands then he looked at Garp desearatly .

Luo Ya rubbed a swollen bag on hid forhead looking at Garp and saiad “Uncle Garp why did you hit me ?”

“No reason . ”

Garp said to him while crossing his hand on his chest . Luo Ya was about to spurt blood from his mouth . Then Garp glanced at Luo Ya and continued : “By the way , I gave you a month of leave . for the next month i will training you personally . You have to be serious or … ” and he point out his fist .

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“What ?”

Luo Ya feigned ignorance .

Garp instantly stared at him . he was ready to send him flying with a punch and said : “What you don’t want to ?”

“No , what i mean is … do we start tomorrow?”

Luo Ya wouldn’t refuse . He waited for this moment but because Garp was elusive before Luo Ya couldn’t ask him .

With Garp there ,Luo Ya will get stronger easily but he has to put in some effort . some half-assed effort would be useless .

“Of course tomorrow the official training starts . For now go get some rest” upon seeing that Luo Ya is willing to practice he calmed down and smiled .

( Tl : wtf author is this a chinese version of Garp … Garp wouldn’t let him rest -_- ) .

Back in his room Luo Ya directly lied on his bed . He has to rest properly for tomorrow training but still checked on the system , with a thought the property bar poped up .

The first stage: broken sword of the soul +10 (the conditions to strengthen has been met )

Attributes: Attack Power +30

Enhanced energy: 10/10

It seem that there is no change .

Luo Ya yawned and turned to sleep .

But the next instant he opened his eye . Luo ya mind stirred , you couldn’t see any bit of sleepiness in his eyes .

“This is … . ”