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Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Suturing


After putting down the disinfectant spray, Bai Zhi turned her head and looked in the direction where Hu Feng sat down, but her line of sight was blocked by a tall wall-like body . This guy, she didn’t know when he slipped behind her .

Hu Feng endured for a long time, but now that Bai Zhi turned her head, he quickly pointed his finger to the disinfectant spray and asked: “What is that thing?”

That small white bottle has a small round head on the top . Every time Bai Zhi presses it with her finger, there will be a mass of water that will spurt out from it . The water has a strange smell, and each time it will spray on Meng Nan’s wound, he will scream .

Bai Zhi immediately turned her head and simply said: “It is a disinfectant used to clean the wound . ”

“Where did it come from?” Hu Feng asked another question .

“My stuff . ”

“I’m asking you where did you get it?”

Bai Zhi injected the procaine into Meng Nan’s wound, her movements were very smooth . Meng Nan and Hu Feng’s eyes widen in amazement . You can put that transparent water inside the body with the help of that thick needle?

Meng Nan was very nervous, but he finally understood why Bai Zhi said those words earlier . Why must he keep this treatment as a secret?

This is simply incredible!

Bai Zhi didn’t look at Hu Feng, but she didn’t forget to answer his question: “You don’t need to care where all these stuff came from . You have the right to ask, but I also have the right not to answer your question . Hu Feng, Meng Dage, you just have to remember, I am not a bad person, I will not harm you . These things must be strange to you, but they are all good medicines that can save people’s life . ”

After saying those words, Bai Zhi took out a surgical needle, surgical thread, tweezers, and surgical scissors from the cloth bag… …

After wiping all the surgical instruments with disinfectant wipes, she neatly placed them to the bedside cabinet for easy access .

There is no assistant nurse that will help her get everything, she can only depend on herself .

Meng Nan looked at the curved surgical needle and asked with a trembling voice: “This, what is this thing?”

Bai Zhi didn’t make a sound, but he saw her putting silk thread on the needle . Meng Nan looked at his wound, and his heart shook in fear: “You, your not planning to use this to stitch my body, right?”

Bai Zhi gave him a bad look and said: “If I will not stitch your broken tendon, how do want me to attach them? If I will not use this surgical needle and thread, what do you want me to use?”

Seeing Meng Nan’s face as white as paper, she smiled and said: “Rest assured, it won’t hurt . ”

“Won’t hurt? This needle is so thick, the thread is also thick, how could say it won’t hurt?” While Meng Nan was speaking, Bai Zhi has already inserted the surgical needle and it passed through his flesh . But, what was strange is that he really didn’t feel in pain at all . As if his flesh was nothing but a piece of dead meat… …

Hu Feng raised an eyebrow . He didn’t expect Meng Nan could actually hold it . He didn’t even make a sound . The process looked very painful . So, how can he hold it?

Bai Zhi’s movements were very smooth . People with discerning eyes can tell that this was not her first time, as if she had done this a thousand times .

Suturing Meng Nan’s tendon ended fast, the surface of his kin was also quickly sutured . As if Bai Zhi was simply stitching a hole in a pocket .

When Bai Zhi cut the surgical thread, she got up to pick up her things .

Hu Feng, who was silent most of the time, asked Meng Nan: “Does it hurt?”

Meng Nan shook his head: “No, it doesn’t hurt . I don’t know what’s going on . I can feel the thread passing through my flesh, but it doesn’t hurt at all . ”

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