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Chapter 184

Chapter 184: To give one’s heart


Hu Feng looked at the small bottle on the table, it was only as big as a thumb of that little girl . That little girl sucked out all the transparent liquid with the use of a needle and small tube, then she injected everything inside Meng Nan’s hand .

And just like she said earlier, it won’t hurt .

Hu Feng looked at Bai Zhi, who was putting all her things inside the cloth bag . He has a lot of questions inside his heart, but he couldn’t open his mouth in front of Meng Nan .

After tidying up her things, Bai Zhi tied her cloth bag with a rope . Then, she went close to the desk and sat down to write prescriptions for Meng Nan .

If Meng Nan’s injury will be treated via Western medicine, it can recover by 70% at most . But, with Chinese medicine, it can recover by 50% .

If she will combine Chine and Western medicine, the recovery will be at least 90% . If Meng Nan is lucky, his hand might return to normal the same level as before .

Fortunately, she learned Chinese and Western medicine . And she was very proficient to both . With this, not only she will be happy, but also Meng Nan .

Bai Zhi opened the door and called Jin Shiwei to come in . Then, she handed two prescriptions: “There are two prescriptions . One is for external use, 2x a day, morning and evening . The other one is taken orally, 3x a day, take it before meals . ”

Jin Shiwei took the two prescriptions and read everything . When things were clear to him, he smiled and said: “I will remember it . ”

Bai Zhi looked back at Meng Nan and said: “I will come back to check your condition after 3 days . During those periods, you can’t use your left hand . You have to be careful, just move slightly . If it breaks again, I really don’t know how to save you . ”

Jin Shiwei answered: “I understand, in these three days, I promise that I will watch over gongzi day and night . I will not let him to even pull down his pants in the restroom . ”

Bai Zhi originally has a serious face, but when she heard Jin Shiwei’s words, she couldn’t help but imagine, Jin Shiwei helping Meng Nan to take off his pants and wiping his butt . The picture is too beautiful to imagine and hot .

Meng Nan blushed and shouted at Jin Shiwei in shame: “You, stop talking, no one will think you’re mute . ”

Jin Shiwei swept his eyes to Meng Nan and said: ‘If I don’t talk, you will take me as a mute person . I don’t want to be treated as one . ”

Before leaving, Bai Zhi reminded Meng Nan: “Remember what I said to you, keep your promise . Don’t let me down . ”

Meng Nan knew that she was serious . He could see from her eyes that she’s not joking .

Meng Nan nodded his head: “Don’t worry, I promised you, so I will do it . ”

When Bai Zhi left, Hu Feng followed .

Jin Shiwei leaned his body in front of Meng Nan and asked with a smile: “Gongzi, what did you promise her? Did you promise to give her your heart?”

Meng Nan sighed: “I think both people should be willing to do that . ” That little girl is too special . The more he learned things about her, the more she doesn’t think of her as an ordinary mountain girl . Her medical stuff looked very strange . Where did she get those things?

Jin Shiwei was shocked, his mouth kept opened in fright: “Gongzi, are out of your mind? With your talent and status, if you want to get it, which young lady will not look at you? ”

Meng Nan looked at the centipede-like suture on his wrist . His heart was clear that Bai Zhi is not the same as those young ladies he had met before . She will not throw herself to him just because of his face or status .

Jin Shiwei shook his head, he’s been with Meng Nan for a long time now . Naturally, he knows that he will not be tempted by a mere mountain girl .

Absolutely not!

Seeing that his young master’s spirit suddenly became low, Jin Shiwei no longer continues the topic . He said: “Gongzi, the public servant outside reported that, because there were many victims, who fled in the south, entered the town . The price of rice in the town keeps increasing . The citizens are complaining . ”

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