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Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Bai Loushi


 “That wastrel, that dead girl, according to your calculations, how much money do you think did she waste?” Old Lady Bai’s heart was in so much pain as if it was she who spent the money .

Mrs . Liu said with a sour tone: “Even if she spent so much, it’s her own money . We can’t control it . ”

Old Lady Bai screamed in anger: “We can’t control it? Isn’t her surname Bai? As long as her surname is Bai, we can control it . Didn’t we raise her for 12 years? We must clear this account . ”

This is exactly what Mrs . Liu wanted . She said those words in front of this old woman to get benefits from Bai Zhi . As long as this old woman looked for the mother and daughter once, twice or thrice, Bai Zhi and Zhao Lan could only give in if they wanted to live a peaceful life .

Mrs . Zhang came out of the house and went towards the old lady, who was full of anger: “You can worry about that stuff later, what are we going to eat today?”

In these past few days, they went out to dig wild vegetables . The wild vegetables they dug was only enough for a day . But this morning, it was raining, so they didn’t go outside to dig . And now it’s noon, there was nothing to eat in the house .

Old Lady Bai was also hungry . The wild vegetables they eat were always not enough . After they finished the meal, she gets hungry after two hours .

Old Lady Bai glared at Mrs . Zhang: “Eat, eat, eat, all you think about is food . Can’t you think about something else?”

Mrs . Zhang sneered: “Think about something else? What do you think? I am so hungry that my stomach is aching . Do think I’ll still have the strength to think?”

If this old woman says go to the east, no one will dare to go the west . Obviously, this old woman has money to buy rice, but she was only unwilling to take it out . She would rather let her family suffer in hunger or starved to death . As if she can take her money in the underworld .


“Over here!”

Outside, Doctor Lu’s voice sounded . Old Lady Bai hurriedly turned her head and saw Doctor Lu standing with two people . The two people were staring at her coldly . The older middle-aged officer asked: “Are you Bai Luoshi?”

Old Lady Bai’s heart jumped in shock and sweat started oozing on her forehead . The last time they were beaten seemed still vivid in her mind . So, seeing these two officers, her knees started trembling .

“Yes, this old woman is Bai Luoshi . ”

Their gate was not closed, so the two officers came in with Doctor Lu .

The officer quickly asked the old lady: “Lu Zhangchun told us that, your Bai Family owe him 6 silver coins, is that true?”

Old Lady Bai always believed that the IOU had been torn . So, as long as she refused to admit it, even if the emperor come, she will be cleared . With this thought in mind, she felt relieved and then she tilted her neck: “No, when did our Bai Family owe him money? He’s clearly blackmailing us . ”

Mrs . Liu also opened her mouth and said: “Yes, just because he said we owe him money, we really owed him? Where is his evidence? If words can be used as evidence, then I will also say he owes us 100 silver coins . ”

Doctor Lu coldly said: “I know that you will not admit your debt . Since I dare to bring officials with me, naturally, I have evidence . ”

After saying those words, Doctor Lu took out a letter from his sleeve, with two bright red fingerprints .

When Old Lady Bai saw this, she immediately yelled out loud: “Impossible, he shouldn’t have this letter, this letter was clearly… …” Old Lady Bai hurriedly covered her mouth . She almost blurted out the truth .

The Officer looked at the old lady with cold eyes: “What is it? Say it clearly . ”

Old Lady Bai immediately replied: “Obviously, it was forged by him . I never owed him money . ”

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