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Chapter 735: 735

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Chapter 735: Diabetes (6)

“If I can’t be cured, then fine. Because even if I’m cured, I’ll be angry with you every day. So instead of experiencing that, it’s better to die like this.”

The more Madam Meng spoke, the more she got angry. Then, she added: “This year hasn’t passed yet, but you want to see me dead. Well, it’s not bad for me to separate from you on New Year’s eve. You can live a good life by yourself after that!”

Madam Meng thought the day today was still the day before New Year’s Eve… …

Meng Nan replied in a low voice: “Mother, it’s already the 6th day of the first lunar month.”

Madam Meng’s open mouth didn’t close for a long time: “What did you say? Today is the 6th day of the first lunar month? How come it’s the 6th of the first lunar month today? Don’t we receive many gifts during New Year’s Eve?

Meng Nan sighed: “Mother, you are very sick, and you have been unconscious these days. If it weren’t for Bai Zhi, you wouldn’t wake up yet.

Hearing him mentioning Bai Zhi again, Madam Meng was so angry that she shouted: “Have all the doctors in the capital died? But even if all the doctors in the capital died, aren’t there still imperial doctors in the palace? Didn’t your father say before, if there is any difficulty, he could find the emperor and ask for grace? So aren’t we in difficulty now? I have been sick for so many days but he didn’t even ask the emperor for grace?”

Meng Nan didn’t know that his mother’s temperament was so difficult to understand. He thought she was gentle and kind.

Today, he saw her true face.

Meng Nan’s face turned cold, but he didn’t open his mouth anymore. It was the maidservant who busily answered: “Madam, you have wronged the master. When the master saw you become thin due to your illness, Master entered the palace and ask for the emperor’s grace. Imperial Doctor Zhang came to see you, but he was helpless to your disease. He said that with your disease, you wouldn’t live long.”

After hearing this, Madam Meng panicked immediately. She couldn’t utter a word for a long time. After all, no one wanted to die.

Seeing their madam’s face drastically change, the maidservant busily added: “Because Meng Gongzi was very worried, he said that Miss Bai must have a way to cure your disease, and then bravely travel against the wind and snow in the evening to invite Miss Bai. Sure enough, after Miss Bai busies herself to treat madam all night, you were finally rescued.”

Madam Meng’s heart beat fast in anxiousness. She opened her mouth and said with a weak voice: “Well, then, I don’t have to die?”

The maidservant hurriedly nodded her head: “Of course not, you madam you are blessed. Meng Gongzi is a filial son, and he really looks for a genius doctor for you. Miss Bai said, as long as you do what she says, take the medicine, and eat regular quantitative meals, it can reduce the attack of your disease and greatly extend your life span, just like ordinary people.”

After hearing this, Madam Meng finally felt relieved, but she still asked in fear: “What is my disease?”

The maidservant replied: “I heard from Imperial Doctor Zhang and Miss Bai that your disease is called Diabetic syndrome.”

Madam Meng’s hands shook again when she heard of Diabetic Syndrome. Her mother died of this disease. At that time, the doctors also had no way to cure her. She was given different kinds of medicine, but there was no improvement at all. She died in less than a month.

When her mother left, she was by her side. At that time, her mother could no longer recognize who she was, she kept talking nonsense, and then she just died like that.

She actually got this disease?

Seeing his mother like this, Meng Nan felt very unbearable. He stepped forward again, holding his mother’s hand, and warmly said: “Mother, don’t be afraid, Bai Zhi’s medical skills are really good. She said that she can cure your disease. Then, nothing will happen to you. Don’t think about it too much, okay?”

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