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Published at 13th of July 2019 02:13:53 PM

Chapter 66

The minister on the other end hung up ruthlessly without listening to her further questions .

Xia Xingkong believed there must be someone behind this accident, she called back to question closely . But the people just sighed and said, “Xingkong, don’t get mad, I have no choice . All I know is that someone with a high position asked for this . Have you offended anyone lately?”

Xia Xingkong was stunned for a long time when hearing his words . Speaking of the person who could arrange her work at the will and she may have offended recently, she wondered if he was… 

Mr . President .

Will he do such things for Xia Xingchen?

The more Xia Xingkong thought about it, the more incredible she felt . She didn’t believe that Xia Xingchen had such charm, so she called Xu Yan to confirm the truth .

After Xu Yan told her that it was Mr . President who required her apology, she was completely convinced . Xia Xingkong was so angry that she even wanted to smash the phone .

She pulled the door open and rushed out angrily . Li Lingyi happened to come over with high spirits, “Xingkong, have a look at the dancing shoes that Mom just bought for you . Have a try?”

“No need! They don’t need me now!”

Li Lingyi was surprised, “Ah? What’s the matter? You have already booked the tickets, why do they cancel your trip now?”

“Thanks to Xia Xingchen, the bitch!”

“What does it have to do with her?” Li Lingyi didn’t understand .

When Xia Xingkong remembered all those things happened in the past two days, her eyes got misty .

“She hooked up with the President and screw up my job! Xu Yan told me that the President said that if I didn’t apologize to her, the consequences would be on my own! Now it’s just a performance, I may even lose the job if I don’t make an apology . What’s worse, I may be not allowed to dance in the future!”

Li Lingyi was completely shocked, “No way? The President… Will he stick up for her like that? What have you done to her?”

“I will go to find her and ask about this first!” Xia Xingkong left Li Lingyi behind and went out in a rage .

“Do you know where to find her?” Li Lingyi caught up with her and asked .

“The presidential residence!”

The presidential residence?

Li Lingyi was shocked again: Xia Xingchen… Lives in the presidential residence?! God! Will this woman one day become the President’s wife?


“Dr . Fu, how is he?” After all the examinations, Xia Xingchen asked Fu Yichen .

“Miss Xia, for the time being, stay away from Mr . President . You should be isolated from each other, or he may affect you . ” Fu Yichen replied .

Xia Xingchen looked at Bai Yeqing and nodded, “Oh, OK . I’ll go out right now . ”

Bai Yeqing’s face turned sullen: when does this woman behave so tamely?!

“Besides…” Fu Yichen paused, cleared his throat and continued, “Since you are isolated, there is no more kisses . You both know that, right?”

“…” Xia Xingchen blused immediately .

Bai Yeqing took the pillow and threw it at Fu, “Dr . Fu, you’re really verbose!”

Fu Yichen caught the pillow deftly, “Mr . President, this is my responsibility . ”

“I’ll go out first . You go ahead . ” Xia Xingchen opened the door and ran away hurriedly .

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Xia Xingchen went back to her room and prepared for breakfast . Then the mobile phone rang and it was Chi Weiyang, “Xingchen, ask them to let me in . They’ve searched over my body and checked my ID card, but they don’t allow me to enter!”

“Where are you?”

“Outside the presidential residence!”

“You really come here?” Xia Xingchen thought that luckily, Dr . Fu had brought many protective suits here, “Wait a minute, I’ll have someone come out to pick you up . ”

After a while, the servant led Chi Weiyang into the side building .

Chi Weiyang complained to the servant all the way, “It’s too troublesome to come in, so many access checks, and you even have to check fingerprints and temperature . ”

“We have no choice, after all, it’s a very special place here . ”

That’s true, it’s Mr . President’s mansion, the most special place of the country, isn’t it?

Chi Weiyang kept looking around while walking, feeling like entering the Grand View Garden . When she reached the side building, the magnificent doors opened abruptly, and a slender figure came out from inside . She took a glance at the person who came near, then halted her steps, remained still and dumbfounded .

It’s him!

Fu Yichen… 

How long has it been since I saw him?

It had been a long time, and she nearly forgot his name… 

Even this person and his face had disappeared in her mind and left no trace… 

In the past, when she was still crazy about him, she would think about him when eating, walking, studying and even sleeping .

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But then… she gradually stopped thinking about him… 

She forgot him…

She forgot the once-most-important person in her life… 

Apparently, Fu Yichen didn’t expect to meet Chi Weiyang here, so he was also shocked .

His lips moved as if to say something, however, Chi Weiyang walked sideways and passed him .

“Stop!” Fu Yichen had a sudden impulse and grasped her wrist .

Feeling the strength and heat of his hand, Chi Weiyang only felt her heart break apart . But she took a look at him coldly and asked the servant, “Who is this man? So rude!”

“Dr . Fu, Miss Chi is Miss Xia’s guest . ” The servant explained in a hurry .

“Whoever enters the door must receive the disinfection first!” Fu Yichen dragged her to another room without hesitation . Chi Weiyang struggled twice but failed to get away .

He’s a man of great strength!

She was pushed into a room with several medical staff in it . Seeing Fu Yichen come in with a sullen face, they greeted him in a hurry, “Dr . Fu . ”

After that, they cast their curious eyes on the young woman Fu had dragged in .

Who is she? It’s rare for Dr . Fu to be so close to a woman .

“Help her disinfect all over her body! Also, prepare a protective suit for her! ” Fu Yichen gave a deadpan command .

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“Roger that . ”

Fu Yichen then turned to walk out, and when he reached the door, he stopped abruptly and warned, “Dress her carefully . Don’t leave any chance to the virus!”

His attitude remained cold .

“Yes, you can rest assured . ” The medical staff responded in succession .

He didn’t stay longer and only left them with an unfeeling figure .

Chi Weiyang didn’t look to the door until it was completely closed . There was nothing for her to see, but she still stared at the door for a long time .

Her eyes gradually got misty… 

It was hard for her to control the feelings .

Everything came too abruptly, just like a dream .

Everything looked so untrue…

However, that person really appeared before her eyes just now… 


“Are you Dr . Fu’s friend?” As the medical staff disinfected her, they chatted with her casually, “It looks like Dr . Fu is nervous about you . ”

“Oh, he’s nervous about every woman, isn’t he?” Chi Weiyang gave a plain smile and felt her chest stuffed

“That’s not true . ”

Chi Weiyang looked at the medical staff and said, “Are you familiar with him? Have you met his wife? Is she beautiful?”

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