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Gosick - Volume 4 - Chapter 4.5

Published at 5th of February 2016 08:24:23 PM

Chapter 4.5


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Julie Guile stepped off the ship with her head bowed, trying to look inconspicuous . She walked faster and faster, finally breaking into a run away from the ship .

No wonder, she murmured silently .

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Countless vessels were arriving at the port, and throngs of people were disembarking . The shouts of dockworkers unloading cargo and of bustling sailors hard at work filled the air . There were travelers departing on transoceanic voyages, accompanied by their families who had come to see them off . Porters were carrying luggage on and off the ships . The air was alive with the clamor of a typical morning at the docks .

Julie blended in unnoticed among the hubbub, attempting to disappear into the crowd . The policemen had told her not to leave, of course, but she had no intention of listening to them . She slipped into the morning crush of people, walking briskly away . Now that she had left the ship, the woman known as Julie Guile existed no more . All she needed to do was escape into the city, and she wouldn’t be found again .

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But Julie didn’t notice the men trailing her—two men holding hands, skipping along, wearing matching rabbit-skin hunting caps . As she walked, she murmured to herself, “No wonder . You did that back then, too, didn’t you… . ”

Tears blurred her vision .

Her memories came rushing back .

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No, “memory” was too kind of a word .

It was a nightmare . A night like a bad dream…

Isn’t that right, Huey? You tricked us… .

A hound released into a drove of hares—Huey, or rather, Ned Baxter…

So that’s how you played dead back then!