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Published at 20th of March 2019 11:21:50 AM

Chapter 111

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With the applause from my girls, I ended my singing nicely . From the response given by my girls, I know my singing is touching their heart, especially Clara and Claire who shed tears from their eyes .

It seems romantic songs is rare or maybe doesn't exist in this world . That's why people will like it once they heard it .

"Well, girls…do you like my singing?"

"Absolutely! It's wonderful"

"We love it, Henry…I think I will never be bored listening to that song"

"Wow, brother Henry…you really make that song during your journey to the beach?"

Clara and Claire praise my singing while wiping the tears from their cheeks .

"Hahaha…I really miss you, girls, out there . And in the night there's nothing to do except thinking of you, so I make that song while thinking about you"

Well, it's not my song but I shamelessly claimed I make that song . Mr . Daniel if you don't like your song played here, you can come here, to this alternate world, and make a lawsuit to me .

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My girls getting blushing when hearing my reply .

"Brother Henry…you haven't told us about your experience there"

"That's right, I want to hear that too"

"Please tell us about your experience in the beach Henry"

"You want to hear my experience there? Alright, let's go to my room then . I've seen the result of your practice and I'm pleased with that . Good works"

We leave the music rooms and return to my room . I sit on the couch with Carina sit beside me, Clara and Claire look dissatisfied but after I give a secret sign with my finger, pointing them and the bed, Clara and Claire no longer mind with Carina sit beside me . That sign means 'you will spend the night until dawn with me in the bed, so don't mind with the trivial matter' is quite effective, Clara and Claire bashfully sit on the chair near me .

"Alright girls…where should I start my story?"

"From the beginning of course"

"If I start from the beginning that will be a long story to hear…are you sure?"

"Yes, can you start now?"

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"Okay… . As you know, to prevent another incident as I had before, I use replacement to cover me . So that replacement use my armor and attributes, act like he was me while I'm wearing the ordinary uniform and cover my head with the hood, follow from behind

"Wait…that's mean the guy that rides in the middle is not you, Henry?"

"Yes, I'm riding in the rear, so if anything bad happens in the front, I can escape quickly"

"Ugh! I'm getting embarrassed if remember that time I wave and cheer to that guy"

"Hahaha…but I see you wave for me, and I'm happy for that"

"Please continue Henry"

"We ride on and not stop for eating, we take frikadel from the bag and eat it while riding the horse, we also drinking while riding the horse… . "

I continue my story to the part when we arrive at the beach, making an encampment, cutting trees, cooking the salt water, and fishing fish at night with the crew .

After I tell my story for a while, Carina is yawning couple times . Well, it's her bedtime anyway, usually, after dinner, people in the castle get rest and sleep afterward .

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"Are you sleepy Carina? Why not we continue the story tomorrow?"

"No! I still want to hear brother Henry's story more"

"Alright…why don't you lean your head on my lap? That would be more comfortable to listen, right?"

"Mmm! Okay"

Without hesitation, Carina changes her sitting position and lean her head on my laps while listening to my story again . While caressing Carina's hair, I continue my story, it already reaches the part when I go to the cave on the cliff .

"… . You see, there's no way birds make the nest in the cliff, so I'm thinking…there's must be a cave in this cliff . I ask my uncle to bring some ropes, and make me descend from the top of the cliff to that cave using that ropes…"

I continue my story to the part when I find the birds nest and the skeleton there till the part when we bury the skeleton in the cliff . I still want to continue my story if Clara not stopping my story by pointing at Carina .

"Henry…She already sleeps"

I look at Carina that lean her head on my laps, her eyes already closed .

"Carina…do you hear me?"

I call her while rubbing her cheek, but there's no answer from her . Carina still closes her eyes and there's even a smile on her lips . Did she really sleeps and already have sweet dreams?

"Ah, she really sleeps…So we must continue the story tomorrow then . Help me move her to her own bed, please"

"Yes, Henry"

I shift Carina's head from my laps carefully so not to wake her up before lift Carina in princess carries to her bedroom . Clara and Claire open the door for me . After carefully laid Carina in her bed, I ask Clara and Claire .

"Should we let her sleep or she needs to change her dress?"

Carina is still wearing her maid uniform when she sleeps .

"Let us change her dress, Henry . you just return to your room and wait for us there"

"Okay, just don't wake her when you change her dress"

"We know that, Henry"

I'm leaving their room and going back to my own room, let Clara and Claire stay there to change Carina's dress .

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