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Chapter 45

Wei Qiqi followed the compass for directions and started searching the possible areas that Third Duke might have walked in his dehydrated state . She searched for a day and a night and was extremely tired till there was no more energy left . Till the beginning of the third day, Qiqi still hasn’t found any signs of the Third Duke .

This damned Liu Zhong Tian . Qiqi saw the sun going higher and higher . The third day is going to be over soon . At this rate, Liu Zhong Tian is going to die . If he dies, Qiqi gazed upon the desert and scratched her messy hair . She started howling uncontrollably . After reaching the Great Han for such a long period of time, even though that guy is very fierce, always talking about killing and chopping,he is the only person that cares about her .

Qiqi stumbled around and her legs suddenly touched something which almost caused her to trip . She

set her gaze on it and her soul nearly left her body . It is a pile of white bones . One look and she knows that it is someone who lost their way and died in the desert . Looking at this scary scene, Qiqi seemed to have seen the handsome Third Duke also turning into a pile of white bones and got covered by the yellow sand .

When it is afternoon, Qiqi seemed to have given up . This time, Liu Zhong Tian doesn’t even have hope of surviving . She felt a wave of giddiness . The whole seemed to turn instantly and then she fell in the desert .

Qiqi struggled weakly to open her eyes and looked at the sky . She realized a few desert vultures circling around in the sky, emitting sharp noises . She instantly became on alert . The vultures have discovered something and attempted to fly down to seek for food . Then? Wei Qiqi stood up

up excitedly . There was somebody down there!

Qiqi speedily ran towards that direction, sending the yellow sand underneath her feet flying . A cloud of yellow dust flew up, after running for a distance, she is nearing to the position of the vultures circling . Qiqi then saw that there is someone lying in the desert . Isn’t that the Third Duke?

Wei Qiqi agitatedly ran over, realizing that the Third Duke is lying down facing up, his both eyes tightly shut . It must be due to the long period of dehydration that he fainted . Qiqi took out a water bag and pointed its opening towards his mouth . However his lips are tightly shut and there is no response from him at all .

“Duke, do not die . If you die, what will Qiqi do?” Qiqi lost her voice and started crying loudly . He must drink the water, only when he drinks the water then will he survive . How to let him drink the

drink the water? Qiqi’s face suddenly became hot . To save Liu Zhong Tian’s life, she doesn’t care about so much anymore . Qiqi placed the water within her mouth and placed her mouth on top of Third Duke’s lips .

Qiqi’s lips touched Third Duke’s lips . Her heart felt some excitement . She calmed herself down and slowly sent the water over through her lips . At this moment, Qiqi felt that her head is covered by a pair of strong arms . Third Duke’s lips speedily caught onto her . Not waiting for her to react to what is going on, Liu Zhong Tian already flipped over and embraced her and started madly kissing her .

A wave of strong wind stirred in the desert . With a sky full of yellow sand, Liu Zhong Tian and Wei Qiqi started fumbling about in the endless desert . Qiqi felt Liu Zhong Tian’s lovely touch and the wave of emotions stirring inside of her heart . She shockingly

She shockingly remembered that dream, the dream that kept harassing her . That man is actually the Great Han Third Duke…… Wei Qiqi is at a loss .

Qiqi felt Liu Zhong Tian’s hands caressing every inch of her skin on her body . His hot lips landed on her ears, igniting her sensitive nerves . The cold Third Duke has actually become so passionate . This made Qiqi at a loss . She is only seventeen years old . Qiqi hasn’t even prepared to give up her chastity to any man . She frantically pushed aside Liu Zhong Tian, but he can no longer control himself . He kissed even more fervently . Slowly, Qiqi’s clothes were rolling among the desert .

Liu Zhong Tian placed his arms on her spine, his lips landing on her neck, shoulder, and remained on her front . Qiqi instantly felt that her inside is rushing and stirring madly, lost in Liu Zhong Tian’s light touch and feverish kissing……

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