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Published at 12th of March 2016 08:41:10 PM

Chapter 2
Chapter 002, Magical Liquid Metal

I, Hotta Youta, in this parallel world, had become a 3 year old『Lute』 .

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Also, I finally learned how to walk and talk . I wanted to go outside the town to look around but the orphanage rules prohibited me . That would only be allowed once I turned 7 .

On the other hand, walking around the orphanage was possible . Every morning, it was decided that I would receive lessons from El-sensei in one of the large rooms at the orphanage . El-sensei gathered the orphanage and town’s children and taught them reading and writing, arithmetic, this world’s history, and common etiquette . So that’s why the oba-chans adoringly refer to her as teacher .

Math aside, living in this world required you to learn reading and writing, and, of course, general knowledge .

The children taking the class were of an age around first year primary school students . Since I was quiet, I was the only 3 year old child sitting in the back where I was not punished to stand in hallway .

Math — I had no problems with the basic four operations . My outward age is 3 . But inside, I’ll be 30 this year . By the time I became a hikikimori, I had already mastered those four basic mathematical operations .

I was able to memorize without any difficulty the alphabet they used in reading and writing . Maybe it was because I was in growing up phase, or was reincarnated, or the combination of those two .

From the history lesson, I received details on how this parallel world came to be . Because the entire lesson took a day to end, the rest became summarized .


Approximately 100,000 years ago — a god, named Tenjin-sama, created both the celestial world and the surface world, and governed in peace . But one day, 6 Dai Maou stole the secret art from Tenjin-sama which was referred to as manipulating belief or Shinpou . The Dai Maous were able to manipulate Shinpou and degrade it into magic . Soon after, they escaped to the surface world . And then, the 6 Dai Maou conquered the surface world using the power of magic . However in the 5 large continents where the 5 races live, heroes had risen; the secret art for magic was taken back from the Dai Maous . And the magic had been restructured in order to deal with them . And because of the emergence of those magical heroes, five of the Dai Maous were defeated and sealed . But the last of the Dai Maous had allegedly gone into hiding while holding his breath at the Demon Continent . However, thanks to the heroes from the five races, peace had finally arrived in the surface world .

That was the summary of this world’s history .

100,000 years… The history of the previous world’s humanity began about 7 million years ago . Even so, if you were to compare them, isn’t there a large time difference…?

The 5 races that the heroes came from are from the different races in this world . They’re from Human, Fay, Beast, Dragon and Demon .

The Human race looked similar to me . In this world, they were the most populous . The Fay race were referred to elves, dwarfs, fairies and other such creatures . The Beast race had non-human ears similar to El-sensei . They also had noticeable beastly characteristics . On the other hand, the Dragon race resembled the appearance of a human but had a dragon horn on their head . Among the 5 races, they had the most pride in their clan . And lastly, the Demon race . Those who can’t be classified from other four races were usually classified from this race .

Those heroes are now popularly called『Heroes of the Five Races』 . They are often used in epic stories and fairy tales .


Next is general knowledge . We learned in history that Magic was taken back from the Dai Maous . But in order for me to deal with the inhabitants in this world, I’ll become someone who manipulates magic .

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People that could handle magic in this world are called 『Magicians』 .

Because of the history on how the Dai Maous were defeated and sealed, the social status of Magicians are quite high . Naturally, Magicians also exist in all sorts of ranks . If the rank is high, then their influence also increases .

These are the rankings:

SSS rank

SS+ rank SS rank SS- rank

S+ rank S rank S- rank

A+ rank A rank A- rank

B+ rank B rank B- rank

C+ rank C rank C- rank

B+ rank is the limit most common people can reach . A rank is only reached by a handful of people called『Prodigies』 . The existences that reach S rank are referred to as『Inhuman』『Fiend』『Freak』 . The existences that reach SS class are referred to as being in Maou class . Reaching the God’s domain, the SSS rank, is referred to as『Shinpou』or God’s Technique .

Fundamentally, children referred to as『Talented Magicians』were those that held B- rank magic and above . Their latent magical capacity could be sensed from the outside .

An individual’s effort and affinity depends on their dedication to spiritual improvement . However, there is no alternative for those holding B rank magical capacity; even those that moved to A-rank and S rank were seemingly like that . However, for those holding C+ rank magical power, they won’t reach B- rank even if they’re not capable . That’s why it was still necessary to practice magic in order to go beyond the standard .

If one became a rank higher than B-, they’re basically winners; they can choose whichever job they want especially those high-paying ones .

「From the time they are born, winners are already separated from losers… . 」

Furthermore, people that are judged as losers do not become more than B- rank as written in history .

In this harsh world, juniors surpassing seniors is basically impossible .

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For that reason, royals, aristocrats, and old lineages, disliked the tendency of having to marry with the exception of magicians .

High-class magicians marry for the sake of increasing the probability of giving birth to more talented children . These is the reason why the magical capacity of the old lineages, nobles and the like are fundamentally high .

You can roughly divide magics into four separate categories . 1: Attribute Magic 2: Void Magic 3: Healing Magic 4: Support Magic

Attribute magic is, quite literally, manipulating a source of an attribute like changing it into fire . Void magic is offensive magic without attribute magic . It is identified as manipulating magic itself . Healing magic is magic that cures injuries mainly by operating within the body . In certain games it’s called white magic . Support magic is defense, movement buffs and so on . With the exception of offensive magic, it is everything else lumped together .

By the way, El-sensei’s magician’s rank is B+ rank . However, her specialty is healing magic .

I approached El-sensei to ask about something after the classes were over .

「El-sensei, can I… ask you something?」 「When there was something you did not understand during class, you immediately would come to ask . Although you are still small, you sure are a hard worker, aren’t you, Lute?」

While giving me a smile that made me warm and fuzzy inside, she gently stroked my head .

「It’s not something I don’t understand in the lessons . But… I want to confirm whether I have talent to be a magician . 」 「Ah… . 」

Her hand suddenly stopped stroking me . The question was like『Where do babies come from?』when asking your parents; such awkward atmosphere .

Ehh? Did she hear it right? 「That… errr… right… Lute… you don’t have talent to be a magician… . 」

El-sensei, after hesitating, answered resolutely .

「I already confirmed it when Lute was a baby . There’s no doubt about it . 」 When I was… a baby? Hmm… Ah, I see! That time when you carried me and placed your hand on my head, you had a seemingly sad expression… So that was the reason!

The face I showed her after understanding what she said, she misunderstood it as shock . El-sensei gave me a lap pillow, as she matched my gaze and tried to make me understand by talking in a serious tone of voice .

「Even if you don’t have any talent as a magician, don’t be sad… Becoming a magician isn’t the only important thing in this world… . 」 「Sensei has already seen many people and watched over many children in the orphanage . Like you, Lute, even though they were not talented as magicians, they have become successful traders, craftsmen, and things like that . Those kids still discovered happiness despite not becoming magicians . Although you were not blessed with talent, don’t be disheartened and lose your way . Those that failed to come to terms with reality ended up with miserable lives… . 」 「Lute… I know you are a good child, that is why… You have to plan your life in a way that  properly matches your ability, understood?」

『Because you were not blessed with talent, come to terms with reality, set up a plan for your life that matches your ability』to a 3 year old baby, is that the normal thing to say?

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No, guys who act reckless will ruin their body even though they know they don’t have the talent .

「Umm… Sensei, For the sake of my curiosity… What rank is my magical capacity?」 「Ah, that’s right… About C rank」

C rank, isn’t that the second position from the bottom? El-Sensei, without restraint, told me resolutely . 『It would be good if you gave up on trying to be a magician』I think that was what she meant . I acted innocently as I responded to her .

「I guess, I don’t have any talent… Sensei says so… I think I will walk a path that isn’t one . 」 「That’s a good boy! Well then, because Sensei still has lots of things to do, I’ll be going now . 」 「Sensei, thank you for answering my question . 」

El-sensei stood up, stroked my head and left the room .

I have no talent as a magician… Normally, in such reincarnations stories,  the main character has talent, training their magical power from the time they were a child and receiving a enormous magical capacity and other benefits . Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

In my previous life, I had been killed by  the main perpetrator of my bullying . I had been reborn and then abandoned by my parents . Furthermore I was also told that I had no talent . Surely, it’s “an arrow to the knee” .

For the sake of helping others and also for my own protection, I need to get stronger, after all, not becoming a magician in this world is… severe . Also, I’ll become something a bit more grand and do fencing and Kenpou and things like that . But, where will I find someone to teach me?

It can’t be helped . Those without talent will always be jealous and envious . I resolve myself for an alternative plan . However, in class the next day, a ray of hope appeared .


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


In General Knowledge class, lessons concerning magical devices were taught .

An ordinary person can’t possess magical power… But there is a way to utilize magic . And that is by using『Magical Devices』 . Magical Devices are identified as, all devices endowed with magical energy .

A sword with magic energy inside becomes sharper, armor acquires resistance to things like fire, footwear will make you swift like the wind, et cetera — magical devices are very diverse . Naturally, magical devices are more expensive than ordinary weapons .

Like that, in the explanation of the magical devices, there was a truly interesting subject . 『Magical Liquid Metal』 An item obtained by killing a monster called metal slime .

Magical Liquid Metal is a special metal having a unique characteristics; distributing magical power while coming into contact with it and having a mental image of the weapon will transform it to that very shape .

The advantage of this is that if it’s in small quantities, it’s easy to carry . For that reason, it’s used as a magical tool of choice for assassins .

The disadvantage is that once it’s fixed into a shape it will never again return back to magical liquid metal It’s said that unless you picture the image clearly; if you make a sword, it will be blunt; if you make an armor, it will not only be uneven, but also the size would not match . Restricted to use, cumbersome, and expensive . An item that is also referred to as a classic example of an unpopular commodity .

Suddenly, a Newtype sound – ran through my mind .

A gun using magical liquid metal — it is possible to make a handgun, right?

This world’s metallurgy technology is not that great, but if it’s something close to an arquebuses, they might be able to craft it . However, those guns could only shoot one shot per round while using『Muzzle-loading Style』 .

When the day I fight this world’s magician comes, I’ll be using modern arms — even if they are small like revolvers, it will still be necessary .

『If I manufacture parts using this magical liquid metal, shouldn’t I create handguns with a modern design?』 I thought in such a way .

It’s worth a try .

I immediately wanted to buy and make some to test it but I don’t have money . I don’t even have the advantage of studying magic . Whether『Flowing Magic Power』is literally or not, I don’t even know .

It’s not particularly necessary to become a magician, right? But it was necessary to study general knowledge about magic .

I, from this day onward, was branded as a『Magician without talent』 . However, I was determined to study magic .



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