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Published at 12th of March 2016 08:41:21 PM

Chapter 6
Episode 006: A Night with Snow

During the night after I talked with the merchant, Malton . I slept on a futon in the boys room which was spread on the floor with boys of the orphanage sleeping on either side .

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「…te…kun… . 」 「*yawn*」SFX : Fugaa~

I heard a dim pechi pechi sound near my ear and felt being slapped on my cheeks . What I felt was too realistic for a dream .

「Lu…Lute,n…Lute-kun… . 」 「n…ga!?」 「Shhh!!! Don’t be loud . Everyone will wake up . 」

It was not a dream . Snow looked into my face as i opened my eyes Her hands were covered down on my mouth so that i won’t let out a voice .

There are some rules in the orphanage . The most serious crime among them is that a boy or a girl sneaks into each others room at night . In case it is violated, one will get one day with no meal . And yet, the honour student Snow broke that rule and trespassed into the boys room!

I think about the reason why she trespassed into the boys room to meet me .

…Could it be that Snow is night crawling!?

I’m not an insensible anime character . I’m a live human being .

I’ve felt for a certain time that she had been fondly thinking of me occasionally lately . For example, she would be delighted if i gently stroke her head after we did work in the afternoon together .

Even though I was attracted to Snow, it was not towards the opposite sex . It would be closer to the love given to a younger sister or daughter . But if we grow up and still yearn for each other in the future, I believe… becoming lovers or marriage partners might be possible .

However, night crawling was too early at the age of 5! Besides, a girl was attacking a boy! To make me a fait accompli at this age—Snow, what a fearful child!

Although my body is that of a 5 year old like her, my mind is that of a 32-year-old『young adult』 . It seems I ought to give her some lecturing . Snow brings her face closer and whispers in my ear .

「Everybody will wake up, be quiet please? Okay?」 I nodded twice .

When i nodded, Snow slowly lifted her hands from my mouth .

「Uhm, Snow, your feelings are—」 「Shhhh!!! Not here or everybody will wake up… Follow me . 」

I sneaked out of the boys’ room according to Snow’s instructions .

There was no electricity in this world . The infrastructure for gas and water also did not exist . As if the world was as dark as being blindfolded at night . I continued walking while Snow led me by the hand . It turned out that she went towards the dining room .

Starlight came from the window . Seeking the light, we sat near the window of the dining room . And I sat on the floor while grasping my knees .

It was warm during the day but chilly at night as expected . Our shoulders warmed each other by touching . Though there’s also the reason of making it easier for me to listen to her whispers .

「So, what’s the reason why you broke the rule and brought me here?」 「Un… you see… there is something that I really wanted to ask you… . 」

If the voice was this small, the people who were sleeping in the rooms would not be disturbed . However, it is said that girls are growing faster than boys, but she might be curious about my feelings at this age . I understood the rush since there were other girls similar to my age at my side, but at least she could have waited until the sun came up .

It’s certainly true that popular guys have it hard .

I jokingly made an impression of flipping my bangs in my heart . But Snow asked me with a dark expression .

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「Um… did Lute-kun ever think of meeting with your mother or father?」 「…Eh!?」 「Like I said, do you want to meet the mother and father who abandoned you away?」

Huh? This was not a confession or a bittersweet『I want to know the feelings of Lute-kun that I love』event? Rather, it was a serious consultation .

After giving an apology in my heart for thinking badly of Snow, I switched my emotions and asked her .

「Snow, why are you asking me this?」 「…Today, Lute-kun told sensei『it’s not like I want to meet with them after all this time』,   right?」

Casting her eyes down, Snow revealed her feelings bit by bit .

「Snow wants to meet mom and dad . When we meet, Snow will ask them why they abandoned Snow away . And Snow wants to live with mom and dad…  Is Snow weird for thinking like this?」

Snow’s circumstances were similar to mine . On the same day, we were left together at the orphanage .

Then I declared,『After all this time, I never thought of meeting my parents』 . She herself felt,『I want to see them』『I want to live with them if I could』, I guess she was worried whether it was wrong to have those feelings .

Snow was savoring sadness she would rather not experience . The reason I didn’t want to meet my parents was because I was a reincarnated being who had drawn memories from my past life .

Wanting to know the reason for being cast away by parents, to make peace with them, and to live together is not a weird thing . It’s normal . In fact, I’m the one who’s weird—I could not possibly explain it to her just like that . Conversely, it would only make her more worried .

In that case, I should explain with actions rather than with words . I changed my position from sports sitting to sitting cross-legged .

「Snow, come over here . 」 「Why?」 「Just do it already . 」

Urging her a bit forcefully, I had her sit on my knees . Snow felt a bit cramped given the closeness of our bodies, but I pressed her ears to my left chest .

「Can you hear the sound of my heart?」 「…Yes, I can hear . It goes dokun, dokun, dokun… . 」 「People get relieved hearing the sound of heartbeats . This is because, as babies, we are raised hearing our mother’s heartbeats . 」

Oddly, Snow was now rolled up in a fetal position . She closed her eyes and leaned her body against mine .

「Wanting to meet your parents is not weird . So, there’s no reason to feel worried . 」 「Really?」 「Uh-huh, it’s true . The reason why I never thought of meeting my parents is because I have no way of looking for them . 」

Humans were the race with the most populous among the 5 races .

「Just one clue: I have a star-shaped birthmark on the back of my right shoulder; I can’t just show this to everyone I meet and ask them . Besides, I have no talent as a magician; it’s hard to think that the parents who casted me out would come back and pick me up . So, it’s clear that I will never meet with my parents again for as long as I live . 」

I hugged Snow close and continued talking while patting her head . Making no signs of resistance, she listened carefully .

「But Snow is different . Unlike me, Snow has talent as a magician . Besides, the White Wolf race is a minority that lives in the snowy mountains of the North Continent . If you go north you might find some clues there . Even so, forgive me for saying『after all this time I never thought of meeting my parents』so insensitively, ‘kay?」

Throwing away children in silence was unusual . In addition, it was a child that had talent for becoming a magician—seems like there was a good reason for it .

This might be an unpleasant way of putting it, but, if she became a magician she could earn them lots of money . Even if they’re poor, there was no reason to let go of the golden egg . If they wanted money quickly at all cost, they should have sent her out to some childless rich and powerful people as an adopted daughter .

If for example there was one reason to send a child with talent as a magician away to an orphanage, it was cases like: both parents died, a scramble by the relatives happened, and as a result the child’s heart became traumatized—they were given over to Elle-sensei’s place to rehabilitate .

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There were also lots of other children with talent as magicians given over to the orphanage for various reasons .

「…Snow is also sorry . Snow asked such an insensitive question without thinking of Lute-kun’s feelings . 」 「There’s no reason for you to apologize . I was the one in the wrong, you see . 」 「If that’s the case, then Snow and Lute-kun are both in the wrong . So it’s a tie . 」 「That’s right . It’s a tie . 」 「As an apology, Snow will tell Snow’s dream only to Lute-kun… . 」

She slowly started reciting her own dream .

「You see, when Snow is bigger, Snow will become a magician . Then, Snow will go to the north continent to look for father and mother . Once Snow finds those two, Snow will ask why they abandoned Snow away . If we could make peace, then the three of us will live together in the same house… This is Snow’s dream . 」 「It’s a good dream . If it’s you, then it will absolutely come true… . 」

I took a breath and continued .

「…But if you couldn’t find them or you couldn’t make peace with them, Snow still has me, Elle-sensei and the kids at the orphanage . Don’t forget that okay?」 「…Un, thanks Lute-kun . 」

I hugged her closely in order—to transmit not just by words, but also by the warmth—to let her know she was not alone in this world .

「Is it okay to hear the sound of Lute-kun’s chest a little bit more?」 「Uh-huh, you can listen all you like . 」

So as to hear my heartbeat some more, Snow nuzzled her ear against my chest . It was surprisingly ticklish . Bathed in starlight, Snow and I continued to bring together our bodies some more .


…I wonder how much time had passed . I separated my body from Snow . As I returned to my room with her, I asked .

「Should we sleep together tonight, after all?」 「Lute-kun is ecchi~~ . 」

Eeeh, didn’t we sleep together in the same futon just one year ago? She then returned to the girls’ room without turning back .

「As I thought, girls sure grow fast, huh?」

The mutterings of a middle-aged man with a mental age of over 30 disappeared down the dark hallway .


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


Lute, 5 years old .

The merchant Malton, who specializes in magic tools, opened a shop in the commercial city Tver .

There were several routes going between Tver and the defence city, Tallcas (so named for having tall walls and relics of the great war of old; it is the next most prosperous city after Tver in the region) . The most popular one was the central road which had a travel time of up to 10 days .

A less popular route was the road that goes through Hoad town in the Aljio region where the orphanage was .

Despite being in the exact center point between commercial city, Tver, and defence city, Tallcas, it could not be reached unless one takes a detour through the forests . Furthermore, taking the detour to go to Hoad town means spending an extra 10 days . In other words, going town to town through Hoad required 20 days of travel time .

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Because going by the central road takes half the time, there are not many people who goes through the Hoad town on purpose . Therefore the town’s population is few, and is decreasing .

The day I met the merchant Malton, I hurriedly had him write up a contract and signed it .

That was because I wanted to have that magic liquid metal as soon as I can .

According to him, it would take 10 days from now to get back to shop . Plus 1 day of preparation and 10 days to come here, makes 21 days . Furthermore he asked for an additional 1 or 2 days in case some unexpected situation occurred .

This was not like the world in my previous life where an order you made would arrive the next day . I apologized for hurrying him and said my thanks .

In the afternoon, 21 days after Malton and I parted ways . His subordinates delivered the magic liquid metal to the orphanage .

It was transported inside a cask in the horse cart drawn by 2 horned horses (horses that seems to have a horn growing from their foreheads, because of its strength it could be used to pull carts and such) . Nevertheless, just one of those weighed about 250 kg . I truly wanted all the magic liquid metal available, but I still did not really know whether I could make handguns out of it .

Because it was so expensive, I only got him to sell me a barrel’s worth . Nevertheless, it still seemed to have cost 25 gold coins in total .

Among Elle-sensei’s classes there were also lessons about money .

Based on my life experiences here, if I were to put it in terms of modern currency it would be something like『1 gold coin (100,000) = 10 silver coins = 100 large copper coins = 1,000 copper coins』 .

Intuitively, 1 copper coin is worth 100 Yen .

The price of wheat for 1 day’s needs is 2 copper coins (the amount of wheat for 1 person for 1 day is about 1 kg) 1 kg of wild boar pork is 3 silver coins (30,000 Yen) . About 1 liter of cheap wine is 1 large copper coin and 2 copper coins (1,200 Yen) .

So by intuition, 25 gold coins is about 2,500,000 Yen . 1 liter is about 1 silver coin (10,000 Yen) As expected, even though it was bad, it was still a magic tool . However, because it was not a product that was in circulation much due to being unpopular, bad stock that had been stored for too long seemed to be obtainable for a cheaper price with some negotiation . Being a rare item, the price varied depending on the situation at the time of negotiation . It was just that since what I put on offer was only knowledge, I would turn a blind eye to it .

The subordinate took the cask down from the cart and called me .

「Could you confirm that the contents isn’t wrong, just to be sure?」

The lid was gracefully opened .

The cask was filled with a silverish liquid . The mercury-looking-liquid rippled when the cask was struck .

So this is magic liquid metal . It really is liquid, huh .

「No problem . Thank you for bringing this over . 」 「No, no . This is work after all . Boss said,『here you go』 . 」 「Well then, please tell him, 『Thank you very much for listening to my selfish request』 . 」 「Understood . I’ll be taking my leave . 」

The subordinate took off his cap, bowed, and returned to the cart . Done seeing him off, I raised my body strength using body strengthening arts and carried the cask to the boys’ room

I quickly finished afternoon work with Snow and started experimenting on the long-awaited magic liquid metal . I carried the cask out from the boys’ room out to the field . The testing ground was a backyard that was vacant after the magician’s basic lessons were finished .

First, I tried touching the magic liquid metal .

It was pleasantly cool to the touch . As I scooped it out with my hands, it dripped out of my palms like water . It felt heavier than water . Perhaps touching mercury also felt like this .

Without delay, I experimented .

I put my hand inside the cask and called an image in my head . It was a 10 cm flat metal board .

Keeping the image in my head, I moved magical power into my hands and released them . A feeling was left in my palms .

「Ooh, I can really do it . 」

Pulling out my hands, a metal board of about 10 cm was made .

But the degree of perfection was bad . The surface was not flat and had holes in it; the thickness was also uneven . It was also not in a rectangular shape but crooked . I struck the board lightly with my fist . It seemed to be as strong as iron .

「The handling is surely difficult: more vividly image for the texture, material properties, thickness, and strength—seems to be necessary to draw the metal board I wanted to make more clearly that way . 」

Rather than taking the time training for a more definite mental image to make weapons or protectors, buying them with money was faster and easier . I understand why this stuff was unpopular . However, I used to be a factory worker at a metalworking plant for 7 years .

「…Remember the past . …Regain the sensation . 」

I put the metal board aside . I took a breath and exhaled, concentrated, and once again filled my hands with magic liquid metal .

In the previous life, I was able to detect even a 1μm defect on a metal board just by the feeling on my fingertips . Just by hearing the sound, I could distinguish which metal part was defective .

All of it was taught to me by the workers working at the plant; techniques that I gained at their annoyance . Even after I died and lost my body, the skill was etched onto my soul .

Once again, I imagined a metal board and poured my magic power .

I am not making a vague lump . For a moment, I imagined constructing the shape, whittling, arranging, and smoothing the surface . Picturing it strongly, I poured magic power into the metal .

I felt metal being created in my hands . I pulled it out from the magic liquid metal .

「…Yeah! Success!」

A 10 cm metal board was made with a smooth surface, even thickness, and a neat rectangular shape .

「With magic liquid metal, maybe I can really make handguns!」

My chest felt the most delighted ever since I had been reincarnated into this world .



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