Hacking Eden - Chapter 13

Published at 19th of October 2019 08:00:08 PM

Chapter 13

I laid down on my Bed and put on the head gear muttering to myself "I really need to come up with a cooler name for this thing, something like ohmsphere or oculus rift... never mind that last one is taken, any way not like it matters, Eden will just rename it, then sell it world wide and take in the profits of my work."

bow that I was in a proper gloomy mood, I connected the head gear, laid down and closed my eyes then I dove into the game.

there was a flash of white light and I heard Gias voice say

"Hello RedSparrow and welcome back to Garden of Eden. Scanning current condition, I detect that your muscles have recieved stimulus due to Light exercise you will receive .25 increase to strength, dexterity, and willpower."

"Gia do you mean that when I exercise my mind and body in the real world that I can raise my stats in the game?"

"that is correct. in an effort to stimulate players to have an active and healthy playing experience, you can achieve stat increases depending on your physical and mental activities. the more strenuous your work out the more your stats will grow. physical activity increases your physical stats i.e strength, dexterity, and willpower. while mental activity increases your mental stats i.e intelligence, charisma, and luck"

"what type of exercises can I do to increase my mental stats?"

"Things that stimulate the brain are activities such as painting, reading, puzzles, learning a new language things of such nature will activate neurons in your brain that can be detected and registered as mental exercise."

"alright I think I understand, thanks Gia I'm ready to begin my session today."

there was a flash of color and I closed my eyes, when I opened them again I was at the entrance to lysebel.

since there was still a long time untill my leather armor, and what ever Lensa is making, is finished I thought I would stroll around the village for a bit to see if I could possibly find something useful now that I had all this money burning a hole in my pants.

I stopped at a few stores and I bought some bandages that recover 10 hp per second for 5 seconds, which was pretty good considering my current level, they were 5 copper a piece so I stocked up on 5 of them .

as I was shopping I happened to smell something delicious I followed my nose to find a small pub. I went inside and saw a few people loitering around some tables drinking something. I sat at a table and an elven waitress came over and asked

"hello sir can I get you anything?"

"yea I'll have some of what ever they are eating and what ever smells so good!" I gesture to the table next to me with 3 elven hunters, they were sitting. merrily drinking, singing, and just all around having a good time

"ok sir one honey beer, and an order of roasted vegetables." after confirming my order she sauntered off to deliver it to the kitchen.

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as I sat there anticipating the wonderful smelling food and drink I over heard the raucous trio sitting at the table next to mine.

"ha ha we had a great haul today!"

"I know, I cant believe we got so much money for just one wolf"

"were just lucky someone took care of the alpha wolf a couple of days ago otherwise we wouldnt of had such an easy time with it."

"it's just a shame we couldn't find the den, we could of gotten the Cubs and turned a really nice profit if we had."
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the waitress came over and placed my honey beer, and roasted vegetables on my table and headed to check on the other tables.

I picked up my honey beer and took a swig, it was surprisingly sweet almost like honey. it didnt even taste like beer I could see why it was so popular.

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I turned to the table behind me and asked the men

"could you possibly tell me where it was you took the other wolf down at?"

"why should we tell you anything?"

"because I'm the someone who took care of the Alpha wolf which helped you make your payday today."

after thinking for a moment and muttering amongst them selves the first man spoke

"We can tell you the location, although you wont find the wolf den or anything. we searched for a few hours with no luck."

"that's fine I'm new to the area so a little sight seeing will do me some good."

"alright suit yourself if you leave out of the east gate and head down the trail for about an hour you'll find a small stream head north and you'll fi d the clearing.

" thanks I appreciate it I hope you all have a good day."

I then pay my tab and head to the eastern gate and proceed to head in the direction the men told me, I of course looked at my settings and changed the pain level from the default 80% to the lowest setting of 20%, I then set off. In about an hour and a half i found the clearing the men told me about.

I started my search at the scene of the battle, which I found easy enough,considering the ground was dyed crimson, I searched for any clues that might tell me where their den was.

I found some wolf tracks and followed them to the tree line, but lost the trail not too far inside.

as I trudged through the woods I soon heard a load and ferocious roar.

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