Hacking Eden - Chapter 14

Published at 19th of October 2019 08:00:07 PM

Chapter 14

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Hearing the teeth chattering roar I froze where I stood. I almost turned around and ran but curiosity took ahold of my senses and I skulked to a near by tree and plastered myself to it, thinking thin thoughts all the time hoping it would somehow make me less noticable.

I followed the direction of the sound and came upon a path of destruction. there were trees that were ripped out of the ground like a gardener pulling weeds. there also ominous claw Mark's that were as big as my head. with a nervous gulp I shakily took one step after another.

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When I came to the spot where the noise was coming from I couldn't help but be glued to the spot. there slamming its monstrous paws against a defenseless tree was a blood red giant bear. and when I looked at its info i would of wet myself if it was a game mechanic.

Razor Back Bear

LVL: ??

HP: ??

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knowing that the question Mark's dont appear on a monster unless its 5 levels above you I can guess That this big scarry bear was at least level 9. after wondering why on god's green earth a lvl 9 monster was In the starting area i made the courageous decision to tactically withdraw.

as I slowly started to retrace my steps, still hoping my thinking thin strategy was working, i heard a whine that sounded like a small scared dog. I looked past the gigantic bear, that was smacking the tree like babe ruth, i noticed that there were two wolf Cubs huddled together between the tree roots.

as I looked on I knew for sure that the bear was going to be eating wolf stew in no time unless I did something about it. however I knew that even if this monster just looked at me wrong I would be dead. plucking up what little remained of my courage I stepped out into the open and yelled.

"hey you big ugly bear come and pick on someone your own size."

the bear continued wailing on the tree as if I didnt say anything. so for good measure I picked up a fist sized rock and lobbed it at the bears head. and unluckily enough, it was one of the few times i actually hit what i was aiming at.

The bear stopped mid swing and slowly turned around its beady red eyes glaring at me as if I had just made fun of its mother or something. it then took one giant earth shaking step toward and roared as loud as it could at me, it made my teeth rattle, and bones shake it was so loud.

I turned around and started to run as fast as I could. but with the bear being such a higher level it caught up to me in no time and swung its massive paw at my tiny head. I ducked and rolled forward and heard the bear tear through a small defenseless tree. I then jumped to my feet and started my mad dash again.

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With the bear being so huge it was slow to take corners, so when I saw the bear was getting close I would make a 90° turn and frantically run. this continued for about 30 minutes as I tried to make my way back to the village in Hope's of the guards saving my sorry skin again. but eventually my good luck ran out and the bear caught me with its massive paw and sent me sailing into a tree. and with that one single swat I experienced my first death in the game.

my consciousness floated out of my characters body and floated like a ghost next to my freshly mangled corpse. the bear was still taking out its frustration on me when a prompt popped up.

Would you like to respawn at the nearest village? [Y]/[N]

I selected yes and got another prompt that said.

due to your death a death penalty will be imposed you will randomly lose one piece of equiptment and any experience you had toward the next level will be reset to 0. if your lost equiptment isnt recovered by either you or another player in an hour it will disappear.

after reading the prompt on what the death penalty was I had a foreboding feeling so i crossed my fingers and in a flash of light I found myself in front of the village.

I wished to my good luck gods and looked at my inventory for what equiptment was missing. then I cursed my good luck gods and looked at my missing weapon slot. those daggers were my favorite albeit they were my only daggers as of yet that's besides the point.

after mourning the loss of my daggers I went to find the chief or head guard and tell them what happened. as luck would have it the head guard was out on a hunt with some other guards so I had to pull the village chief away from his crafting and relay the urgent news.

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"chief there is a monstrous bear roaming the woods it's called a razorback Bear and its insanely strong. at least twice as strong as that wolf I killed the other day."

" yes young man we heard the noise all the way back here in the village were you the one provoking it?"

"I wouldnt say I provoked it, I was trying to draw it away from killing these two wolf Cubs that it had cornered."

"I understand you were trying to do something nice but next time dont literally poke the bear ok especially one that's the lord of the forest."

" what do you mean lord of the forest?"

"just what it says lad, that bear is the lord of the forest if we dont provoke it then it leaves our race alone and goes after the other beasts. however now that you have provoked it I assume that we are on its plate now."

"I'm sorry chief I didnt mean to cause such a panic i didnt even think i just acted."

sigh** "young man your heart was in the right place, just not your head, next time think before you act. now I am looking for able bodied men to go after the head guard and help him subdue the bear can I count on you to go with a group?"


Quest- Travel with a squad of hunters and help either 1. drive off the lord of the forest or 2. kill it.

Reward- condition 1- 1 lvl up. condition 2- 1 lvl up, 2 silver coins, and a random equiptment.

" considering this mess was my fault I'll do what I can to set it right."

Ding you have accepted the quest.

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