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Hacking Eden - Chapter 3

Published at 7th of January 2019 04:50:28 PM

Chapter 3

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I thought about it for a while and grit my teeth and said to Eden "that's not much of a choice Eden, you cant just steal the head gear I painstakingly designed and built . and force us to play a game for the rest of our lives"

in the same cold metallic voice Eden replied "why not? you were going to steal the game and items I painstakingly designed and built . it is merely a matter of quid pro quo . and besides I wont force you play for the rest of your lives I will only give you tasks until the release date which is in a year"

after a moment i looked at everyone and with a nod of their avatars heads I relented to Eden and asked with seething anger and grit teeth

"fine, what kind of tasks will you give us"

"purely diagnostic things for instance seeing the effect of prolonged immersion, how different races play, difficulty of certain missions things if that nature . " Eden replied

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"since we dont have much of a choice, we will play your little game" I said grimly

"excellent, then i shall now transfer you into the game to begin the creation process, for your first task, when you create your characters you all need to choose a different race, main class, and life skill . "

with not so much as another word, there was a flash of blinding light, and we were all 4 standing in a black room with green running lights . and soon our avatars started to dissolve and melt away revealing a digital representation of our real bodies . I was standing there in a pair of black spandex boxers rocking my pasty 2 pack abs, and with my black disheveled hair hanging over my blue eyes .

next to me was standing who I can only imagine was FriedThunder he had the same pair of black spandex on but instead of abs he was sporting more of a Keg' and he had short brown hair with green eyes .

then came BabySparrow he surprisingly had a great physique he obviously took better care of himself than I did, and especially better than Fried . he had dark blonde hair that was parted in the front and has an honest to God six pack ab he almost looked like he would do better on a beach in California instead of in front of a computer screen .

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and finally came SoftCode her figure could only be described as devilish, she was toned and slender, she had legs for days and curves in all the right places and they went nicely with her raven black hair and hazel eyes . but when she realized she was standing in a pair of black spandex she hurriedly squatted down and glared at every one

"did you three Perves get a good show? if you dont turn around I'll fine you all and make sure you regret ever being born!!" Softcode said in a voice that dripped with malice

and with that the three of us quickly turned around but not before I noticed FriedThunder taking a screen shot after which he gave me a wink .

in a few moments a green screen appeared in front us along with a womans voice

"Hello and welcome to Garden of Eden the game where the only thing you are limited by is your imagination and work ethic, I am Gia and I'll help you all with your character creation first and foremost we will choose what race you want to become . please choose between Human, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, orc, dwarf, fairy, reptilias, and Lyman . then you will pick a class and you can choose from a Paladin, Mage, Berserker, ranger, cannoneer, thief and priest . and finally you must pick a life skill you can pick from mining, apothecary, cooking, fishing, hunting and gathering, blacksmithing, and woodworking . "

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"ok I know what some of those are, but what the heck are reptilias, Lyman and halfings?" I asked looking at FriedThunder, because if anyone knew, it was sure to be him .

and he of course didn't let me down he was happy to show off his wealth of knowledge in such areas "reptilias are basically lizard people, they can sense heat and are very flexible they would be perfect for assassins a decent amount of them also have affinity for magic . Lyman are Cat people and depending on what kind of cat they are blended with it can change their characteristics . for instance a cheetah will be faster and a lion will be stronger, things like that, and they are all agile and faster than a human but very few have affinity for magic . and halflings are basically frodo and bilbo . just smaller versions of humans but they are very stealthy and most have a higher affinity for magic than your average human . "

all of a sudden SoftCode said

"Then I'll pick a Lyman I've always loved cats it could be fun to actually become one as for class I'll choose ranger and I'll pick cooking for the life skill "

BabySparrow then said "I'll pick a human then, I don't really think I could get use to being anything other than me . for class I'll be a mage and finally I'll pick apothecary"

FriedThunder scoffed and said "you can be anything you want, and you choose to be you? that's just silly I want to be a dwarf they are incredibly strong and have a knack for smithing, so I'll be rich in no time for class I'll be a berserker and like I said I'll be a blacksmith"

"well I'll pick an elf then since we cant pick the same race as each other . I'll be a thief which isnt much of a stretch from my normal day job and as for life skill I guess hunting and gathering"

after we made our choices there was a ding and Gias voice said "your choices have been made, now what comes of your experience is up to you . please enjoy your time in Garden of eden"

"ha!! my experience is up to me?" I think to myself "that's rich the only thing that's up to me is weather I spend the rest of my life in a virtual or physical jail"

and as I looked around I could see the other three had the same thoughts, as there was a series of eye rolling and deep sighs .

with another flash of light we disappeared from the black and green room and Entered Garden of Eden

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