harmful smile - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

"| Heal |, | heal, |heal |, | heal | . . . Ahhh, my ass hurts so badly . Horse rot, when we come back I will turn you into a tartar . We do not make fun of my little royal ass Miss Peach . Well, now that you've made fun of me, tell me where exactly we should go and it must be around four o'clock in the afternoon if I'm not mistaken so I guess we'll sleep here tonight? "

Peach did not stop laughing on the way but what mana pool did Ayleen have? She treated herself every new mile it was amazing . "Oh our little princess would she hurt these little buttocks? Pfff I have some cream, do you want to put some or that I put you, otherwise the Mario brothers are there . To be serious for a moment we must advance to fifteen kilometers minimum in front of us . And since we are in the forest, of course the progress will be slower . So yes tonight and certainly tomorrow, see after tomorrow and I will say for a good week we will sleep outside my dear Ayleen . This will be the first time for you? Stay there, do not sulk, and do not go away from us . It's dangerous you know, goblins are very numerous and do not go with your dress or you will fall . "

Ayleen really sulked . "I'm not scared and I know about Goblin . One of my acquaintances is a queen goblin and I tamed her so no worries . You did not tell me about the nights in the forest, I will avenge myself . | change |, | wind shield | "

Peach did not believe his eyes . How to change her clothes like that? For the moment it is not the proleme . "Ayleen put on your dress put something else you're almost naked, it does not hide anything, even the Mario have turned their heads . "

Ayleen did not care . "If you did not look at me that much, you would have turned your head . So vicious . "

At that moment she saw something that strangely resembled Louisa . Yes it was Louisa without clothes . My god Louisa nude is a horror, Ayleen told herself . But a thought came to her and she had to confirm it .

She went to Louisa and called her . "Louisa?"

? Louisa? "Gigigi gigi . "

Ayleen was no longer certain but there was a clear resemblance in that annoying but funny voice . "Louisa stops making a fool . Why do you do naturism in a place infested with Goblins? Ah, I know, you're looking for a partner to mate you, is that it? "

? Louisa? "Gigigigigi gi gigi gigi . "

Peach and the Mario brothers, who were about ten meters behind her, wondered what Ayleen was doing . Could she really communicate with goblins? Impossible, but then what does this girl who walks with three quarters of her exposed body do? Are she a mental retardation that they have not detected? My god it's embarrassing if that's the case . But always naming a goblin and witchinging it to talk was a first .

She decided that she had to intervene even if she interfered in this discussion between 'friends' . "Ayleen, I can know why you're talking to a Goblin and why you call him Louisa . You make us a little scared, you know . "

At that moment Ayleen understood his mistake . "So it's a goblin . To tell you the truth, I was trying to find out if it was my acquaintance Louisa or a goblin . I thank you, otherwise we could have him and me having a conversation for a while . But if it's a Goblin then it changes everything | compressed wind ball | "

Ayleen behaving like a real kid began to sprint and jump everywhere, slaughtering everything in its path . The trio heard Ayleen shouting, | waterball |, | Ice spears |, | blades of wind | . . . followed by the weeping of the Goblins .

Peach of fear that happens misfortune to the new recruit ran after her as fast as she could and caught her after fifty minutes of frantic pursuit . At that moment, Ayleen was watching something with a big smile .

Ayleen put his finger on his lips and took Peach by the arm to draw near her . "Look, I found the Goblin nest . They are numerous and some are really huge . I did not think goblins could be so big . In any case they are really ugly even Louisa is slightly above physically . I did not think to said that one day but she won against someone even if it's a creature .

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Peach could not know if they made a mistake or not? This girl was undeniably a power monster but she was totally unaware of the danger and it was a real problem for an adventurers group . In front of them a big goblin camp with at least four hundred goblins, eight goblin knights, three goblin generals and a goblin king were present and she was watching quietly . Was she crazy? Anyone with a little bit of common sense would leave discreetly but not her . She had to find a way to make her understand that these so-called big Goblins are very dangerous and drive her away from here .

Peach pulled a little on his arm . "Ayleen we have to get away from here quickly and discreetly these great goblins are very powerful and moreover have you seen the number of these monsters?"

Ayleen smiled at him . "You could certainly make a lot of money and make a big contribution to the guild that will help you climb rank if you kill them? | windshield |, | watershield | "| sacred shield |

Under the astonished glances of the other three Ayleen entered the Gobelin camp and threw a small water ball in the direction of the head of King Gobelin who stopped him with his sword . She then raised her arms in the air and sang a short spell, "porci caudae oculos vrit acidum | acid rain | then the rain began to fall and the weaker Goblins began to roll on the ground . The Gobelins knights approached dangerously so she launched a | jump | and she landed nearly sixty meters from the group . Then the mana concentrated around her . Ayleen seemed to be singing a spell when her body turned golden and levitated two feet above the ground . It was beautiful where the trio Mario were, but completely unconscious . The appearance of a multitude of swords shocked them and when they attacked, they could only perceive a tiny line during a microsecond . All the goblins were dead but it was an absurd power for a little girl .

Peach approached and gave him a good slap while making him morals . It was the first time Ayleen got a slap and was being told . She found it unfair, annoying and nasty . She had done it for them and a little bit to have fun too, even if she would never admit it . She sulked, went into the forest a little further and decided to teach her a lesson a little later . Yes later, it was not the moment because it was dark and the camp was supposed to be installed . So tiring, even watching them make the camp was exhausting and too long .

Peach could see the girl who seemed lost in her thoughts and felt a little guilty of slapping her . This little princess has probably never been reprimanded . But after this day together, she realized that this little girl was very hard and that she should not start letting her do what she wants . The Mario brothers at that time heard a strange discussion .

Peach decided to talk to him nicely . "Promise me that you will not do this kind of dangerous thing again Ayleen . I was very scared for you to know . "

Ayleen "Yes I promise . "

Peach "You'll be wise from now on . "

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Ayleen "Yes I will be wise . "

Peach "Well, will you be more obedient . "

Ayleen "Yes I will be obedient . "

Peach "Avoid running around so we can easily follow you . "

Ayleen "Yes I will avoid running everywhere so you can easily follow me"

Peach "Are you kidding me Ayleen?"

Ayleen "Yes I'm making fun of you . "

Peach "Ahhhh you annoy me, eat and go to bed . "

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Ayleen "But I sleep where I have nothing to sleep . "

Peach "You'll sleep outside little pest, This is what all adventurers do when they start . "

Ayleen was not happy, she had to sleep outside, the meat was hard and tasteless and it was cold . She was complaining but Peach told her they had nothing to eat and she was unable to change the weather . The Mario brothers still had their facial paralysis but sometimes when they ate, she could see their teeth . When the time came to go to bed, the brothers entered a tent that stank the sheep according to Ayleen and Peach in another that stank the Virgin according to the little plague that was still sulking . Peach in her tent was quietly looking at Ayleen who instead of coming to ask if she could join her, had gone to bed under a tree and turned her back on them . She could not help but burst out laughing at this stubborn little girl .

She was quick to call him . "Do you plan to spend the night outside? Are not you afraid of spiders and mosquitoes? With such a delicate skin, waking up covered with a button full of stink will not be very aesthetic you know . "

Contrary to what she thought an Ayleen with a big smile, entered the canvas tent . "I knew you could not let me spend the night outside but it was fun to see you look in my direction for so long . Oh, I got so tired . I think to watch you set up camping has exhausted me hahahaha . I take the good side, you have nothing against I hope . Good night . "

The time minutes pass and Peach who could not fall asleep said that this girl was really a little pest . Suddenly she felt two little hands slip under her nightgown and then visit her mountains . [How should I react? She has to sleep and this movement is unconscious . It's true when we sleep we move, it's inevitable and we can not do anything about it] . But thirty seconds later these little hands kneaded her mountains and pinched their peaks . There she said to herself that it was purely voluntary and that this valiant girl would have done everything . Moreover, she had to react now because she was really sensitive about this place .

Then she pinched one of those ugly little hands . "You will not tell me you slept and it was unconscious? Say you're having fun bothering me? I know I should not have slapped you but I think I was pretty nice to you omitting this episode . "

The girl with the evil hands answered . "Oh it was not unconscious at all and it was not to annoy you either but I wanted to caress them and that's all . Now it's done for tonight, good night . "

The night passed quietly . The Mario brothers slept very well in the tent canvas that smelled of sheep . Ayleen slept properly but as soon as she woke up, she complained that she had back pain and threw herself a dozen | heal | Finally, she smiled at everyone and thought she liked those three, and yet they were commoners . According to her, they had to be exceptions and did not ask itself more questions . When to Peach, she was not able to sleep at night, protecting her mountains of the depraved girl who slept next to her . For her, it was a night more tiring than the day before .