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Published at 1st of August 2018 03:26:34 AM

Chapter 35

CHAPTER 35 - Desertion

Ruri questioned Finn, who had just arrived with the information that Asahi had disappeared from her room .

"What do you mean, Finn . . . ?
Asahi is surely being guarded all the time . ” - Ruri

Jade looks at Finn for an answer .

"As Ruri said, there is soldiers stationed outside the room, and outside the windows are steep cliffs, I thought that a mere human could not get out, but she wasn’t there when the civilian went in to check on her . ” - Finn

While the effect of the fascination Asahi left on the other classmates slowly disappeared, they where told again of the deceit of the King of Nadarsia .

It was originally scheduled to be Jade that went to talk to Asahi and her classmates, but if it was just to tell a story and because Jade did not want to talk to Asahi, he sent a civilian in his place .

"They said that there was a junior servant girl in the room instead” - Finn

"A junior servant?” - Ruri

Ruri tilts her head .
She looks at Jade with an unexpected “What does that mean?” look, but Jade’s eyebrows push together .

“The servant seems to have helped her escape .
They exchanged clothes, the servant girl gave Asahi the lunch trolley and she left, and the serving girl remained in the room . ” - Finn

"Do they know each other?” - Jade

It’s too reckless . As soon as someone goes in the room, the news is out .

After escaping imprisonment, punishment can't be avoided . Jade wondered if the servant girl understood that she will be punished for helping Asahi escape .

“No, they don’t know each other . Only …” - Finn

Finn’s words tail off, and he shows a pained face .

“The girl wants to meet your Majesty . She said that the current Princess is a fake, and claims that she is the real Dragon Princess .
It seems to me that she seems to be a girl that Joshua found and brought to the Kingdom after Agete’s command” - Finn

“Dragon Princess?” - Ruri

When Ruri tilted her head to the unfamiliar word, Jade saw her and held his temples as if he had a headache .

Agete’s orders brought Joshua into the picture, and in the process of finding the girl Jade had met on the streets, he gained information about a similar girl who was taken by slave merchants and so they rescued her .
However, the girl Jade wanted to find was already next to him .

Jade himself acknowledged her, Agete knew that Ruri was the one, and after that nothing needed to be said, but apparently the servant girl had misunderstood something .

"Call Joshua . Let Joshua deal with the girl . ” - Jade

“We have already . ” - Finn

"Jade, what is a Dragon Princess?” - Ruri

“The Dragon Princess is the wife of the Dragon King” - Jade

"Jade's Princess . . . . . . .
That’s the person Joshua brought to meet you . . . . . . . . . Don’t you have to go see her?” - Ruri

Ruri had heard that Jade was searching for a lady, but as she questioned she felt a little uneasy .

"I don’t need to meet her, because she can’t be my bride . ” - Jade

“Really?" - Ruri

"Oh, and I have Ruri, I don’t need another woman . ” - Jade

Jade smiles softly at Ruri .
Ruri told herself that he was looking at her as if she was a pet, but she couldn't stop her cheeks becoming red .

Jade realises that his feelings where not properly conveyed to Ruri, and Jade decides to tell her using his words rather than actions, because Ruri is still misunderstanding him .
The misunderstanding between them has still not been uncovered .

"Your Majesty, flirting can be left for later . ” - Finn

Finn is amazed by the carefree nature of the King and calls out like it was an emergency .   Jade makes a disgruntled sound through his nose .

"I know . If you do not find her quickly, I will be in a bad mood . ” - Jade

“What’s the first thing?” - Ruri

It was Finn who answered Ruri's question .

"A lot of former aristocrats have been visiting the third district to see the King of Nadarsia and the priests .
On top of that, the soldiers who were captured during the war with Nadarsia have gathered in the eleventh district .
Both have a grudge against the Shrine Maiden that triggered the war .
If she is found by either of them, we’ll be sorry . ” - Finn

“I'm sorry . . . . . . …" - Ruri

A shiver ran down her spine as she imagined the scene .

“With the servant girls access she will be unlikely to be able to enter above the sixth district .
Then, she can only go down the districts . It’s really annoying . ” - Jade

If you’re a nobleman, you understand your place, and no matter  how angry you feel, you are not likely to use violence instead of words .
However, soldiers are not the same . Most of the prisoners of war are farmers, who can easily cause a riot after being swept away by their feelings .

"We are currently closing each district and making it impossible to travel between them . But……… . ” - Finn

“It would be troublesome if she is already in the eleventh ward” - Jade

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“Yes . The search party is out and they will find her soon . All we can do is pray she doesn’t meet the soldiers . ” - Finn

“What about the searching magic?” - Jade

“The situation is that non of the wind spirits want to help us and we have to search ourselves . ” - Finn

After saying that, Finn looks towards Ruri .

Suddenly Ruri shouted towards the sky "Kotarou!" Then Kotarou, with Rin placed on his head appears from nowhere, coming down from the sky .

“Kotarou, can you look for Asahi . You can find her, right?” - Ruri

“Why?” - Kotarou

“Eh . . . why?" - Ruri

Ruri did not think such a reply would be returned .

"I would grant any of Ruri's wishes .
But Ruri hates that girl? Why should I help? I think that they will be fine without my help anyway .
So I can not understand why Ruri is trying to help . ” - Kotarou

"Well, I certainly dislike Asahi, I don’t want to see her again .
But to say I hate her, I don’t hate her . It could be dangerous, and it’s impossible for me to leave it alone .
So look for Asahi . Please . ” - Ruri

She puts her hands together and asks Kotarou .
Ruri starts thinking why she has to become desperate for Asahi .
If this was the king or a priest of Nadarsia, they would completely neglect her, but Ruri has a slight sentimental feeling because they had been together from early childhood .

It is not just Asahi . Ruri would do the same for the classmates who tried to get rid of her .
They are also people who can not return to their old world, and she holds an unexplainable emotion towards them that cannot be explained .

Kotarou felt Ruri’s unbudging strong will and gave approval because “If its what Ruri wants” .

Flowers and wind dance around Kotarou .

"She seems to be in 11th district” - Kotarou

“Of course” - Jade

Jade clicks his tongue and frowns .


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Asahi was walking around the castle, lost .
She wanted to see Ruri . However, she didn’t know where she was, but Asahi was descending down, leaving the sixth district following the instructions of the woman who helped her escape .

Sometimes she was stopped by a soldier stood at a gate in front of a long corridor between one building and the next, but if she showed them the silver plate the size of a finger she received from the woman she was allowed past without a problem .

As she continues walking, she strolls past a loud room .
There wasn’t a door, and you could easily see inside . A lot of people where eating, it is most likely a dining hall .

It reminds her that she escaped before she had eaten, and she suddenly got hungry after noticing the smell drifting from inside .

Asahi suddenly became uneasy .
She wonder how she was going to get out of here and find a meal .
Until now, she had been treated gently in Nadarsia's castle, and even with this current inconvenient life, meals where brought up at the right time . But from now on?

Neither her father nor mother where here, only Ruri was the one she could rely on . And her former classmates who came together with her to this world had been taken to another room and she doesn’t know where they are .
Asahi was alone .

She remembered the words Ruri said . There is no one to depend on here, Asahi must live using her own power .

She came to the conclusion that it would be good to work for a meal, but she doesn’t even know how this world works, let alone how to get a job .
She felt uneasy, not realising that she was feeling fear, and it becomes impossible for her to move from where she was stood .

Standing on the spot, her eyes met with one of the guys who was eating .
Then the man gazed at her as he slowly remembered something, she watched his eyes widen and he suddenly raised his voice with anger .

"You, you’re that Shrine Maiden!” - Man

Hearing the shout, everyone who was eating their meals turns to face Asahi, who was being glared at by the man .

Asahi was delighted . To have someone who knows her . Would they be able to tell her where Ruri was so she can improve her situation .
However, unlike the innocent thoughts of Asahi, the atmosphere in the dining hall was getting worse .

"Hey, is it real?"

"Oh, no doubt . I saw her face during the war, so I won’t forget her face”

"That outfit, isn’t it the clothes the servants of the castle wear?
Were you living peacefully, after leading a lot of our friends to death? Don’t make me laugh . "

“The Shrine Maiden is here to lead us to prosperity!”

The men approach Asahi .
Their faces were full of anger and murderous intent, and even Asahi who was ignorant to others' feelings could feel the danger she was in .
She jumped and ran away .

“She’s running . ”

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“Follow her!”

"We'll show you how we suffered!"

A lot of men stop eating and begin chasing Asahi .

Asahi runs through the corridor, breathing hard as fear shows on her face .
She doesn’t last long, and her legs collapse .
She is startled and looks back, the men begin closing in on her back immediately .

"Because of you” - Man

“Um…,Well…, it's not my fault, it’s the king . ” - Asahi

"You where in favour of the war, too . Because you wanted it, the citizens agreed, and the war broke out!” - Man

"It was necessary to help Ruri-chan, after all . ” - Asahi

Despite desperately appealing for justification with a shaking voice, her words just fanned the fire .

"Why should we put our life on the line to help your friends!?"
We have families waiting at home!” - Man

“Erm, because …" - Asahi

If Asahi had wished for something, that wish would be fulfilled .
Therefore, Asahi who thought that he would naturally help her was at a loss for the answer .

"No, hey, I lost my brother in this war!” - Man

“Ahhhhh!” - Asahi

When the men reached out their hands, a wind blew around Asahi and made an invisible wall .

“Woah, what is this” - Man

“Don't worry, just break it!” - Man

No matter how much he reached out his hands he could not reach Asahi, and the men were stuck a little distance away from her .

However, Asahi did not feel relieved .
She was surrounded by men who where glaring at her with bloodshot eyes, beating against the walls in a desperate attempt to get to her, some fought so hard against the wall their fists became bloody .

If such a sight occurs in front of you, you can not be relieved .
Rather, Asahi fear increases because they are so close .

"Ahh, someone . . . …" - Asahi

Although they could not hear Asahi’s voice calling for help, Dragon soldiers rushed forward from the back of the crowd and pulled the men away one by one .

Asahi who saw this happening through a gap between the men, felt relieved and fainted on the spot .

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